UPDATED: May 23, 2022

Are you looking for the right source to get financial insights on wealth creation? Would you love to tune in to real-life stories of how investors build their wealth from scratch? Then you need your ears plugged into the right finance podcast. These podcasts teach about financial sustainability, how to end the cycle of borrowing, and planning for your pension.

You can tap into the knowledge of industry-leading professionals from your office, gym, or car. There are hundreds of podcasts in the finance niche alone. You'd need someone to point you in the right direction of podcasters with audiences that have proven success stories. Here are our seven best picks to help you attain that financial breakthrough.

1. The Money Guy Show

This is one of the most-listened financial podcasts trending at the moment. Bo Hanson and Brian Preston, the co-hosts of the money management podcast, release their episodes every Sunday. They dissect various financial topics tackling all your money issues one podcast at a time. Brian Preston has a fun way of engaging his audience while attending to retirement requests.

The money guy podcast is popular among millennials because of the practical advice both experts offer on personal development. It's a 60-minute finance podcast that addresses practical steps to achieving financial goals at each milestone. They base their discussions on everyday money-related topics like “How to get a great car deal” or “How to save from little.”

2. BiggerPockets Money

Some of the best finance-related podcasts are interviews that feature financial gurus on the shows. Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen invite industry-leading guests to their couch to discuss money issues. You might be lucky to tune in on their sessions on the best finance companies to work for as a graduate. They invite guests that speak explicitly about their journey through their finance career path after college.

Scott and Mindy release their 60-minute sessions on Mondays, each with a new topic to discuss on air. Their subscribers tune in through the 60-minute weekly content on spending smarter, growing wealth, and keeping more for later. The best part of their content has to be when the hosts discuss “Keeping you Financial House” in order.

3. The Clark Howard Podcast

Do you need actionable financial tips on budgeting or investing? Then you should set reminders for every Clark Howard podcast session. This is one of the most educational podcasts on personal finance to empower average listeners. Clark Howard updates his audience with the latest update on trending lucrative deals.

The personal finance podcast runs on weekdays with several snippets on financial independence. Clark's goal for his episodes on money matters is to help folks achieve financial freedom. He generally speaks on methods to “Avoid rip-offs” deals to enable his audience to commit to saving. Entrepreneurs also learn how to manage their income when listening to his podcast.

4. So Money

Farnoosh Torabi shares the best money strategies on his 30-minutes podcast every week. She releases new episodes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Every episode with her business guests proves to be quite an informative session. They have valuable conversations surrounding smart investment opportunities to identify them.

She's hosted wealth-creating gurus like Margret Cho and Seth Godin on various episodes highlighting grass-root wealth creation opportunities. Fridays on her podcast are dedicated to attending to money-related FAQs from her subscribers. You can also send in questions related to money using the hashtag #AskFarnoosh. So money is one of the best finance podcasts in 2022 by various standards.

5. Optimal Finance Daily

Get a 10-minute daily dosage on financial nuggets from the best finance blogs online. The podcast highlights practical snippets from top financial blogs to help listeners learn to make more money. You can optimize your financial life by getting financial literacy fundamentals on the platform. The hosts, Dan Weinberg and Diana Merriam, share snippets on methods to invest in viable financially-lucrative offers.

By listening and paying attention to the daily advice, you could get more insight on how to spend wisely. This financial podcast shares updates on using debt to your advantage as an investor. We've generally been advised to stay off debt as much as we can. But shows like this enlighten investors on how to use other people's money to create wealth from scratch.

6. The Dave Ramsey Show

Learn to make or create multiple streams of income with your monthly payment. The Dave Ramsey podcast is centered around multiplying what you have to create the financially-liberating life you deserve. He often takes requests from callers seeking his opinion on how to break from debts. Dave presents an uncharted approach to wealth building by creating multiple income streams.

His approach is pretty straightforward, making it easy for anyone to implement them from their home couch. You can listen to any of the three times a week sessions and immediately find an income stream to pay off that long-owed money.

7. Women and Money

Sharing her 40-year experience as a financial expert, Suze Orman speaks on how the average woman can build wealth. She teaches self-empowerment as the most important tool in wealth creation.

Suze shares with her audience methods of using money as a means to living a fulfilling life. Her podcast sessions air on Thursdays and Sundays for 20-30 minutes. Suze ensures that she teaches budget education, investing, and credit utilization.


These are some of the best radio-like talk shows that teach proven financial-liberating snippets. Each focuses on a specific money niche to help subscribers get the best finance resources online. Their sessions may focus on debt-liberating sessions on boosting your overall earning potential. Most of them discuss real-life examples of persons that transition from struggling with personal finances to becoming 8-figure CEOs.

Some sessions are guest-featured, where you get to listen to some of your mentors share their journey to financial sustainability. Others may be narrative podcasts where the host talks directly to his/her subscribers on money-related problems. Whatever approach the platform takes, ensure you extract enough information to start building sustainable wealth today.

About the Author

Melanie Patterson is a personal finance management professor with the department of microeconomics and a staff writer for papersowl.com where she shares her extensive experience in the sphere. Melanie advocates for the development of financial literacy among students because, she believes, this will lead to a more financially literate society in the future. Thus, the author supports economics podcasting as part of personal finance education.