UPDATED: March 27, 2022

Currently, the possibilities offered by the digital world seem endless and vast. The appeal of the digital world and the chance to make money from it, comes from the low investment rates, as people struggling financially can generate profit with small investments over a longer period. The chances vary depending on your personal preferences and your knowledge of the available methods and strategies, and can almost be anything. 

In this list, we have summed up some of the most profitable ways to make money online!

Second-hand vendor

Or as commonly referred to, affiliate marketing. This appealing method for accumulating profit is one of the easiest and possible best options for making money online without major investment. The principle is practically as simple as it can get. You are acting as a vendor, or you are promoting the products of a vendor and making sales. If you succeed, you get a fee for every sale made. Affiliate marketing comes basically down to your knowledge of the product and how well you present it. The commission rate is up to you and you are the one making your schedule.

Dive in into the world of crypto

Now, many people have certain biases when it comes to cryptocurrency and crypto trading due to it being a decentralized currency without any authority governing its flow. However, the transparency of crypto makes it even more appealing as the lack of government-imposed restrictions gives room for free trade and exchange. 

People involved in crypto have generated vast amounts of money over the years and there are several ways to do so. For once, you can engage in trading, meaning keeping an eye on the market, the changing prices, the rise, and fall of currencies buying, selling, or holding on to a currency if necessary. The possibilities depend on your understanding of the market, as free crypto trading is by now one of the most lucrative methods of making a profit from crypto. It requires the least amount of initial investment, although you need to have some knowledge. You can always engage crypto bots, reducing potential risk factors and having more time on your hands. You can try mining, although you’ll need sophisticated hardware and also a lot of money to start with. 

Some other methods are airdrops, which have a huge risk label on its forehead, as you never know how it might turn out, or you can offer services and require to get paid in crypto. Whatever the choices, the possibilities are many and it is a great “ hustle” to make extra money on the side.

Offering your knowledge

The advantage of streaming services and online courses is the possibility to make money by offering one thing, knowledge. If you happen to be an expert regarding several things, you can offer online courses at a price, or for a subscription fee. This method is highly effective, though time-consuming as you need to be fully engaged during the making process. Nevertheless, it gives you a chance to share the knowledge you have and make money by doing so.


Blogging became a hit in the last several years and turned out to be quite a lucrative business method. The success of blogging depends on how good your content is, how well written, and your following. If all these factors are top-notch, you can offer services such as promoting products of other companies, basically doing a bit of marketing, for a fee or commission. Do the research, find a service or product you think is consumer worthy, and make money by doing so.

Social media management

Most people, according to recent estimates, spend as much as five hours per day on social media. The estimate seems high, however, with all the time spent on all the platforms together, this seems about right. However, it allows for a new job opportunity and that is social media manager. Companies have to keep up with their social media presence, but with all the other responsibilities it is time-consuming and requires effort. Therefore, as a social media manager, you take care of their media content and their presence on the platforms and do so for a small fee or commission.


Recently more and more people engage in selling products on Amazon, eBay, or craigslist. The phenomenon has taken many by storm. And most products are just regular products you can find in every Walmart, however, what the sellers do is keep track of big sales, and discounts. They buy it for a lower price and sell it with profit on these sites.

Software development

Of all the listed suggestions, this requires you to take up an online course and learn how to do it. Software developers are mostly freelancers offering their services to people or companies and such services. It is a well-paid profession due to the high demand for their expertise.

Make sure you consider and implement some of the pieces of advice from the list and thus make more money online!