UPDATED: January 31, 2022

Are you eyeing those new kicks from Adidas, but you don’t want to spend too much on a pair of sneakers? Do you need brand new sports gear and apparel but don’t have the budget now? This article’s for you!

We’ve looked at official Adidas sources, read reviews, watched tutorial videos, and even reached out to Adidas customer service to know the process involved in their product testing. These steps allowed us to provide you with a comprehensive guide on trying out the latest shoes and sports apparel.

Adidas products can be expensive. You'll miss the chance to try free sports gear from Adidas when you pass up on this article!

Save over $190 when you know what you need to do to apply as an Adidas product tester. 

What Is the Adidas Product Testing Program?

From the name itself, the Adidas product testing program lets customers assess new shoes or prototypes. Since it’s named after the brand itself, you have the assurance that the Adidas product testing is legit.

It’s not some secret and doubtful strategy. Instead, Adidas even has a dedicated page for the said program.

So why does Adidas operate the product testing program?

Like any other brand, Adidas needs to know the opinion of prospective customers regarding their shoes and gear. With the help of valuable feedback, the company can improve certain aspects of its products.

In fact, a study featured in Forbes magazine revealed that most companies experience product launch failure. One of the reasons for the failed strategy is poor preparation, including lack of customer research.

Do you need to spend money to be a part of the program?

Good news: you won’t spend a dollar on becoming a participant in the program. Adidas shoulders even the shipping fee. The only thing you need to do is apply, test the product, and provide feedback.

We know you’re ecstatic to test new sneakers and gears, but let’s first dive into the program’s specific details. This way, you can decide if you really want to apply for the Adidas testing products phase.

How Does the Adidas Product Testing Program Work?

Keep reading to know the requirements and entire process of the program. You’ll also discover the products you can try during the testing period.

What are the requirements?

There aren’t many requirements to become a product tester. 

Just make sure you satisfy the minimum requirements if you’re interested in applying for the Adidas product testing program:

  • Must reside in the US
  • 18 years old and above
  • Have access to the internet
  • Owner of a valid email address
  • Able to read and write in the English language
  • Comfortable to provide body measurements
  • Fit one of the product sizes available

Aside from the qualifications mentioned above, Adidas also has these reminders for the participants:

  • Must not be a participant of competitor’s product testing programs
  • Must not share any information related to the product you’re testing. Remember that this prohibition includes communication through social media and personal messaging.

Hence, you’ll need to treat this as a secret between you and Adidas.

How to signup to become a product tester?

We’ve tried registering for the Adidas testing program. Here’s what you should know about the signup process:

  1. Go to the Adidas product testing page.
  2. Click the Get Started button.
  3. You’ll be redirected to another page where you will answer what kind of product you want to test. You also need to input what your gender is.
  4. You’ll input footwear size details so the system can check product availability.
  5. Choose up to 5 category interests, including golf, outdoor, running, soccer/football, and wrestling.
  6. You’ll be asked additional details regarding your chosen category interest/s. Since we picked running, below are the questions: 
  • Do you compete?
  • What is your running environment?
  • What is your mileage per week?
  • What is your foot strike pattern?
  • Is it possible to wear the shoes at work?
  • What is your average pace?
  • What is your current shoe?
  • Are you a part of the running community? 
  • What is your shoe type?
  1. Lastly, the questionnaire will ask for personal details, including full name, address, email, phone number, birth date, and body height. You also need to agree to the company’s terms and conditions.

How to know if I’m qualified?

If you’re qualified for a product test, Adidas will send you an invitation through email. Should you decide to participate, you’ll receive the brand new shoes along with instructions. 

After that, you need to use and assess the sneakers for about 2 to 4 weeks. Toward the end of your participation, Adidas will require you to answer a simple online questionnaire based on the detailed logs of your daily activities.

How long does the process take?

Since we only chose one interest, the entire signing-up process lasted almost two minutes. Should you engage in two or more activities, get ready for a longer registering process. Also, other category interests might have more questions. As a result, you’ll need to allot more time answering Adidas’ queries.

What products can you try?

As a product tester, you can try the latest Adidas designs and even their most popular shoes. You’ll also have the privilege to use never-before-seen sneakers!

Some product testers even try sports apparel, like pants, tights, shorts, bras, and more.

Can You Earn Money from Adidas Product Testing?

Unfortunately, Adidas doesn’t pay product testers. Still, you get to try the latest sneakers and apparel from their collection. You’ll be one of the first people to use prototype Adidas shoesーan an achievement for a sneakerhead like you.

Moreover, there’s no need to pay the shipping fee. You only need to sign up, answer the qualifying survey, and wait for your brand new shoes.

Can You Keep the Product You Tested?

99% of the time, Adidas will ask you to return the sneakers to check for possible wear and tear. The good news is the company will pay the shipping fee.

But, if you consistently provide valuable feedback, Adidas will continue to send packages to your doorstep.

In terms of apparel and sports gear, Adidas will allow you to keep the items. Wear them at your next gym session or sports competition.

What Other Shoe Brands Have Product Testing Programs?

Since companies want to continuously improve their products and create innovative ones, many brands offer free product testing programs.

Here’s the list of brands worth checking if you want to try new items from sports companies:

These brands require registration, and they choose based on shoe size, athletic profile, demographic profile, and athletic profile. Upon signing up, you will fill in personal details to determine your qualifications for the product testing program.

Verdict: Is Adidas Product Testing Worth It?

If you want to try brand new Adidas shoes for a few weeks and get sports gear and apparel then offer feedback, then the program is worth your time. Another great thing: you don’t need to spend any amount of money to use the latest kicks from their collection.

Unfortunately, you can’t keep the shoes 99% of the time. You can only keep the sports gear and apparel.

Even though the brand rarely gives free shoes, the program is still a great way to test new products from the respected brand. You’ll also have a more in-depth idea of qualities to look for in shoes, whether it’s for sports or casual events.

Enjoy testing out and collecting new items from different brands, fellow sneakerheads!