by Aidan Kang, CFA
Senior Writer
UPDATED: April 29, 2023

If you run a business, you probably have a lot in hand to deal with. One important part of your business is the autos owned by or used by you for your business’s growth. And it is equally important to insure its safety as well as others associating with it.

Insurance of autos for business fleets may seem easy but it is one of the hardest things to manage. 

A tactical approach for managing auto insurance for business fleets will certainly ensure financial gain and safety of your assets.

Why is auto insurance so important for business fleets?

Auto insurance for business fleets is an insurance policy that takes into account autos owned by your business or used in your business that protects your business and its assets against any liability for damages caused by accidents involving your business autos and provides certain monetary compensation to occupants of your business autos injured in accidents. 

If your business owns automobile vehicles, an auto insurance policy covers and  provides financial protection to your business and the drivers while driving a company owned vehicle or a hired for business autos in your work operations. 

It is a must to remember that a personal vehicle or a personal auto insurance policy does not provide any cover for vehicles used in the operation of your business.

Practices for effective management of auto insurance

Management is the key to one’s growth. Effective management of automobiles for your business fleets can be challenging as many aspects are to be covered in order to maintain a smooth operation.

From managing fleets and its drivers to managing its maintenance responsibility never ends. But the top priority is always the safety and protection of assets attached to the business.

Here’s some important practices for effective management of auto insurance.

Choosing the right policy

It is important to choose the right insurance policy for your business fleets. Always focus on your business and your fleet requirements. 

Compare your policies and then choose the right one. Try to bundle liabilities at once to cover all loose ends. Illinois auto insurance is said to be one of the leading and cheapest insurance providers in the country.

Keep all autos under one umbrella

It is very important to take a policy which covers all your business assets under a single policy. Getting a single policy is not only less expensive than having single policies for each automobile but it also allows you to cover all types of liabilities for your fleets.

Always focus on having a policy which keeps your employees and assets under one umbrella. It should provide cover for anyone driving any vehicle amongst your employees and your business fleets.  

Keeping track of renewals

Getting fleet insurance is just the half done task. Once you have acquired a policy, it is equally important to evaluate and manage it on a regular basis. 

According to the type of policies the renewal period differs, some have to be annually renewed, or semi-annually or even on a monthly basis. Keeping track is not always easy, to keep insurance valid try setting up automatic reminders.

Plan before renewing

When the renewal date is around the corner, sit back and plan before renewing the insurance policy. Planning on how you can lower the premium of your insurance as adjusting your expenditure might benefit your savings.

There are many insurance providers who offer affordable auto insurance policies while renewing without hampering the safety

Types of fleet insurance coverage

The United States is very strict when it comes to road safety. Both state and federal laws have made it compulsory to have business fleet insurance for its vehicles. 

Most common types of auto insurance for fleets are:

Collision coverage: It covers any accidents related to damage to the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage pays for the non collision damage to your vehicle such as theft, weather damage etc. 

Bodily injury: This is a type of coverage most oftenly required as it provides covers for bodily injury to others and other’s property which occurred by your fault.

This often covers your legal defense charges in case you are sued.

Personal Injury Protection: This pays for any loss of income or medical related injuries suffered by anyone inside your insured vehicle no matter who was on fault.


Road safety is an important aspect of a business one should emphasize on. Selection of a right insurance policy is always hard and above mentioned information might help you choose the right one. 

Professional insurance providers like Illinois auto insurance are known for providing affordable auto insurance in the states. Have a go and check if it has what you want.