UPDATED: September 25, 2022

Are you struggling to manage your credit? You’re not alone.

Equifax reports that the average U.S. credit score is 698. However, recent statistics also show that 34% of Americans have ratings ranging from 300 to 669, and 16% don’t even hit 579.

Generally, anyone can manage their credit themselves. However, it involves a lot of work, from perusing credit reports to disputing unauthorized transactions.

Since you don’t have time for all that, you might consider hiring a credit repair specialist. However, like most consumers, you’re probably skeptical about fast credit repair services because they seem shady.

Don’t worry—we can help you reach a decision. Our team compared the best credit repair companies in 2022 by reading official websites, cybersecurity resources, and real user reviews.

By the end of this piece, you’ll have a compact list of legit credit repair service providers.

Please read without skipping. We’ll share the most important tip to avoid disreputable credit repair companies. Otherwise, you’ll end up broke and in debt.

Let’s dive into the best companies to repair your credit score!

Top 4 most reliable credit repair companies

As their name suggests, credit repair companies help repair credit. They review reports, spot irregularities, file disputes, communicate with credit bureaus on your behalf, and overall strive to boost credit scores. 

However, don’t sign up for the first credit repair service you see. Most small brands and shady companies aggressively market their services with empty promises.

If you want credit specialists that deliver results, look into the following:

Best For: Fast, guaranteed results

If you’re looking for an affordable yet aggressive credit repair company, check out The Credit People. It has resolved more than 1.5 million issues over the past decades.

Based on the reviews we read, clients trust The Credit People for its swift, reliable credit repair process and unlimited disputes. The company even boasts that clients already see credit improvements after just two months.

Moreover, The Credit People backs its promises with money-back guarantees. If you feel dissatisfied with their service, you can refund two months’ worth of payment at any time.

Key Features

Admittedly, The Credit People doesn’t come with many extra features, although the following sets it apart from the competition:

  • Unlimited Disputes: Whatever package or billing option you choose, you’ll get unlimited disputes. The Credit People will strive to resolve as many negative marks as possible so your score spikes by at least 50 to 100 points.
  • Creditor Interventions: The Credit People will help you refinance your outstanding debt. That way, you won’t lose whatever properties or assets you promised as collateral to lenders.
  • Credit Analysis: Schedule credit analyses every few months. The Credit People will help assess how your credit score changed from before you signed up for their services. You can request a refund if you feel dissatisfied.

Note that the platform has an in-app monitoring tool. You can also schedule consultations after a few months of credit repair to analyze how your credit score has changed.

The Credit People plans and pricing

The Credit People offers a simple pricing structure with just two payment options, namely:

  • Standard Monthly: The standard pay-as-you-go plan comes with unlimited disputes, 3-bureau credit reviews, monthly score updates, creditor intervention assistance, and score analyses. The setup fee costs $19. After you get your account, subscription fees are $79—which you can pay monthly.
  • Standard Flat Rate: A standard flat-rate plan comes with all the features we mentioned above. However, it only costs $419 for six months of service. You’ll save $$74 compared to the standard monthly plan since you won’t have to pay setup and ongoing fees.

Note that money-back guarantees apply to both plans. Pay-as-you-go clients get two months’ worth of refund, while flat-rate plans come with a six-month guarantee.

Why we like The Credit People

We like The Credit People for its affordable, reliable services. Very few companies offer $19 setup fees, much less a money-back guarantee all-year round.

You can sign up for their plans with confidence. On the other hand, its competitors lock clients into year-long contacts with no cancellation option.

Also, The Credit People does unlimited disputes. Even if you have terrible credit reports loaded with dozens of negative marks, you can rest assured that the company’s specialists will dispute them all.

Why we don’t like The Credit People

The Credit People doesn’t come with many add-ons. Yes, it offers an affordable, aggressive credit repair process, but you can’t expect more.

It doesn’t have credit monitoring. You’ll have to track credit score fluctuations yourself through the platform—which is at least more convenient than calling the bank.

Also, The Credit People doesn’t offer financial management support. You’ll notice that more expensive companies carry debt management tools, features, and resources.

Best For: Best for beginners

Based on reviews, we noticed that many first-timers have no clue how credit repair works. They can’t even tell which packages to choose.

We always advise newbies to research credit systems before signing up for credit repair services. However, if you need step-by-step guidance, consider Credit Saint.

The company offers extensive resources and comprehensive consultations for debtors exploring credit repair for the first time. Its specialists will guide you throughout the process, from credit assessment to dispute investigations.

Also, Credit Saint has a unique refund policy. It says you’ll get your money back if its specialists don’t resolve at least one negative mark within 90 days.

Key Features

Credit Saint comes with an array of features that you can combine for the ultimate credit repair system. Some that stand out include:

  • Credit Bureau Disputes: The specialists at Credit Saint will start filing disputes five days after you sign up for a plan and pay the initial work fee. Note that it directly sends disputes to credit bureaus. If you want a credit repair company that contacts creditors instead, please consider your other options.
  • Score Analysis and Tracking: Credit Saint can track your credit score faithfully. It will alert you of all fluctuations and help you analyze the factors causing them—both positive and negative ones. That way, you won’t have to track your credit score yourself.
  • Goodwill Intervention Letters: Although Credit Saint submits disputes to credit bureaus, it sends goodwill intervention letters to creditors. You’ll have better chances at removing collection accounts and bankruptcies afterward.

Consult a Credit Saint Specialist for more information on its add-on services.

Credit Saint plans and pricing

Credit Saint offers three tiers of credit repair service, namely:

  • Credit Polish: Admittedly, the entry-level plan of Credit Saint doesn’t offer much value. It only sends up to five credit bureau disputes, although it does assist with goodwill intention letters. Monthly fees start at $79.99, plus an initial work fee of $99.
  • Credit Remodel: Based on reviews, Credit Remodel is a much better option than Credit Polish. You’ll get five credit bureau disputes, goodwill intention letter assistance, Experian credit monitoring, and information request escalation. Monthly fees start at $99.99, plus an initial work fee of $99.
  • Clean Slate: For the full-suite option, try Clean Slate. It serves as the company’s most aggressive credit repair program with unlimited disputes, information request escalations, and goodwill intervention letters. Monthly fees start at $119.99, plus an initial work fee of $195.

Book a consultation first if you can’t tell which package to choose. Credit Saint specialists can help you reach a decision based on your current financial situation, credit score, and monetary goals.

Why we like Credit Saint 

We like how Credit Saint strives to become a one-stop-shop resource for all the credit needs of its clients. It has everything from monitoring to repairs.

You can further customize your plan with certain add-ons like ID theft insurance, credit monitoring, inquiry tracking, and credit interventions. If you play your cards right, Credit Saint will do all the legwork for you.

Of course, as with all credit repair companies, the company will still require some effort on your end when filing disputes. However, expect to receive a handful of calls now and then.

Why we don’t like Credit Saint

Perhaps the number one thing we dislike about Credit Saint is it files disputes with credit bureaus, not creditors. Note that you can easily file them yourself. 

Also, Credit Saint has steep rates. Its monthly fees range from $79.99 to $119.99, but the initial work fees could go as high as $195.

Moreover, the money-back guarantee doesn’t always work for everyone. For instance, if your credit score didn’t improve but had several negative marks resolved, you might not qualify for refunds.

We still recommend Credit Saint to first-timers. However, consider less-expensive options if you don’t necessarily need a super-robust credit repair platform.

Best For: Reputable, widely trusted services

Credit repair requires divulging confidential information. And although you can’t eliminate scammers, you can avoid shady companies by sticking to reputable, trusted brands like Lexington Law.

It stands as one of the most widely known brands today. The company has already resolved more than 77 million negative marks over the past two years, so you can rest assured they run a legitimate operation.

Moreover, the company operates in 49 states. Unless you live in Oregon, you can reach out for credit assessments and repair consultations.

Key Features

The following features of Lexington Law set it apart from the competition:

  • Credit Monitoring: Lexington Law watches out for unusual movements and fluctuations in your credit reports. It will trace the reasons behind them. If the cause is incorrect or fraudulent, the company will file a new dispute.
  • Bureau Disputes: Although Lexington Law doesn’t explicitly mention its dispute limits, we read reviews saying it only does less than 20 per month. You can likely expect more if you opt for the full-suite option. We suggest clarifying this area during the consultation session to avoid issues midway.
  • Finance Management: The company offers add-ons focused on finance management. They can help track your credit score, manage your debt, review your outstanding debt, and even protect your physical wallet from petty theft.

You can contact a sales agent for more information about the company’s add-on services.

Lexington Law plans and pricing

Lexington Law lets its clients choose from three tiers of credit repair, namely:

  • Concord Standard: The Concord Standard is the entry-level plan that offers basic credit bureau challenges and assistance with credit intervention. Monthly fees start at $95.95.
  • Concord Premier: Apart from credit bureau disputes, the mid-tier plan also offers credit monitoring features like tracking your credit score and TransUnion reports. Monthly fees start at $119.95 per month.
  • Premier Plus: The full-suite option comes with extra finance management tools like wallet protection, spam mail filters, and debt management support.

All plans come with ID theft insurance, but disputes are limited to around 13 to 20 per month.

Why we like Lexington Law

Lexington Law earns the trust of its clients with transparency. Unlike other credit repair companies, it provides a detailed explanation of its three-step credit repair process.

Also, the company consists of skilled, educator professionals. You can rest assured that licensed attorneys and experienced paralegals will handle your credit report disputes.

Overall, the company is very straightforward. If you appreciate a no-frills, direct approach, Lexington Law might suit you.

Why we don’t like Lexington Law

Our main problem with Lexington Law is it doesn’t offer refunds. Although the company explains that no repair specialist can guarantee results, money-back offers put new clients at ease.

Lexington is very transparent with its services. You can repair its dispute system extensively, but feel free to explore other options if you can’t overlook its no-refund policy.

You also might want to know that Lexington Law faced several lawsuits in 2019. It allegedly violated the CROA Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) by requesting upfront payments via phone.

The company argued that these calls came from outsourced sales agents.

Best For: Affordable, no-frills credit repair services

Sky Blue provides straightforward, affordable credit repair services. Based on the reviews, it gained much attention from clients looking for a cheap, no-frills system that gets the job done.

Also, the company has a simple payment structure. Although the lack of customizability might turn off some clients, newbies will appreciate the structure’s convenience and simplicity.

You just need to pay monthly fees. The company won’t even charge you anything from the first six days that you sign up for an account.

Key Features

The following features help Sky Blue stand out from the competition:

  • Credit Disputes: Sky Blue will dispute all irregularities and errors in your credit reports. You can also get assistance with letter submissions for cease and desist orders, ID theft reports, and goodwill intentions.
  • Credit Building Consultation: Sky Blue can help you set reasonable, achievable credit goals before signing up for an account. That way, you know what to expect. They can also assess the feasibility of any purchase or loan application you need to make.
  • Debt Management: The company helps clients achieve financial freedom. Not only will it resolve credit report irregularities, but you’ll also get access to debt management and financial planning resources.

Unfortunately, Sky Blue doesn’t come with many add-ons. Look into alternatives if you want an extensive system loaded with various monitoring and cyber tech tools.

Sky Blue plans and pricing

Sky Blue only offers two packages, namely:

  • Individual: The Individual plan comes with all the features and services that the company offers. Monthly payments cost $79.
  • Couple: You can add another user to your plan for a discounted price. Monthly fees for couples cost $119.

Both plans come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Just note that the company doesn’t promise specific results, so don’t hold promises against them.

Why we like Sky Blue

Sky Blue offers affordable, straightforward credit repair assistance. Although it doesn’t promise results, it guarantees refunds if you find their service unsatisfactory.

Its 90-day money-back guarantee is absolute. As long as you can justify that the company didn’t meet your expectations, you’ll get a refund.

Also, Sky Blue lets clients pause plans. You can skip a month or two instead if you want to halt payments but don’t want to stop your subscription altogether.

Why we don’t like Sky Blue

Our main concern with Sky Blue is its lack of customer service. It doesn’t have mobile apps, service hotlines, or add-on tools, so don’t expect much beyond credit monitoring.

Fortunately, the low monthly fees justify the lack of extra features. However, you might have to look into other options if you want a customizable plan.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Sky Blue doesn’t specify on its site whether or not it still does unlimited credit disputes. It’s important to confirm this feature before signing up.

Factors to consider before hiring credit repair companies

Legit credit repair services can help debtors turn around their financial situation. We’ve read success stories of bad debtors spiking their ratings by 100+ points after clearing collection accounts, unsettled transactions, and expired bankruptcy cases.

However, note that credit repair doesn’t always yield results. Unfortunately, the efficacy and functionality of these services wholly depend on your overall financial situation.

Don’t get us wrong—we think highly of legit credit repair service providers. We just want you to manage your expectations because they’re not magicians who miraculously create better credit scores.

To jumpstart your assessments, consider the following factors before signing up for credit repair services:

Total credit repair time

Most clients have no clue about how long credit repair takes. Most disputes take 30 days to investigate, but credit bureaus might ask for more time depending on the complexity of your case.

Also, you can’t guarantee success after just one dispute. In all likelihood, you’ll have to file dozens of disputes before removing enough negative remarks to boost your credit score.

So set aside enough time for credit repair. If possible, schedule them several months before you plan on applying for a sizable auto, mortgage, or personal loan.

Disputable negative marks

You can dispute all negative marks. However, credit bureaus also reserve the right to reject disputes they classify as frivolous and irrelevant.

You can contest initial investigation decisions. Just make sure to prepare the necessary documents and evidence; otherwise, the bureaus will only keep rejecting your requests.

Pro Tip: If a credit bureau rejects your dispute, ask them to attach your statement to your report permanently. That way, banks will know which negative marks you tried to remove.

Required effort on your end

It’s a common misconception that credit repair companies won’t do all the work for you. Yes, they’ll do most of the reviewing, scanning, and filing, but expect to submit some documents now and then.

Note that the effort required from you depends on your active disputes. Minuscule items involving typographical errors take days to resolve, while serious cases like bankruptcy removal might require in-person interviews.

You don’t have to work on disputes actively. Just make sure to set aside time and cooperate with your credit repair company when needed.

Monthly fees

Although disputing negative marks is free, hiring specialists to do it for you isn’t. Unfortunately, free credit repair companies don’t exist. 

Note that many scammers operate as free credit repair companies, so think twice before signing up for these services. Otherwise, you might put yourself in an even worse situation.

Remember: credit reports contain super-sensitive information. They could be abused for fraudulent attacks if they fall into the wrong hands.

Refund policies

The credit repair companies we mentioned above offer decent refund policies. Most of them will even let you cancel your subscription two to four weeks after signing if you’re unsatisfied.

However, not all credit companies are as ethical. You’ll come across shady companies that give massive discounts for annual billing plans based on empty promises, which you likely can’t refund anymore.

You must read all contracts carefully before making a decision. Or better yet, review your chosen company’s terms and conditions beforehand to prevent issues halfway through your subscription.

Features to look for in credit repair companies

By now, you likely have a firm grasp of the most widely trusted credit repair companies on the market. We even gave you an in-depth review of all our recommendations.

However, if you’re still on the fence about which company to hire, you might want to consider expanding your options. You’ll come across dozens of other credit repair brands.

Of course, we still stand by our top picks. We just understand that financial needs vary from person to person, so we don’t expect everyone to trust the same handful of brands.

If you want to rank credit repair companies yourself, you’ll do well to consider the following areas:

Money-Back guarantees

Always look for money-back guarantees. The Check for Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) gives clients the right to cancel subscriptions within three days of application, so don’t feel afraid to walk away from credit repair service providers.

You can even report unfair brands demanding non-refundable fees to the FTC. Admittedly, the process is a hassle, but at least you know that you can combat shady credit fixers.

Also, widely known credit repair companies pride themselves on their money-back guarantees. Most of the options we mentioned above give refunds even 15 to 30 days after new clients sign up for their policies.

Cancellation policies

Money-back guarantees are great. However, credit repair companies should also give you exit opportunities.

After all, you likely won’t need long-term credit repair. Once you achieve your desired credit score, you can review your credit reports, financial statements, and bank transactions yourself.

Note: Weigh the pros and cons before signing up for annual billing options. Although annual payments often come with discounts, they also lock you into 12-month contracts—which you can’t refund mid-year.

Pricing and packages

Don’t automatically opt for the cheapest credit fixers you see. If they have almost no legit reviews and carry only a couple of years’ worth of experience, we highly recommend looking into alternatives.

Cheap credit repair rarely yields results, but you should also watch out for companies overcharging their clients. 

Make a side-by-side comparison of your top picks’ entry-level, mid-tier, and full-suite packages. You’ll notice which brands offer low-value services.

Dispute limits

Credit bureaus don’t have dispute limits. You can contest as many items on your credit reports as needed, granted that you follow up with the necessary evidence.

Unfortunately, credit report companies rarely do unlimited disputes. You’ll notice that most limit their clients to around 10 a month, so expect steeper fees if you need more.

With that said, look for companies that are generous with disputes. You might have to pay a bit more, but options like Sky Blue, CreditFirm.net, and The Credit Pros can help you dispute as many items as you want.

User reviews and testimonials

Ads only introduce credit repair companies. If you want to gain first-hand insights into their services, always look for user reviews and testimonials. 

Please go beyond blogs and guides. Although we provided an objective, in-depth analysis of the most widely known options, other websites make recommendations for the sake of affiliate links and commissions.

Read credit repair company reviews online. You might have to spend hours on end filtering through fake posts and bot accounts, but you’ll also gain invaluable information.

Dispute classifications

You can dispute any negative mark on your credit report, from typographical errors to outdated bankruptcy declarations. Again, what’s important is justifying your disputes.

However, not all credit repair companies specialize in the same errors. For instance, specialists experienced in contesting inaccurate marks might not be as reliable with bankruptcy removal.

Fortunately, most companies specify their fields of expertise right from the get-go. Look for a brand that matches your needs, ask about their success rates, then compare them with your other options.

Tenure and reputability

If possible, opt for established credit repair brands backed by industry experience. They have the best dispute success rates involving various cases, so they can likely handle whatever negative mark you want to remove.

Also, tenure companies are often more financially stable. You can rest assured that they won’t suddenly drop your case or unfairly reject your insurance claims.

Deciding whether credit repair companies are worth your money

Maintaining a good credit score is paramount to your financial health. Employers, lenders, commercial banks, financial institutions, landlords, and even employers reference credit scores for several transactions.

Trust us—you can’t do much if you have bad credit. We’ve read horror stories about debtors struggling to land jobs and lease rooms simply because they have low credit scores.

However, not everyone is financially savvy. Proper budgeting might prevent your credit score from plummeting, but achieving a better rating requires studying financial products extensively.

This is where credit repair companies come in. They can help you monitor, dispute, and restore your credit report so that your rating improves.

You might benefit from them if you:

  • Have no time to fix your credit. Between monitoring credit reports, filing disputes, and contacting credit bureaus, expect to spend hours on end daily on credit restoration. If you don’t have time for that, hire specialists instead.
  • Plan on making a sizable purchase soon. It’s best to fix your credit score first before applying for major loans. Otherwise, lenders will give you terrible interest rates.
  • Wholly understand how the credit system works. If you have a firm grasp of the U.S. credit system, you’d be able to make a reasonable, objective decision on whether to hire credit repair companies or not.
  • Need to file several disputes. Although you can dispute credit report irregularities yourself, filing multiple cases takes a lot of time and effort. The long waiting periods might not be worth it. Also, the disputes might not get approved if you submit incomplete documents and evidence.

With that said, we can’t guarantee that credit repair services yield the same results for everyone. In fact, you might want to reconsider your options if you:

  • Have no experience filing disputes with credit bureaus. Try filing a dispute first. If you feel you can monitor and correct credit reports yourself, you might not need credit repair companies anymore.
  • Don’t understand how credit reports work yet. It’s helpful to get a good grasp of the credit system before hiring credit repair companies. That way, you’ll know the exact services you need. Otherwise, you might end up overpaying for tools and features that yield negligible benefits.
  • Can’t distinguish between scams and legit services. Whether you know it or not, dozens of credit repair scams exist. They often target first-timers. Not only will they steal your money, but they’ll likely abuse the personal information you disclose as well.

Moreover, there’s more than one way to boost your credit score. You can steadily increase your rating over time by:

  • Paying off your bills on time. If you want to improve your credit score, the first thing you should do is pay off all outstanding debt. You shouldn’t wait for due dates. Lenders and card-issuing banks favor clients that commit to their financial responsibilities.
  • Taking out low-interest rate loans. No, not all debt is bad. Taking out small low-interest rate loans can help you improve your credit score if you meet all your monthly payments without fail. 
  • Maintaining a good debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. JPMorgan Chase Bank states that 43% is the highest DTI ratio it accepts for mortgage loan applications. However, if you want the best banking products and the lowest interest rates available, strive for a 10% to 20% DTI ratio.
  • Disputing irregularities in your credit reports. You should file a dispute if you receive a credit report with incoherent or incorrect information. The credit bureau that sent it should help you. Just make sure to gather all the necessary evidence to avoid going back and forth with follow-up emails.
  • Establishing rapport with your bank. Commercial banks have much control over your creditworthiness. We suggest building good relationships with them. It’s better to choose a commercial bank you trust, then move a considerable portion of your funds into their products.

We just finished discussing the features, limitations, and advantages of the best credit repair companies. By now, you likely have a good understanding of credit repair.

And after fleshing out all the details, we can finally tackle the all-important question of whether or not credit repair services are worth it. Thankfully, the answer is yes, but you must choose the right company.

A reputable, widely trusted brand can help you spot irregularities and file multiple disputes until your credit reports improve. You can’t easily peruse dozens of statements a month.

However, remember that credit repair scams also exist, and they’ll likely rob you of your money and personal information. In the worst case, they might even abuse your data.

It’s best to stay away from them.

Warning: Is this your first time managing your credit? If so, don’t sign up for credit repair yet.

We empathize with clients who get credit repair services for convenience. You likely don’t have time to manage your finances actively, so you want to hire a specialist instead and delegate most of the work.

However, blindly trusting the credit fixers you see online does more harm than good. Shady companies always prey on naive and trusting newbies.

To ward off scammers, we suggest trying credit restoration tactics yourself first. You might not improve your rating immediately, but you’ll at least understand what credit repair companies do and how they work. 

It’s best to arm yourself with the necessary research and knowledge before signing up for plans.

Improving your overall creditworthiness

Our advice for anyone looking for the best credit fixers is to set reasonable, justified expectations. Credit repair isn’t a magic bullet. 

Yes, it can help you improve your creditworthiness. Some debtors even had luck writing off damaging activities like bankruptcy and collection accounts from their reports.

However, credit repair companies have limitations. You can use these services to improve your credit score to an extent, but achieving an overall higher rating requires proactive financial management.

Also, start maximizing other financial tools. Maintaining a good debt-to-income ratio, establishing rapport with banks, using credit cards wisely, and getting loans for your income-generating assets go a long way in making you more creditworthy.