27 of The Best High-Paying Jobs For College Students




Published on June 7, 2020

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If you’re still in college and you’re tired of earning minimum wage flipping burgers or working the cash register, then it’s time to explore your options. Believe it or not, you can find high-paying part-time jobs for college students where you can maximize your existing skills and have fun at the same time. 

In compiling this list of the best jobs to have while you’re still in college, you’ll notice that we did not include the obvious choices such as being a babysitter, barista, waiter, or a retail clerk. Instead, we included part-time jobs that will help you build experience, leverage your capabilities, and earn good money in the process. 

Don’t fret because the jobs in this list are all part-time jobs for college students. You don’t need a degree or a wealth of experience to pursue these jobs as long as you have the required skills or talents to do the job. We made sure that the list is diverse to suit college students specializing in different fields and we also included the average pay for each job.

List of the best high-paying jobs for college students:

1. Social Media Influencer

Can earn $800-$1500 per session

According to a Forbes article, college campuses are a hotspot for social media influencers, with over 70% of social media users between 18 to 29 years old. If you have an Instagram page or YouTube Channel with quite a good following, you can make money as an influencer. Instagram influencers with at  least 25,000 followers can charge $800 to $1,500 per post. If you have more followers, you can obviously charge more and even be hired as a brand ambassador.

2. Headshot Photographer

Can earn $150-$200 per session

Don’t let all those hours watching makeup vlogs or shopping at Sephora go to waste. If your makeup skills are always on fleek, start a gig as a freelance makeup artist and you can charge around $100+ per person by doing makeup artistry. Most events are during weekends or at night time so this can be a suitable after-school job. You can list your services online or another route is to apply first as a makeup assistant to a professional makeup artist to jumpstart your career. As an assistant, you will be paid much less but you will get the training you need on how to pursue clients and handle jobs.

3. Makeup Artist​

Can earn $110-$150 per person

Don’t let all those hours watching makeup vlogs or shopping at Sephora go to waste. If your makeup skills are always on fleek, start a gig as a freelance makeup artist and you can charge around $100+ per person by doing makeup artistry. Most events are during weekends or at night time so this can be a suitable after-school job. You can list your services online or another route is to apply first as a makeup assistant to a professional makeup artist to jumpstart your career. As an assistant, you will be paid much less but you will get the training you need on how to pursue clients and handle jobs.

4. Test Prep Tutor

Can earn $70-$100 per hour

Did you get into a good college because of your amazing ACT or SAT scores? Share that knowledge with wannabe college students by being a test prep tutor and get paid an average of $70 to $100 per hour. If you’re in an Ivy League school, there are parents who will be willing to pay more for you to tutor their kids.

5. Business Plan Writer

Can earn $50-$100+ per plan

If you’re a business major who can roll out business plans in your sleep then you can make extra cash by offering this service on Fiverr. The rate varies but this usually depends on how complex the business plan is. You can offer different packages with higher rates if a client needs a more detailed plan.

6. Handyman

Can earn $55 per hour

Are you an expert in doing odd jobs at home like installing equipment, assembling furniture, moving items, mounting TVs, basic carpentry or electrical work? Instead of getting paid $10 per hour in a fast food chain, list your services as a handyman. Starting rates usually start at $35 but on average, handymen in the U.S. are paid $55 per hour.

7.Outdoor Adventure Guide

Can earn $50-$75 per day

Most tour companies hire part-time staff during the summer and weekends making it perfect for college students who love the outdoors. While getting paid $50 to $75 per day may not seem like a big financial improvement from being a cashier or a supermarket attendant, this job makes it to the list because you can get paid doing something you love.

8. Personal Organizer

Can earn $40-$60 per hour

Many people procrastinate when it comes to organizing their clutter and you can take advantage of this by offering this service. While you can get hired to declutter homes and personal belongings, you can also offer digital organizing services to sort out computer files and digital assets.

9. Voice Coach

Can earn $50-$60 per hour

Theater, music, and performance art majors can offer voice coaching services to kids and adults. You can price singing lessons depending on the length of the session which can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You can offer singing lessons for beginners or teach more advanced vocal techniques to older students.

10. Sports Coach

Can earn $50-$60 per hour

Student athletes can offer their services as a private sports coach to kids and teens. Being paid to do what you’re good at and help inspire young athletes at the same time can be very rewarding. For swimming lessons, the average cost coaches charge is $50 – $60 per hour. Other sports like tennis, horseback riding, and martial arts lessons cost a bit more.

11. Foreign Language Tutor

Can earn $30-$40 per hour

If you are majoring in a foreign language or you already know a foreign language from birth, you can earn money teaching kids and students. Depending on your skill level, you can charge more for advanced classes and less for basic conversational classes.

12. WordPress Website Builder

Can earn $25-$150 per website

What makes WordPress a popular website platform is its user-friendly interface. Even non-techie newbies can now build a WordPress site but there are still people who would rather pay someone else to do this for them. If you know your way around WordPress, offer this service on Fiverr. A basic 4-page website that will take you less than an hour to set-up can get you at least $25 to $50.

13. Personal Fitness Instructor

Can earn $25.56 per hour

Being a fitness instructor is another great option for college athletes and students who take their fitness very seriously. Aside from the usual personal fitness training, you can also offer other classes depending on your speciality like yoga, Zumba, calisthenics, pilates, and more.

14. Remote Computer Repair

Can earn $20 per hour

Students who are Computer or IT majors can make money by offering remote repair services to fellow students, parents, small businesses, and even senior citizens. Some computer-related issues that can be resolved remotely include slow running computers, malware attacks, printer issues, and data retrieval.

15. Mock Juror

Can earn $20-$60 per case

Law students can practice their legal knowledge and get paid by being a mock juror. By signing up at Onlineverdict.com, you can get paid $20 – $60 per case which will typically take 20 minutes to an hour of your time.

16. Social Media Graphic Designer

Can earn  $15- $25 per post

With most businesses shifting their marketing online, the demand for social media designers is increasing. Don’t compete with professional graphic designers for major logo and poster designs, instead, create a niche by offering social media design services. You can use a template app like Canva and charge per post.

17. Voice Over Talent

Can earn $5-$25 per 150 words

To do this job, you will need to invest in a few sound recording equipment like microphones, a mini soundbooth, and a sound editing app. But once you’re set-up, you can start selling your service as a VO talent. You can charge $5 to $25 for a 150 word script which usually takes a few minutes to record.

18. Video Editor

Can earn $17.81 per hour

YouTube vloggers, influencers, startup companies, independent entrepreneurs, and event companies are just some of the potential clients you can pursue as a freelance video editor. You can adjust your rate depending on the complexity and the length of the project. For this job, you need a decent computer and a video editing software.

19. Social Media Assistant

Can earn $16.91 per hour

Get paid by helping small businesses manage their social media pages. Most social media tasks include creating posts, Facebook ads, answering comments, and checking messages. A good tip is to take free  Facebook Blueprint courses to strengthen your credibility and standout from other applicants.

20. Dog Walker

Can earn $15-$20 per walk

Dog lovers will pay good money to have someone take their pets for daily walks. If you can find multiple dogs, walking them at the same time can double or triple your earning potential. This is one of the most lucrative ways to earn a lot of money in an hour without much skill involved.

21. Virtual Assistant

Can earn $15.80 per hour

Being a virtual assistant is one of the best paying jobs for college students that does not even require you to leave your dorm room.  This is also a job that you can do whatever course you’re majoring in. As long as you are someone who is organized, reliable, can multi-task and have decent computer skills, then you can try your hand as a virtual assistant. You can apply at microjob sites like FancyHands for a flexible setup or you can also check Upwork for jobs that allow you to work directly with clients.

22. Paid Intern

Can earn $15 per hour

Being hired as an intern at a company that you want to work for once you graduate is considered one of the prime jobs for college students. Many students often pass up internship opportunities because they think they won’t get in but keep in mind that not trying at all is the surest way to fail.

23. Rideshare Driver

Can earn $12-$15 per hour

Instead of using your car in activities that make you spend money like going to parties or road trips, maximize your car ownership by part-timing as a rideshare driver for Lyft or Uber. This could pay you up to $15 per hour.

24. Bookkeeper

Can earn $14.79 per hour

You don’t have to have an accounting degree to become a bookkeeper so if you are a math, finance or accounting student who likes numbers, working as a bookkeeper can be a great way to earn extra money. The tasks of a bookkeeper usually include recording, updating, and checking finance records.

25. Blogger

Can earn $14.68 per hour

Are your writing skills above average? There is a huge demand for English-language content writers not only in America but in different parts of the world. For Journalism, Communication, Media, and English Majors, you can find freelance remote writing jobs on ProBlogger, LinkedIn, Upwork and Constant Content. Alternatively, you can also start your own blog and make money through affiliate marketing.

26. App Tester

Can earn $10-$60 per hour

Testing apps and websites from the POV of a consumer is a job college students majoring in IT or any computer-related courses will not only excel in but this will also practice their skills. At UserTesting, you can get paid a minimum of $10 for a 20-minute test and up to $50 for more complex test tasks.

27. Online English Tutor

Can earn $10

You can get paid $10 per hour just by conversing in English. Language learning websites like Cambly and NiceTalk will pay you to have one on one video chats to help English-language learners practice their speaking skills. The hours are flexible and since it’s a remote job, you can do it anywhere you are.

Scoring the Best Job While Still in College

Getting a job while you’re still in college does not mean that you have to be stuck in an unfulfilling or routinary job. You can explore different work opportunities where you can showcase your skills and earn good money at the same time.

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