UPDATED: October 13, 2022

If you're a Chime and Cash App user you might be wondering, can you send money from cash app to chime?

Chime is a fantastic app for mobile banking, and offers checking and savings accounts. Cash App is a godsend for mobile payments and makes investing very easy. Both apps have their advantages and you might need to transfer funds between them to make the most of each. 

We've checked the official websites for both apps and read user reviews to come up with a comprehensive guide on all the things you can do with Chime and Cash App. 

Keep reading until the end because we’ll show you how to make the most of using Chime and Cash App together, like linking accounts, transferring money, and more.

Can You Transfer Money From Cash App To Chime?

Yes, you can use Chime with Cash App and vice-versa to transfer money between the two apps. You can also send money from your Cash App to your Chime card. But first you have to link them. How you do that depends on how quickly you need to move your money. Let's go through how to send money from Cash App to Chime.

How To Link Chime To Cash App With A Debit Card (Instant Transfers)

If you want to send and receive money instantly you need to link Chime and Cash App with your Chime Debit Card, like so:

  1. Download Cash App on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Open the app’s latest version.
  3. Tap the bank icon on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click the “Link Bank” option at the end of the list.
  5. Input your Chime debit card number, then tap the “Add Card” button.
  6. Type other details, including debit card number, CVV number, expiration date, and zip code. Make sure to provide the correct information to avoid transaction issues.
  7. Wait for Cash App’s confirmation for successful linking.

Once linked, you’ll be able to use instant transfers between the Cash App and Chime for a low fee of 1.5%. 

How To Link Cash App To Chime Without A Debit Card (Free Transfers)

Good news: it’s also possible to transfer money from Chime to Cash App without a debit card. Another great thing about this process is you won’t need to pay the 1.5% fee for every transaction.

However, you will need to wait for 1 to 3 business days before receiving your money.

Here's how to transfer money from Chime to Cash App without a card for free:

  1. Download Cash App on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Open the app’s latest version.
  3. Tap the bank icon on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click the “Link Bank” option at the end of the list.
  5. Instead of typing your credit card number, select the “No Card?” button, then click “Continue.”
  6. Find Chime among the banks listed on the next page.
  7. You will then be prompted to log in using your Chime credentials.
  8. Click the “Submit” button.

How To Send Money From Cash App To Chime

Depending on how you have linked Cash App to Chime, here are the two ways to on how to transfer from Cash App to Chime.

Instant Transfers (Send Money With A Debit Card)

The Instant method lets you transfer money from Cash App to Chime instantly, however take note that it incurs a 1.5% transaction fee.

  1. Open the Chime app.
  2. Click “Move Money.”
  3. Choose Transfers.
  4. Select your bank account.
  5. Enter the amount then follow the prompts.

With this method you can send money from your cash app to your chime card.

Free Transfers (Send Money Without A Debit Card)

The free method lets you send money from Cash App to Chime for free, however, you will have to wait for 1 to 3 business days before you receive your money.

  1. Open the Cash App on your gadget.
  2. On the left corner of the homepage, click your balance.
  3. Select the Cash Out option.
  4. Adjust how much you want to transfer.
  5. Choose between Instant and Standard options
  6. Tap Done.

And thats how to transfer money from CashApp to Chime!

What Are the Transfer Limits With Cash App and Chime?

If you have an unverified account in Cash App, you can send up to $250 each one week, and receive up to $1,000 every 30 days. 

Verified users have a higher Chime to Cash App limit. You just need to provide Cash App with your full name, birthday, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

In terms of Cash Load, Chime sets a limit of 3 transfers per day with a maximum amount of $1,000 per day and $10,000 per month. 

Unlike the Cash Load option, Chime Credit Builder doesn’t impose a credit limit, so how much you want to spend or transfer using the card is up to you.

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Money From Cash App To Chime?

It depends on the transfer option that you choose.

If you linked the apps using your Chime Debit Card

Expect the funds instantly if you transfer money through your linked debit and credit card. 

Still there are some transfers that take longer.

For example, if you send through a bank transfer on the app, you can receive the funds in your Cash App account after 5 business days. 

If you use the cash deposit method, it will be reflected in your account after 2 hours.

If you linked the apps directly (without using a Debit Card)

If you link your Cash App directly to your Chime account, expect the money within 1 to 3 business days. If you use a linked debit card for transferring money, your funds should reflect immediately. 


Is it Safe to Send Money Between Chime and Cash App?

Both Chime and Cash App employ safety features on their mobile apps. For example, Cash App utilizes encryption and fraud detection technology. Which adds a lot of security while you’re transferring your money. 

On the other hand, Chime is an FDIC-insured company, assuring you of up to $250,000. So if your funds in Chime disappear due to a technical mishap, you’ll be assured of the amount. 

In addition, you can further protect yourself by following these tips: 

  • Check for details, like typos and malicious information, in Chime and Cash App emails.
  • Reply only to credible institutions and trusted people.
  • Never provide your Social Security Number through phone or email.
  • Don’t give your PIN to anyone.

Does Chime Credit Builder Work with Cash App?

You might own Chime’s secured credit card product issued by Stride Bank, called Chime Credit Builder. 

Unlike the other two options, using Credit Builder means you have to pay a 3% transaction fee.

Here’s how to link your Chime Credit Builder with Cash App.

  1. Open Cash App’s latest version on your device.
  2. Click the building icon at the lower-left corner of your screen.
  3. Select “+ Add a Credit Card” from the options.
  4. Input your Chime Credit Builder information.
  5. Tap “Add Card.”

Why is Your Chime Debit Card Not Supported on Cash App?

These are the possible reasons you’re experiencing issues with linking your debit card.

  • You made a mistake when typing your debit or credit card information. Make sure to verify the details before proceeding to the next step.
  • Chime might have blocked your card to protect you from fraudulent purchases.
  • Cash App and Chime might be having technical problems causing the apps to be down temporarily. In this case, wait for a few hours, then try inputting the details again.
  • You might be using an older version of the app. Download the latest version, then try typing your card’s information.

What to Do if You Encounter Problems when Using Cash App or Chime?

Please check the contact information below if you keep experiencing issues when using Cash App and Chime.

Cash App Support

  • Call 1 (800) 969-1940.
  • Contact Cash App Support through the app.
  • Visit https://cash.app/help, tap “Cash App Support,” log in, then provide details about your concern.

Chime Support

  • Call 1-844-244-6363.
  • Use the chat feature at the top right corner of Chime’s app to contact the customer service team.
  • Email your queries at [email protected].

Should you Use Chime with Cash App?

So, can you transfer money from CashApp to Chime? The answer is a definite yes. Chime and Cash App offer a quick way to send and transfer money between your accounts. If you don’t need your funds immediately, opt to directly link Cash App to your Chime account for a free transfer. But if you need money instantly, you can also connect the two apps using your debit card.

There’s no need to use the cash deposit method or other ways that require you to commute to and from the bank and the ATM.