UPDATED: October 26, 2022

If you’re one of many who frequently use carbon dioxide (CO2) for whatever reason, then you know that buying a new tank every time you run out of it can be costly. Getting a refill, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper.

We like being frugal. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet, looked at official sources, and reached out to their customer service departments to find the best CO2 tank refill stations near you. 

We’ve also checked forums and gathered tips from those who regularly use CO2 to find out how else you can save a little cash on it. 

The last thing you want is to spend all that cash on a new CO2 cylinder when you can save money by opting for refills instead. Keep reading and find out where you can find a nearby carbon dioxide refill station so you can save money on your CO2 needs. 

Where Can You Get CO2 Tank Refills?

You can refill your CO2 canisters by visiting the following establishments. You may also want to use this button, which I find handy when looking for a CO2 tank refill near me.

1. Ace Hardware

  • Sizes of cylinders for sale: 12-gram prefilled paintball cylinders
  • Tank refill cost: $5 – $22 
  • Ways to buy: Online; in-store
  • Refill in-store: Available

With over 90 years in the home improvements industry, it’s no wonder that Ace Hardware is the first store in mind when it comes to CO2 tank refills. It’s one of the largest home improvement stores in the entire world, operating over 5,200 hardware stores in the US alone. 

Among their many products and services? CO2 tanks and refills. 

Ace Hardware carries 12-gram paintball cartridge refills in their stores. If you have a gas-powered pistol, you can also buy some CO2 here. Depending on the size of your tank, a refill could cost between $5-$22. 

You can drop by their physical stores for a refill, or go to their website to buy their products.

2. Airgas

  • Sizes of cylinders for sale: 5-pound tanks, 10-pound tanks, 20-pound tanks, 35-pound tanks, 40-pound tanks, 55-pound tanks, 60-pound tanks, and larger unfilled tanks that can be filled in-store upon purchase
  • Tank refill cost: $15 tank exchange available for 5lb tanks; $12-$50 for refills of larger tanks
  • Ways to buy: Online; in-store
  • Refill in-store: Available

Airgas is one of the biggest suppliers of medical, industrial, and other specialty gasses. They have over 900 branches in the US, with most of them located in Texas, California, and Florida. 

Airgas stores are one of the best places to get a CO2 cylinder refill, or to buy tanks of different sizes. If you’re planning on buying larger tanks, Airgas has a ton of options for you. 

Most branches offer 10-pound to 60-pound CO2 canisters, with select branches offering even bigger alternatives. You can then have these tanks filled at the store immediately after purchase.

Tank refills for a small 5-pound CO2 cartridge will cost about $15. Refills for larger tanks will range from $12-$50 depending on the size. If you decide to buy a bigger tank, their empty tanks available for sale range from $100-$500.

If you’re planning on buying a tank, you can always go to their physical stores or visit their website to purchase. Of course, tank refills are only available in-store.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Sizes of cylinders for sale: 20-ounce paintball cylinders
  • Tank refill cost: $30 for a 20-ounce tank; free refill for every fifth tank refill if you sign up for the “Aim for Five” program
  • Ways to buy: Online; in-store
  • Refill in-store: Available

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the largest retailer of sporting goods in the US. They have more than 854 branches located in different parts of the country, all carrying goods used in a wide variety of sports.

Dick’s Sporting Goods mainly sells 12-oz and 20-oz CO2 cartridges. A 20-oz. tank will cost you about $30, but it already comes with a free refill.

A refill for 12-oz. and 20-oz. cartridges will cost you $34 and $5, respectively. You can also sign up for their “Aim for Five” program to get every fifth refill for free. The store, however, doesn’t allow refills for bigger sizes. 

Like Ace Hardware and Airgas, you can drop by their physical stores or order online if you plan to buy tanks.

4. Walmart

  • Sizes of cylinders for sale: 8-gram, 12-gram, and 90-gram pre-filled cartridges; 60-liter SodaStream cylinders; 20-ounce paintball tanks
  • Tank refill cost: $13 – $30 for exchanges
  • Ways to buy: Online; in-store
  • Refill in-store: Not available

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the US. They have over 5,000 locations across all 50 states, where their stores are known for having almost anything and everything you might need. And yes, that includes CO2 tank refills. 

Walmart has CO2 tanks for sale. It sells 8-gram to 90-gram tanks, 60-liter SodaStream cylinders, and 20-ounce paintball tanks. 

While Walmart doesn’t offer in-store refilling of your CO2 tanks, it allows you to exchange an empty tank for a pre-filled one. This will cost you about $13-$30, depending on the size. 

You also have the option to buy empty tanks through their online website.

5. Other Locations

If none of the stores listed above are near you, it might be better to find a local business that offers CO2 tank refills. Examples of businesses that provide these kinds of products and services include: 

  • Welding supply stores
  • Paintball fields and paintball stores
  • Fire equipment supply stores
  • Hydroponics shops

CO2 tank refills in these locations typically cost $10 to $20 for smaller tanks. Some offer tank refills, while others only let you exchange used tanks for pre-filled ones. 

As much as possible, make sure to call these local stores before you visit so you can make sure that they offer refills there. 

What Are the Uses of CO2? 

Carbon dioxide or CO2 has a ton of everyday applications. Some of its most well-known uses are in:

  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Paintball gun cartridges
  • SodaStream machines
  • Home-brewing
  • Inflation of wheels, pools, etc.
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Freshwater aquariums

Other lesser known uses of carbon dioxide include its applications in treating apnea and even in helping the environment. 

CO2 is an additive to oxygen that acts as a breathing stimulant for people who have been diagnosed with apnea. It is also used as a more environment-friendly alternative in aerosols, where CO2 can function as a propellant. 

How Can You Save on CO2 Refills? 

Opting for CO2 refills is already a way to save money on your CO2 needs in itself. However, there are a few more extra tips you can follow if you want to save a few extra bucks.

  • If you can buy a large tank for your CO2 refills, go for it. It often costs less to refill bigger tanks than it does to refill smaller ones.
  • Buy equipment that you can use to transfer CO2 from your large tanks to small cylinders. 
  • Look for nearby CO2 refilling stations and compare prices before you choose which one to go to. 
  • Take note of promos and discount programs (such as Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Aim for Five program) that allow you to save money on refills. 


If you regularly use CO2 for your profession, hobbies, or other applications, then you know that refilling is always a better option than buying a fresh new tank every time.

Make sure to check out our list of CO2 tank refill stations above, as well as our tips on how you can save money on your CO2 needs, so that you can get the most bang for your buck.