UPDATED: October 26, 2022

CT Scans are a common procedure often used to diagnose and treat many health conditions. There are different types of scans which can be done, but the cost for each type varies greatly. The price of a CT scan can range from as low as $100 to $10,000 depending on what type you need.

The most common types of CT scans are head scans, chest scans, abdomen scans, and pelvic scans. These different types have different costs. Some might be more expensive than others depending on several factors like where you live, the type of facility, and whether you are insured or not.

In this blog post, we will look at the price range of different types of CT scans. Before we go further into the different price ranges of CT scans in the United States, let us first go over the basics of what CT scan is.

What Is A CT Scan and How Is It Different From a CTA Scan?

So what is a CT scan? If you are not familiar, a CT scan stands for Computerized Tomography Scan. A CT scan is a medical procedure that uses X-rays to take pictures of the inside of your body. Doctors use these images to diagnose and treat many different types of illnesses.

Another type of CT scan is called CT Angiography or CTA which uses a contrast material or dye injected into the body to detect blood flow problems or related conditions. This type of CT scan is also referred to as “CT scan with contrast”. When checking or asking the facility regarding prices, make sure you clarify whether you need a CT or CTA scan.

How Much Does a CT Scan Cost Without Insurance?

Most people who are interested in the price of CT scans do not have insurance. If you have insurance, your provider may be able to cover the cost of the CT scan if the facility is within its coverage network but you may still be required to pay a deductible fee.

If you do not have insurance, you would have to pay for the entire cost out of pocket. So how much do CT scans cost out of pocket? Again, the answer will depend on the type of scan you need. To give you a more definitive answer, we compiled the cost of different types of CT scans in three major cities in the United States:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York, New York
  • Houston, Texas.
CoverageCost in CaliforniaCost in New YorkCost in Texas
Brain CT Scan Without Insurance$550 – $7,000$260 – $7,100$250 – $3,100
Head CTA Without Insurance$240 – $5,500$210 – $3,700$725 – $6,600
Ear CT Scan Without Insurance$280 – $4,400$190 – $4,900$300 – $4,200
Sinus CT Scan Without Insurance$210 – $4,900$180 – $4,000$240 – $2,925
Neck CT Scan Without Insurance$320 – $6,800$240 – $7,400$290 – $5,500
Neck CTA Without Insurance$550 – $6,700$260 – $7,000$650 – $6,800
Lumbar Spine CT Scan Without Insurance$280 – $6,700$180 – $7,700$290 – $6,500
Spine and Neck CT Scan Without Insurance$290 – $5,900$180 – $6,600$290 – $5,300
Chest CT Scan Without Insurance$340 – $7,000$180 – $5,800$290 – $4,600
Chest CTA Without Insurance$550 – $9,400$260 – $7,500$290 – $4,600
Heart CT Scan Without Insurance$1,900 – $7,300$800 – $6,200$2,550 – $7,200
Aorta CTA Without Insurance$600- $7,200$480 – $7,200$700 – $6,200
Abdomen CT Scan Without Insurance$525 – $8,800$240 – $7,500$290 – $6,500
Abdomen CTA Without Insurance$550 – $9,300$260 – $7,000$650 – $7,200
Pelvis CT Scan Without Insurance$550 – $9,400$230 – $8,400$290 – $6,500
Pelvis CTA Without Insurance$550 – $8,500$260 – $7,000$650 – $6,900
Bone Density Scan Without Insurance$110 – $3,100$160 – $1,800$130 – $1,450
Thorax CT Scan Without Insurance$300 – $6,200$210 – $5,400$290 – $5,200
Upper Extremity CT Scan Without Insurance –
Shoulder, Arm, Wrist, Hand
$220 – $4,300$180 – $3,500$260 – $5,000
Upper Extremity CTA Without Insurance –
Shoulder, Arm, Wrist, Hand
$550 – $1,900$260 – $1,950$650 – $1,600
Lower Extremity CT Scan Without Insurance –
Foot, Ankle, Leg, Hip
$240 – $6,100$180 – $10,100$280 – $5,100
Lower Extremity CTA Without Insurance –
Foot, Ankle, Leg, Hip
$550 – $6,300$260 – $6,200$650 – $10,100

What Factors Affect the Costs of CT Scans?

When you look at the costs of the different types of CT scans, you will notice, the price range for most of the scans is still pretty wide. For instance, the cost of a pelvis CT scan without insurance in Los Angeles, California ranges from $550 to $9,400. This means, the cost you may be charged can be between these two prices depending on several factors including:

Insurance Coverage 

Depending on your insurance plan, your final out of pocket cost will vary. You have to check the deductible and how much will be covered to know the exact amount. If the CT scan facility is within your insurance network (in-network), you will typically pay less compared to an out-of-network facility.  If you don’t have insurance, expect to pay the cost in full.

Type of Facility 

Are you doing the procedure in an inpatient facility (like a hospital) or at an outpatient imaging facility? An inpatient facility typically costs more than an outpatient facility.


The location where you will have the CT scan performed will also make a huge difference. Procedures like CT scans are often more cost efficient in cities where there are many CT scan providers to choose from compared to a rural setting with only a select number of providers.

Additional Costs 

Depending on what type of facility, you may need to pay for consultation and other fees. Make sure to ask whether these fees are included when inquiring with a facility.

How Can I Save Money on CT Scans Without Insurance?

You need a CT scan but you are scared to pay thousands of dollars you do not have for the procedure. What can you do to save money? Delaying your CT scan procedure is not the answer. As a result of delayed care, you may end up with higher bills due to complications from waiting too long.

The best way around this dilemma would be to look for outpatient facilities online that offer the type of CT scan you need. Search the internet for outpatient facilities that offer an affordable rate and then contact them to see if they will give you a discounted rate for the type of CT scan you need. Looking for CT scan providers in nearby cities can also be an option if the costs in your town or city are too expensive. 

Many providers will be willing to give you a free quote so you may find significant savings if you shop around. Some providers offer online quotes, however, some require a phone call or walk-in consultation before they will provide information about price and location.

To find a CT scan provider, go on Google and type in “outpatient CT scan near me” to get a list of providers in your area.