UPDATED: October 13, 2022

Nothing beats the unique feeling you get when holding and reading a magazine. Do you prefer to read a physical magazine rather than its online counterpart? You’re probably wondering where you can find free magazine subscriptions.

We scoured the web and checked official sources to come up with a list of companies that give away free magazines by mail. We’ve also listed what you need to do to get them for free

Find out how you can get your favorite free magazine subscription. Don’t skip this guide to avoid spending unnecessarily on physical magazines that you can get at no cost at all.

What Are The Steps To Get Free Magazine By Mail?

The steps involved in signing up for free magazines differ from one publisher to another. However, they share common steps like the following:

  • Click subscribe.
  • Enter your personal information, such as your name, birth date, and address.
  • Enter details about your profession.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions

Most of the magazine subscriptions are available for U.S. residents only and only 1 request can be submitted per address unless stated otherwise.

What Are The Free Magazines You Can Request Now?

Here’s a list of print magazines you can request now without paying a dime.

1. Condé Nast Traveler

If you love reading travel magazines, then Condé Nast Traveler is a perfect choice. It features content written by travelers and writers about fashion, culture, tourist destinations, cuisine, architecture, and more.

This magazine is almost never available for free. But you can get a 1-year free print magazine subscription through Mercury Magazine. You can expect your first issue to arrive in 6-8 weeks.

2. Men’s Health

If Elle is for women, then Men’s Health, as its name suggests, is for men. Mercury Magazines offers a 2-year subscription for Men’s Health for free. 

It features topics about fitness, nutrition, relationship, travel, health, and more. Just like Elle, Men’s Health is valued for U.S. residents only and only one subscription per household.

3. Women’s Health

Women’s Health magazine features content about entertainment, fashion, food, health, and more. 

You can score a 2-year subscription through Mercury Magazines. Please allow between 6 to 8 weeks for the delivery of your first issue.

4. Elle

Elle, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for women, offers a two-year print subscription through Mercury Magazines. 

It’s valid for U.S. orders only and only one subscription is allowed per household per year. You can expect to receive your first issue within 8 to 10 weeks.

5.     Vogue

Vogue is another magazine for women that features content about fashion and lifestyle. 

You can get a 1-year free print magazine subscription from Mercury Magazines. You can expect to receive your first issue within 6 -10 weeks.

 6. DuJour Magazine

DuJour magazine features the latest celebrity news, luxury trends, fashion, art, travel, and more. 

Dujour’s free magazine subscription is valid for addresses within the U.S. only and only one request can be submitted per address.

7. Netflix Jr. Magazine

Netflix Jr. Magazine is a free print magazine that features various stories, games, and activities for kids. 

The delivery of the free print magazine starts in April 2022. Parents or caregivers must provide their birthdate when they sign up for a free subscription.

Unfortunately, Issue 1 print copies are out of stock. But you can still sign up for the next issue that’s scheduled to be delivered in June. 

Meanwhile, Issue 3 is set to be released this coming September.

Netflix Jr. Magazine is also available in digital version and Issue 1 can be downloaded online for free. Please note that shipping of Netflix Jr. Magazine is available within the United States only.

8. SchoolArts

SchoolArts magazine has been around since 1905. It provides art teachers, parents, and even guardians with ideas and teaching strategies for arts. 

Aside from the print edition, you also have an option to subscribe to SchoolArts digital edition for free. The free subscription is offered only to US residents.

9. Food Fanatics

If you love to cook or just love food, Food Fanatics is the perfect magazine for you. The offer is open to U.S. residents and only 1 request can be submitted per address. 

10. Professional Pilot

Professional Pilot offers free magazines for new or seasoned pilots. You need to provide your company name and details about your profession to subscribe.

You need to indicate the aviation affiliation of your company, your title, highest current licenses, type of aircraft you operate, and more.

The print magazine subscription is available for U.S. residents only and there’s a limit of 1 request per address.

Professional Pilot also offers free digital subscriptions for its magazines. You can subscribe to print, digital, or both.

11. Truck & Off-Highway Engineering

Truck & Off-Highway Engineering features the latest news, articles, and information about the truck and off-highway technologies. You need to provide your company name to subscribe.

The free magazine offer is available until supplies last. It’s only open for U.S. residents and only 1 request can be made per address. Free digital subscriptions are also available.

12. No Nonsense

No Nonsense fitness magazine by Beverly International offers free magazine subscriptions. You can get four magazines per year, which will be delivered directly to your home.

The No Nonsense magazine features articles and information on health and fitness, nutrition, training, contest preparation, and more. 

Free magazines are available until supplies last. It’s only available for U.S. residents and only 1 request can be made per address.

13. Hearing Health Foundation

Hearing Health Foundation features news and information about the prevention and cure for hearing loss. It offers free quarterly print magazines until supplies last.

14. Brain & Life

Brain & Life features information about various neurologic conditions, brain health, and how your brain works. 

It offers a free print magazine subscription six times per year. It’s also available in Spanish, which is published four times per year and mailed free together with the English edition.

15. Tomorrow’s World

If you’re a Christian or you want to know more about Christianity, Tomorrow’s World is a perfect pick. 

You can choose between a TW magazine and Bible Study Course free subscription, or both.

You may The Tomorrow’s World magazine is also offered as a digital subscription, in case you’re also interested. 

Free magazines are available until supplies. The offer is open to all U.S. residents and only one request can be submitted per address.

16. Beyond Today

Beyond Today offers six issues every year for free. It features articles and other information that will help you learn more about the Bible. 

Just click, “Yes! Start my subscription” and fill out the form.

17.  Predator Extreme

Predator Extreme is the perfect magazine for you if you love hunting. The free subscriptions are available only in Canada and USA. 

You can choose to get a free subscription for Predator Xtreme, Bowhunting World, or both, for three years.

Are These Magazines 100% Free?

It may seem unreal but you’ll find legit and free magazine subscriptions. Since they’re free, you don’t have to provide any payment or credit card information. 

Be careful of offers that require your financial information. You should never give your payment or credit card details if you only want free subscriptions.

How Many Free Magazines Can You Get?

Based on our research, there’s no limit to the number of free magazines you can get. 

As long as it’s still on offer, you can take advantage of the free magazine subscription as long as you like.

Why Do Companies Send Free Magazines?

The primary reason why companies give away free magazines is to get your contact information, which they can use or sell to advertisers and marketers. 

It’s a marketing strategy that will help them expand their market reach by getting in touch with potential clients.

Some publishers or companies offer free companies in exchange for surveys or quizzes, such as RewardsSurvey and Valuemags.

Can You Get Free Copies If You Have A Paid Subscription?

Yes, you can still get free magazines even if you already have a paid subscription. 

Let’s say you already have an existing paid subscription with one specific magazine and you signed up for a free one for 12 years.

Once your paid subscription expires, the free one will kick in. You’ll get magazines for the whole duration of your free subscription.

Websites That Offer Free Print and Digital Subscriptions From Different Magazines

You’ll also find websites that offer print and digital subscriptions to various magazines.

Mercury Magazines

Mercury Magazines is a top choice when it comes to free magazine subscriptions. It’s the best place to go for both print and digital magazine subscriptions for free.

You can sign up for magazines and get free subscriptions for free as long as you qualify. 

The eligibility requirements vary from one publisher to another and Mercury Magazines have no influence over their requirements.

It’s a free business resource that gives you access to magazines, eBooks, white papers, reports, and more. 

The featured content ranges from construction and insurance to food & beverage, to healthcare, IT, travel, retail, and more.

The free digital magazines that are on offer on Mercury Magazines range from fashion magazines to car magazines. 

Some of the most popular options are Wine Spectator, Esquire, Architectural Digest, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Living magazines, and more.


Valuemags offers free digital subscriptions from different magazines. Among the free magazines that you can get are Time, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Popular Mechanics, and Good HouseKeeping.

Some issues are ready for download while others will require you to take a brief survey.


Every month, RewardSurvey features a list of high-value magazines such as Time, Wired, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and more. 

You need to take random quizzes or surveys to earn reward points that you can use to redeem magazines of your choice.

In Summary

Why pay for magazine subscriptions if you can get them for free? If you’re the type of person who loves to read print magazines rather than digital ones, then this guide is for you. 

The list provided here is absolutely free, which means you don’t have to provide your payment details or credit card information. In case your preferred magazines aren’t available for free in print copies, you should visit websites like Mercury Magazines and subscribe to a digital copy instead.