UPDATED: November 23, 2022

If you want to try a new scent, you might not want to buy it at full price until you’re sure you want to wear it for a while. That’s why free perfume samples come in handy.

You can test different fragrances without spending so much until you find “the one.” You want an excellent perfume because it doesn’t simply make you smell good but also improves your mood and boosts your confidence.

So, how do you get free perfume samples? Let’s look at your options:

Shop online and get fragrance freebies

When you shop online, some brands offer free scents samples upon checkout.

One of the best sources of free samples is Sephora, which allows you to add up to three free items to your cart. You don’t even have to purchase other products to check out the free samples, and shipping is also free.

Also, you can sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider program, so you’ll receive birthday samples and rewards points.

You can add a free fragrance sample at checkout when you shop via Ulta too.

Don’t disregard the big brands too, such as the following:

Usually, you get a complimentary vial when you purchase a product on their sites.

Check on freebie websites

You’ll find websites that are dedicated to freebies from different brands. You can score fragrance samples from the following:

Some have dedicated pages for perfumes, making your search a lot easier.

Sign up for mailings and newsletters

Some brands like L’Oreal, Lancome, and The Body Shop give free fragrance samples by mail. You can sign up for mailings when you create an account at Ulta. They send a catalog with free samples every month straight to your mailbox.

The following are also known to send free perfume samples by mail to their newsletter subscribers:

You can receive free samples or be alerted when new fragrance samples come out when you sign up for newsletters from your favorite brands.

Send a request directly to the brand

Some perfume brands will mail you free samples upon request, so you just have to ask. You can visit the websites of your prospective brands and look for their email address.

When you write your email, tell them why you like their brand and how much you’d love to try out their new scents.

You may want to try Lancome, L’Artisan Perfumeur, and By Kilian, which are known to send samples by request. They also offer free samples when you purchase something on their websites.

Note, however, that email requests don’t always work, but it’s worth a try.

Write product reviews

Some brands will give you free samples to try in exchange for a product review. You can answer a product survey or even participate in focus groups.

You can sign up with platforms like Influenster and Pinchme, which work with companies doing market research to improve their products.

Other provide review sites you can check out are:

Some may not only give you sample vials but full-size products.

Check your favorite social media sites

Many brands use social media to announce their new products and offer exclusive deals to their social media followers. You may also find influencers giving freebies through giveaway competitions to promote their sponsors.

You can search Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using hashtags like the following:

Also, don’t forget to check their official websites and see if they have a link to free samples. Big brand names like Chanel, Dior, and Gucci all offer free product samples, especially when they drop new lines of fragrances.

On its website, Hermes says it’s happy to send you samples depending on availability. You can email it your complete mailing address via its contact page. You can also visit any of its stores and ask its sales associates for fragrance testers and samples as long as they’re available. 

Check out fashion magazines

This is old school but it still exists—you can find fragrance samples inserted in fashion magazines for men and women. Glossy magazines may also contain pages with sample fragrances that you only have to rub to try.

Some examples of magazines that give free fragrance samples include:

  • Allure
  • Vogue
  • Glamour
  • Marie Claire

You can get free magazines sent to your mailbox through Sweet Free Stuff and Hunt4Freebies.

Buy a discovery kit

A discovery kit is technically not free, but buying one is an affordable way to get several samples of new scents to try. You can visit any fragrance or perfume brand and look for their discovery page.

Some places where you can find discovery sets are:

A discovery kit may contain four to six samples, allowing you to explore a line of fragrances. We checked out Sephora’s discovery kits and found a 16-piece set.

If a while discovery set is too much for you, you can also purchase inexpensive individual sample vials.

Try a subscription box

Another inexpensive way to get perfume samples is subscription boxes. You may occasionally get perfume freebies in your beauty box haul, but you can also sign up for a subscription box specific to fragrances only.

Some popular ones are:

They send out samples monthly so you can explore new scents for a fraction of the cost before committing to a regular-size bottle.

Ask at the department store

You can visit the cosmetics or beauty section at the department store and ask for perfume samples. Don’t be shy or feel cheap for asking because samples are meant to be given away.

One of the best times to ask is when a brand drops a new fragrance product. They’ll have several free samples to promote the scent.

The following are known for generous fragrance samples given at their fragrance counters:

  • Nordstroms
  • Saks
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s

Visit beauty specialty stores

Beauty shops like Sephora and Blue Mercury are great places to get free fragrance samples. You shouldn’t be intimidated to walk in because the staff is accommodating.

They give sample vials in-store as long as you know how to ask. You should strike up a conversation and show genuine interest in their products.

Visit a Walmart branch

Walmart often conducts sampling events where you can score free samples in-store, including perfume and fragrances.

You can sign up for an account on Walmart and receive emails about its future events.

Aside from visiting a branch and getting free perfume samples in-store, you can also order an offer online and receive your samples by mail. However, you’ll have to be patient because they usually arrive within four to six weeks.

Look for new perfume brands

New perfume and fragrance brands would be working hard to promote their brands and products. 

You’ll have a higher chance of scoring free perfume samples from them because they’ll be happy to introduce their offers and build their customer base.

Check out their in-store promotions for quick samples. You should also visit their websites and social media pages for giveaway competitions.


Wearing perfumes and trying new scents doesn’t have to break your pocket. You can get samples at no cost or minimal fee by following the tips above.

The next time you visit a department store or shop online, don’t forget to check out their fragrance counters for free samples and complementary vials. Following fragrance experts and brands on social media for giveaways and promos are also useful.