UPDATED: February 20, 2023

Most people would assume fun jobs don't pay well, but this isn't always the case. You don't need to be a paper pusher forever or content yourself with being stuck in a desk job to make decent money. There are also plenty of fun jobs that will allow you to live your best life while earning a good living!

We've compiled a list of fun jobs that pay well which hopefully can give you an idea if you are looking for your next career move. These fun jobs can be found across various fields, so no matter what kind of career path you're looking for, you'll find something here.

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Fun Design Jobs That Pay Well

Toy Creator

Average Salary: $67,284 per year

Creating toys for children can be a very rewarding job. To become a professional toy designer, you may need to pursue an industrial or product design degree. You also need to have a great imagination to succeed in this job.

Video Game Designer

Average Salary: $130,000 per year 

Many years back, animators transitioned into being video game designers. But now there are college courses that are dedicated to video game design. Not only do you need to be artistic and creative, but you also need excellent technical skills to become a video game designer.

Creative Director

Average Salary: $126,519 per year

A Creative Director is responsible for the visual elements of a company or brand. They are experienced in design and have excellent communication skills since they work closely with clients.

Color Consultants

Average Salary: $99,853 per year 

Color consultants are in high demand in the decorating industry, where they are hired to create color palettes for homes, businesses, and retail settings. To become a color consultant, a degree in design or fine arts will give you an advantage.


Average Salary: $82,499 per year 

An architect's job is fun because you get the opportunity to design landmarks and buildings to define a city. Architects can design everything from skyscrapers, homes to office spaces and public areas such as parks and museums.


Average Salary: $69,896 per year 

Want to design the next generation's Mickey Mouse or Shrek? As an animator, you will be responsible for creating characters and coming up with stories. You will need to have a degree in animation or arts, especially if you want to work at major studios like Pixar or Disney studios.

Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $48,283 per year 

Graphic design is a fun job that requires creativity and technical skills. Most graphic designers take up Fine Arts in college but if you are naturally artistic, you can pursue this career as long as you are proficient in common design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Lighting Designer

Average Salary: $48,720 per year 

A lighting designer is responsible for the stage lighting of concerts, movies, TV shows, stage plays, and other events. There are now lighting design courses but many lighting designers have come from related fields such as theatre design, filmmaking, engineering, and interior design.

Fun Jobs in the Food Industry That Pay Well

Food Scientist

Average Salary: $74,130 per year

Food scientists help in developing new recipes, produce healthier food options, and test safety standards for any product produced by a business or company related to the food industry.

Executive Chef

Average Salary: $71,826 per year

If food is your passion, then becoming a chef can be a really fun job. While most wannabe chefs pursue culinary courses, many famous chefs started as home cooks or by putting up their own restaurants.

Party Planner 

Average Salary: $62,125 per year

If you are good with people then becoming a party planner is an excellent fun job option because this career path requires you to work closely with clients when organizing events. You will organize the venue, menus, décor and also create fun activities for guests to enjoy during their stay or event.


Average Salary: $59,519 per year

A sommelier helps in selecting wines for customers. Being one is a fun job because you get to meet people from all walks of life and have the opportunity to travel around the world while choosing excellent wine options. It is, however, very difficult to qualify as a sommelier as you need to pass rigorous exams.

Food Tester

Average Salary: $54,294 per year

Get paid to taste food? Yes, please! You can enjoy a fun job as a food tester by working for different companies that produce and sell food.But to become a professional food taster, you will need a degree in food science or related fields.

Food Stylist

Average Salary: $51,308 per year

Unlike chefs, food stylists do not necessarily need to cook good food because their main job is to make food look good, usually for photography purposes. You also don't need a food science degree but having a culinary arts background can be a bonus. Restaurants and food brands hire food stylists for menus, advertisements, and special events.

Food Critic

Average Salary: $42,744 per year

To become a well-respected food critic, you not only need to establish great taste in food but also be an excellent writer to communicate your opinions. Unlike before where you need to get hired by a newspaper or magazine to make money out of this job, you can set up your own blog, website, or YouTube vlog and earn from ad revenues if you get enough views or following.


Average Salary: $33,401 per year

This profession offers the opportunity to work with different kinds of chocolate and flavors while creating new, inventive recipes. For this career path, you need formal training or an apprenticeship in baking and confectionery arts.

Fun Jobs That Pay Well For People Who Likes Travel And Tours

Cruise Ship Performer

Average Salary: $62,054 per year

As A Cruise Ship Entertainer, you'll get to travel the world while performing fun activities and games with passengers on a cruise. Usually, you also get free accommodation, food, and tips from customers onboard the cruise ship. These extra perks allow you to enjoy your salary without paying for these basic needs.

Airline Pilot

Average Salary: $102,870 per year

Want to travel the world while getting highly paid for it? As an airline pilot, you will fly different airplanes and jets around the globe. For this fun job option, you need formal training as a pilot plus becoming certified by your country's governing aviation agency.


Average Salary: $66,000 to $144,566 per year (NASA)

If you want to take travel to another level, why not become an astronaut and travel outer space? To become one, you need to have a degree in engineering, science, or mathematics plus you need extensive training from NASA.

Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: $82,898 per year

If you're the type of person who doesn't like a job sitting on your desk the entire day, being a real estate agent is a great option. You get to go around the city every day while showing clients different houses and apartments. You need to pass an exam and get a license to become one.

Personal Shopper 

Average Salary: $42,311 per year or $20 per hour

If you love to shop, earn money from people who don't. You can become a fashion personal shopper for clients if you have a knack for luxury and style. Or if you are looking for a quick high-paying gig, you can easily become a grocery personal shopper on apps like Instacart.

Tour Guide  

Average Salary: $31,802 per year

If going to different places excites you then being a tour guide is an excellent option. For this job, you need good speaking skills because you will be doing most of your talking during tours. You also need to know the history, culture, and traditions of the places you are showing around. If you want to make good money in this career path, consider moving to a place with a high tourist turnout.

Fun Jobs With Animals And Environment That Pay Well

Marine Biologist

Average Salary: $112,043 per year

If you're fond of aquatic life, becoming a marine biologist is a fun job option to consider. You get to study different kinds of sea creatures that live in the ocean and also help them survive by removing pollutants or harmful objects that shell their habitats.


Average Salary: $98,783 per year

If you love animals, becoming a veterinarian is an excellent fun job option. You get to work with different kinds of pets and also save their lives by helping them treat medical conditions or injuries.

Park Ranger

Average Salary: $41,370 per year

A park ranger is responsible for protecting and maintaining parks, forests, or nature reserves. You get the fun job of exploring new places while making sure people stay safe when in these areas. Many parks require a bachelor's degree in recreation or tourism.


Average Salary: $39,485 per year

Another fun job with animals is being a zookeeper. As one, you get to spend time taking care of different kinds of wild and domesticated animals by preparing their food or cleaning up their enclosures so they live in a hygienic environment. You may need a degree in biology or zoology to become a zookeeper.

Dog Walker

Average Salary: $25 per hour, per dog

You can still work with animals without a degree, have fun, and make money in the process. You can become a dog walker and get paid to take care of people's pets while they're away. You need a love for animals and enough strength to walk large breeds like Great Danes or Mastiffs.

Animal Groomer

Average Salary: $34,280 per year

Another animal-related job that does not require a degree is becoming a pet groomer. You can apply in veterinary clinics and pet shops to groom furry clients. You need to be passionate about animals and have fun working around them, as well as having the patience for grooming big breeds with lots of hair like poodles or Shih Tzus.

Fun Jobs That Pay Well In Arts and Entertainment

Video Gamer

Average Salary: $48,870 per year 

There are tons of fun jobs that pay well that involve playing fun video games, including game testers and eSports players. You can also earn through advertising revenue when you stream your games online and get many viewers.

Broadcast Journalist

Average Salary: $52,144 per year 

A broadcast journalist researches, reports, and anchors news stories for radio, television, or internet distribution to the public. Newscasters have fun working in a fast-paced environment where they can use their creativity while still being rewarded with good money!

Voice Actor

Average Salary: $76,927 per year 

Got a great voice? Then you can make good money off your fun voice acting skills. Even if you're not the next Morgan Freeman, advertising agencies and companies will pay money to make announcements or audiobooks.

YouTube Vlogger

Average Salary: $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views

Yes, you can make a lot of money by being a YouTube vlogger. In fact, the highest-paid vlogger in 2020 is a nine-year-old boy, Ryan Kaji, who earned USD 30 million for the year by unboxing and reviewing toys.

Social Media Influencer

Average Salary: $57,245 per year

If you like being in front of the cameras, being an Instagram or TikTok influencer is relatively a new career path that could be an option for you. This job is more accessible than being discovered as a film or TV actor because you can put up your own page and if you gain enough followers, brands can sponsor your posts and you can earn money by posting.

Social Media Manager

Average Salary: $50,088 per year

As a social media manager, you will be in charge of managing the company's social accounts. You'll work with content platforms and gain exposure for the brand. You don't need a college degree as long as you’re an expert in social platforms like Facebook.  Having great communication and management skills will be an advantage.

Sports Analyst

Average Salary: $59,545 per year

If you're a sports fan, then becoming an analyst might be fun for you! Sports analysts usually work with the media to provide updates on games before they air or during breaks in them. They can also appear as commentators for big events like the Olympics or World Cup Games.

Art or Music Therapist

Average Salary: $56,836 per year

An art or music therapist uses fun, expressive therapies to help patients with various mental and physical illnesses. They may conduct group sessions or one-on-one counseling in an art studio or music room.


Average Salary: $62,553 per year

Are you constantly plotting story ideas in your head? Then put them on paper! For this job, you'll need an active imagination and the ability to put your thoughts into words that will inspire readers.

Book Proofreader

Average Salary: $59,431 per year

If you love reading books but you are not the writer type, you can still turn your passion into a career by being a proofreader for books. As a book proofreader, your job will involve correcting mistakes in books before they're published. You may need an English or Literature degree to get into this career.


Average Salary: $54,071 per year

What can be more fun than amazing people with mind-boggling magic tricks? You'll need to have creativity, stage presence, acting skills and know-how on how to perform magic tricks.

Hollywood Stunt Performer

Average Salary: $70,000 per year

Is your dream to be a part of films like Fast and Furious or Mission Impossible? As a stunt performer, you can become part of stunts in movies or TV shows. You need to be physically fit and know how to perform certain tricks but make no mistake, it's not as easy as it looks.


Average Salary: $43,114 per year

To become a successful photographer, you'll need creativity in your shots as well as the ability to use professional cameras, understand lighting, and use photography software. While you do not need a degree to become a photographer, having a film school background can be an advantage.

Fashion Stylist

Average Salary: $44,274 per year

A fashion stylist is someone who puts together the garments and accessories for clients for events, films, or TV programs. You will work on runways, red carpets or photo shoots where your services will be required by celebrities, models, actors, etc.

Celebrity Hair Stylist

Average Salary: $50,827 per year

As a hairstylist, you may not earn much but if you’re really good and you become a celebrity hair stylist for high-profile clients, you can earn much more and even become a celebrity yourself. You will need a license to practice as a hairdresser in the United States and work in big cities that hold fashion and entertainment shoots. 

Makeup Artist 

Average Salary: $47,917 per year

If you're always at Sephora and you're spending all your money on makeup, then why not make money out of it? While this fun job does not require a degree, you will need certification in cosmetology before practicing.

Ghostwriter for Online Dating Profiles

Average Salary: $14 – $18 per hour

Are you good at writing up Tinder profiles? Help singles get a date by ghostwriting their profiles for them. Not only are you helping people find love or companionship, you can also earn money in the process.

Fun Fitness and Sports Jobs That Pay Well

Golf Ball Retriever

Average Salary: $50,000- $100,000 per year

If you know how to dive, you can consider becoming a golf ball retriever. This is an example of an interesting job that pays well. Golf courses are always looking to hire fun people who can collect balls from deep ponds or lakes, making this job perfect for divers.

Professional Athlete

Average Salary: $51,929 per year but earnings depend on the sport  

Serena Williams, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo… these are just some of the most famous people in the world who are worth millions of dollars. They also earn from brand endorsements and sponsorships. If you have excellent athletic ability, being a professional athlete is a great career move. After retirement, athletes can also explore coaching and sports management jobs.

Personal Trainer 

Average Salary: $62,864 per year

You can make good money by being in the gym the entire day as a personal trainer. The great thing about this job is that it is also a meaningful job that pays well because you get to help people reach their fitness and health goals at the same time.

Yoga Instructor

Average Salary: $60,191 per year

If you are already a yoga enthusiast, take that to the next level and get a yoga teaching certification. You will need to complete a 200-500 hour program to become a registered yoga teacher.

Dance Instructor

Average Salary: $51,087 per year

Hip-hop, ballet, Latin, Zumba… these are just some of the most popular dance classes that you can teach. You need to have a talent for dancing to get studios to hire you. Some classes like Zumba have certification classes that you can apply for.

Fun Unique Jobs That Pay Well


Average Salary: $116,199 per year

As an astronomer, you get to study the stars and planets using telescopes or other sophisticated equipment with your team of scientists. You will need to study a lot of math and physics to get a Ph.D. before being allowed to work as one.

Private Investigator

Average Salary: $53,320 per year

As a private detective, you get to help solve crimes and mysteries assigned by your clients. You can set up your own practice or apply to a law firm or an agency. Usually, there are no formal educational requirements needed to become one but it helps if you have knowledge of law enforcement and crime-solving.

Nuclear Technicians

Average Salary: $60,261 per year

How cool is it to tell people that you work in the nuclear industry? Very! As a nuclear technician, your job will involve monitoring machinery used in nuclear experiments and power generation. To become one, you will need an associate's degree in nuclear science, nuclear tech, or other related fields.

Bridge Tender

Average Salary: $52,233 per year

A bridge tender is a person in charge of allowing boats to pass through waterways. To be considered for the position, you just need a high school diploma and some training.


Average Salary: $46,815 per year

A derrickman is a fun job for those who love the outdoors and have a taste of adventure. You get to go around different kinds of oil rigs or oil production plants to inspect, maintain machinery or assist in repairs while climbing tall structures that are 100 feet high.

Supercar Driving Instructor

Average Salary: $44,411 per year

Do you have a fun job that allows you to drive fast cars? If yes, then maybe becoming a supercar driving instructor is for you. It's fun and exciting to be able to teach people how to use race cars. You need a racing license to become one. Many retired racers often turn to this career.

Billboard Installer

Average Salary: $43,555

If you are not afraid of heights and like adventurous jobs, get paid to install billboards. To become a billboard installer, you don't need any degree. You just need to have on the job training to get accepted.

Get Paid Well While Having Fun

You can have fun while making money! This is definitely possible. We hope that this list of fun jobs can help inspire you in your next career move.