UPDATED: June 27, 2022

Do you need to gas up and wonder where you can use Apple Pay? We got you.

A lot of people have shifted to cashless payments, especially during the pandemic to avoid direct contact with others. This, added to the convenience easily provided by not having to use cash, has normalized cashless payments in unprecedented ways.

Payment for food, clothes, utilities—you name it— cashless payment is available for all of them. Gas payments also fit the bill, and many vehicle owners trust one payment platform—Apple Pay

Now, not all gas stations accept Apple Pay, and I understand the hassle that could bring (I tried to look for gas stations that take Apple Pay near me!).

So, I’ve looked into it and searched for the gas stations you can go to. No need to figure things out on your own—this guide will save you time! 

As a bonus, I also give you the step-by-step process of paying for gas through your phone. 

Ready? Let’s go! 

What Gas Stations Allow Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay is convenient and safe to make your gas payments. Each transaction comes with a unique code that replaces your credit card number. 

How do I find gas stations that take Apple Pay near me? Here’s a handy button that you can use, then refer to the list below if the gas station near you accepts Apple Pay.

Here is a list of gas stations that accept Apple Pay:


ARCO is known for its top-quality gas at low prices, so it remains top of mind for most vehicle owners.

ARCO gas stations are located in:

ArizonaNew York
CaliforniaNorth Dakota

Simply link your card to your Apple Pay wallet to facilitate payment!


As North America’s largest natural gas producers, BP and Amoco have 7,200 gas stations all over the United States. 

Make sure that you have already downloaded their BPme application to use Apple Pay.


Chevron produces reliable fuel products for vehicle owners worldwide, with more than 8,000 gas stations in the US. Apple Pay is accepted at all Chevron locations. 

You need to install the Chevron app to use Apple Pay, and then you can already pay at the pump.

Circle K

A combination of a gas station and a convenience store, Circle K has grown to be one of the go-to places for people on the go. 

They’re located in 48 of the 50 US states, but only specific locations accept Apple Pay. 

If the gas station near you takes Apple Pay, you’ll see an AppClip posted at the pump that says, “Hold iPhone here to pay.”


Aside from refueling services, CITGO also offers petrochemicals and lubricants. It has stations across Washington, D.C. and 30 other states.

You can easily use Apple Pay at the pump, but it’s only accepted at select Citgo locations. Download the CITGO app to get the details of gas stations near you and the available facilities.


With sister company Phillips 66, Conoco provides global crude oil and natural gas to vehicle owners. 

Most Conoco gas stations are in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, but only specific locations for Conoco and Phillips 66 accept Apple Pay. If you see an NFC reader at the pump, you can use Apple Pay.

You can also download Conoco’s app so you can pay conveniently while inside your car.


Costco gas stations are known for their efficient design, thanks to their extra-long pumps and one-way lanes. These stations are located across 48 states in the US.

Link your Visa credit or debit card to your Apple Pay to quickly fuel up at Costco!

Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms also has convenience stores with gas stations in:

ConnecticutNew Hampshire
FloridaNew York
MassachusettsRhode Island

Are you near a Cumberland Farm station and looking to pay for gas through Apple Pay? You’re in luck! All its locations accept Apple Pay! 

Delta Sonic

Delta Sonic is more commonly known for its car wash services, but it also has refueling stations and convenience stores. Most Delta Sonic’s stations and shops are in New York, Chicago, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

To use Apple Play as payment in Delta Sonic, proceed to its convenience stores. 

Exxon Mobil

As a multinational oil and gas company, Exxon Mobil has gas stations across California, New York, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

Exxon Mobil accepts Apple Pay in most of its locations. Don’t forget to download its Rewards+ app to use Apple Pay. 

Kum & Go

Kum & Go is a one-stop shop for travelers, offering fuel, food, and rewards for its members. It’s located across:

MissouriNorth Dakota
MontanaSouth Dakota

If you need to go to Kum & Go, you first need to download its mobile app to use Apple Pay for payment.


As the largest independent fuel marketer in the Intermountain West, Maverik has gas stations in the following: 


To use Apple Pay, you have to link your e-wallet to your Adventure Club card. 


Meijer Express gas stations come with convenience stores that offer quality fuel, snacks, and coffee. 

Apple Pay is accepted at its convenience stores in:



True to its branding of being your hometown store, RaceWay offers quality fuels, friendly services, and low prices to make you feel at home. 

It’s located in the following:

ArkansasNorth Carolina
FloridaSouth Carolina

All RaceWay stations accept Apple Pay and you can pay at the pump.


Sheetz is a widely known gas station and convenience store in the Northeastern US. It’s located across:

MarylandWest Virginia
OhioNorth Carolina

Most Sheetz stations accept Apple Pay at the pump as a tap-to-pay payment method, except for stations in small, rural areas.


Globally known as a group of energy and petrochemical companies, Shell has gas stations across all 50 US states. 

Almost all Shell locations accept Apple Pay. All you have to do is enter and confirm the pump number on your device and wait for the “start fuelling” message to appear. 


Known for providing quality fuel as the official fuel of NASCAR, Sunoco has 4,900 stations across 26 states in the US.

To use Apple Pay, don’t forget to install the Sunoco App. You can also use it for rewards and exclusive promotions.


Wawa is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores in the United States. It has 600 locations across the following:

New JerseyFlorida
DelawareWashington, D.C.

It’s relatively easy to use Apple Pay at Wawa. You can either pay through your app or at its convenience stores.

How To Pay For Gas With Apple Pay

On your Apple device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Look for the contactless payment symbol.
  2. Go to your Apple Wallet.
  3. Double press the side button. 
  4. Verify either through Face ID, passcode, or Touch ID. 
  5. Place your device on the symbol.

Your payment is now complete.

How Do You Locate A Gas Station Near You?

You can use your phone to find gas stations that accept Apple Pay near you: 

  1. Open your Maps application.
  2. Go to the search bar type “gas stations nearby.”
  3. From the list that will appear, select your preferred station for the exact location.

You can also use your mobile browser and type “gas station near me” or visit the gas company’s website and use their store locators. 


Many gas stations are installing tap-to-pay features on their pumps. You can start with the list above to find the nearest gas station that accepts Apple Pay.

Aside from gas stations and convenience stores, more restaurants, groceries, and even entertainment businesses are now accepting Apple Pay. 

People have been using cash, debit, and credit cards for ages, but Apple Pay is a welcome change. Not sharing your card number makes it safe, but paying using your gadgets has also made the chore a lot more convenient!