UPDATED: July 26, 2021

Working part-time is a reality for many of us. Whether you’re in school studying for your dream career or in between jobs and need a source of income just for a little while, finding the right part-time job can be stressful. But don’t worry, if you need some extra money or another work to boost your income, you can find high-paying part-time jobs. 

Can you find a part-time job for full-time workers? Yes. Can you find a side hustle for students or without experience? Are there flexjobs you can do? Definitely.

Look no further than your ultimate guide right here to the 29 most lucrative part-time jobs that are right underneath your nose. Search for these opportunities on job postings online.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Pay: $150/hour

A graphic designer creates various visual materials, such as illustrations, logos, and layouts. A degree is often a necessity as your earnings depend on your skill level. Newer freelance graphic designers tend to charge $25-50 per hour, whereas more experienced freelancers can charge between $65 and $150 per hour for this job.

Social Media Manager

Pay: $50/hour

A social media manager is responsible for curating the social channels of a brand, sharing content, and engaging with the audience. A social media account manager can make up to $50 an hour while producing and maintaining quality content for their employer. A Bachelor’s degree is typically required, along with extensive knowledge of social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Business Consultant

Pay: $50/hour

If you’re looking to significantly boost your background in business and marketing, becoming a business consultant part-time is perfect for you. A business consultant is a person brought in by a company that becomes involved in all aspects of the business: planning, educating, and implementing, among others. 

A part-time business consultant must have years of experience working with corporations and can earn $50 per hour depending on the business you’re working with. Having a master’s degree can also boost your credentials for this consulting job.


Pay: $35/hour

Photographers can earn anywhere from $15-35 per hour of gig capturing lifelong memories for clients. If freelancing, your rate and education are up to you. However, if you work for a company, a high school diploma is required, and some companies also require special training.

Makeup Artist

Pay: $30/hour

If you’re looking more toward the self-employed route for the highest paying part-time jobs, becoming a makeup artist is ideal work for you. Makeup artists can earn up to $30 per hour helping someone to look their absolute best and who doesn’t want to help others feel great about themselves? No formal credentials are necessary if you’re self-employed, although some training may be required if you choose to work in a salon.

Content Writer or Copywriter

Pay: $35/hour

If you’re searching for a job where you can write about a variety of subjects, content writing or copywriting is the perfect part-time job for you. The salary range is vast, but some writers can make anywhere from $20-35 per hour depending on job duties. Even if you’re not an experienced writer, tips, tricks, and skills to become a writer are available online.


Pay: $32/hour

Many businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, outsource their accounting needs. If you know about accountancy, much better with a professional license, you can take part-time accounting jobs. The demand is especially high during tax season, but you can also work on the regular upkeep of their financial operations.

Affiliate Marketer

Pay: $30/hour

Selling products that you like from another company to earn money is the idea behind affiliate marketing. You earn a commission by promoting and selling products that you enjoy. You can earn a wage of up to $30 per hour with zero formal training.

Software Developer

Pay: $25/hour

A software developer is a person who creates software for computers. A Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field is required, and you can earn up to $25 per hour programming computers and writing code.


Pay: $24/hour

For those who are multilingual, working part-time as a translator is a good option. Translators are on the upper spectrum of high-paying part-time jobs, earning an average wage of $24 an hour. A Bachelor’s degree is usually required, along with fluency in multiple languages. Employers most often include schools, hospitals, and courtrooms.


Pay: $22/hour

If you’re looking for flexjobs, freelancing is for you. Freelancing includes many jobs, such as designers, journalists, photographers, etc. This is an easily self-employable option, although there are websites where freelancers can create profiles and work with a client base on contracts. Freelancers earn an average of $22 an hour.

Fitness Instructor

Pay: $19/hour

If you’re a self-proclaimed “health-nut,” working as a part-time fitness instructor would be a great fit. Fitness instructors made up to $19 an hour in 2018 and the job market is continuing to grow. A high school diploma is all that’s required, although earning a degree in the health and wellness field may improve your job prospects and salary.

Brand Ambassador

Pay: $17/hour

Those who enjoy working with people and answering questions will find this part-time job appealing. Earning up to $17 an hour, a brand ambassador works with customers for the particular brand, distributing materials, answering questions, and keeping customers in the loop.

Mail Carrier

Pay: $16/hour

With an average earning of $16 an hour, a mail carrier is a great choice as an easy part-time job. With a requirement of a high school diploma, mail carriers do just as the name says: deliver mail and gather any outgoing mail while following specific routes.


Pay: $15/hour

Nannies can earn $15 an hour by providing childcare for families. As long as you have a reliable form of transportation and experience in childcare, becoming a nanny is a great job option!

Data Entry

Pay: $15/hour

If you’re typing speed is good, there’s always a data-entry part-time job you can take. If you have specialized skills or knowledge, such as in law or medicine, that’s a plus. The tasks vary depending on the industry, but generally, your role is to record and organize information with accuracy and attention to detail. Beware of data entry scams, though!

Appointment Setter

Pay: $14/hour

If you have good communication skills, this is a good part-time job you can do in your spare time. Appointment setters, as the title suggests, set appointments for a company’s sales team with prospective clients. You may need some skills in convincing people to book an appointment and speak with the sales representative. On average, appointment setters earn a salary of $14 per hour.

Customer Service Representative

Pay: $14/hour

Customer service representatives earn up to $14 an hour and most positions only require a high school diploma. This job requires you to communicate with customers via phone, online chat, or in-person. This is a good part-time job as you can take your experiences and apply them to practically any other future position.


Pay: $14/hour

Although the base salary for waiters/waitresses at restaurants can be lower than other jobs on this list, monetary tips are included in your salary and good money can be made off of tips when you do this work. No formal requirements are necessary.

Personal Driver

Pay: $14/hour

Ever thought about driving for Uber? If you’re searching for a part-time job that pays well, driving others around through a service, such as Uber or Lyft could be perfect for you! Personal drivers can earn up to $14 an hour plus tips from their clients. 

Reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and clean driving history are necessary. There are some cons to personal driving that often come with the territory, but being able to cruise around with the added benefit of some company doesn’t seem like a bad time.

School Bus Driver

Pay: $14/hour

Driving seems to be a popular theme when it comes to part-time employment opportunities, but if you enjoy working with children in small doses, school bus driving is the way to go. Most school bus drivers can earn an average of $14, but bonuses and paid holidays are also available depending on the company. Most companies require you to be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license. They also do a criminal background check.


Pay: $13/hour

Many seniors are living independently or aging in place, and their loved ones would want peace of mind knowing that someone looks after them. You can work as a part-time caregiver for an average of $13 an hour. You may be required to come during certain hours of the day to assist them in personal hygiene or simply keep them company while their loved ones are away over the weekend or during office hours.

Pet Sitter

Pay: $13/hour

Many pet owners need someone to look after their fur companions while they work, providing opportunities for part-timers. You can take care of their pets in your home or you can come over to the owner’s house. Some just need you to walk their dogs. You can find apps where you can start looking for pet owners who need your help and earn around $13 per hour.


Pay: $12/hour

A barista makes anywhere from $10-12 per hour, along with tips. Experience in the food and beverage industry is preferred, along with a high school diploma.

Cab driver

Pay: $12/hour

If you’re a fan of people, conversation, and driving, perhaps working part-time as a cab driver is for you. An average hourly salary of $12 plus tips is great for someone who enjoys transporting people from one place to another. You need to have a specific license according to your state and pass a drug and background test before you can begin driving anyone.

Private Tutor

Pay: $11/hour

Private tutoring is a good part-time job option for individuals who enjoy helping others learn. Private tutors are like a teacher and can make up to $11 an hour and all that’s necessary is a high school diploma and a college degree in the specified subject. If you need a flexible schedule, tutoring is one of the ideal flexjobs for you.

House Sitter

Pay: $11/hour

This is perhaps one of the easiest part-time jobs that pay well because you’re most likely not going to do a lot of job duties. As a house sitter, you’ll keep watch of the house to make sure that it’s safe. There are times that you may need to schedule repairs and maintenance works, but most of the time, you’ll just keep an eye on the house while the owner is away.


Pay: $10/hour

Along with serving, bartending is another high-paying part-time job. Customers typically tip their bartenders, but the average hourly wage is $10. No formal education is required as on-site training will be given. The age requirement to work as a bartender differs by state, so make sure to check your state’s requirements before applying.

Valet Driver or Parking Attendant

Pay: $10/hour

Another easy high-paying part-time job regarding driving is the work of valet driving. Valet drivers are most often found employed in casinos and hotels and can earn an average of $10 an hour plus tips. A drug test and criminal background check are usually required, along with a valid driver’s license and a spotless driving record.

FAQs on High-Paying Part-Time Jobs

1. What job pays over $20 an hour?

Some jobs that pay more than $20 an hour include affiliate marketing, content writing, software development, graphic design, and social media management.

2. What are the easiest jobs but pay a lot?

Some of the easy part-time jobs that still pay a lot are house sitting, pet sitting, data entry, and tutoring.

3. What jobs make a lot of money with little education?

Several part-time jobs don’t require that you have a diploma or bachelor’s degree. Most of them only need that you have the skills, which you can learn on your own. These include graphic design, social media management, content writing, and brand ambassadorship.


Part-time jobs are a good source of extra income. Whether you’re a student or a full-time employee, you can find part-time jobs that pay well. Aside from high part-time jobs salary, a lot of the good places to work part-time offer work-from-home setup and flexible hours, so you don’t have to report onsite and be tied up at a specific time of the day.