UPDATED: April 20, 2022

Getting an education is one of the first steps toward personal development and societal advancement. The average tuition fee for a public in-state college is $10,388, public out-of-state college $22,698 and private colleges average close to $38,000 per annum. Paying for tuition and financing daily needs at the same time can be hard as a student, especially when you alone are solely responsible for sponsoring yourself through college. To meet up, a lot of students take loans or work their bottoms off to save up before heading for college. But do you know you can earn money even while you're a college student still chasing that degree?

Every student needs some extra cash at hand. There are loads of expenses and bills that need to be covered from light bills to water, phone and TV service subscriptions, books, and food. As a college student, you do not need to live frugally or run yourself into debt. Taking up any of these roles as a college student you are well on your way to earning good cash.

Ways you can make money as A Student

Online tutorials

As a college student who also wants to earn money while still learning you can sign up for online tutoring services on platforms that will match you with potential clients who are willing to pay for your services as a tutor. You can teach what you currently are studying in the college or other topics you enjoy and are very good at. This can be done from the comfort of your bedroom.

Sign up for Uber or Lyft

One of the easiest ways to make money as a college student is to become a driver-partner of Uber, Lyft, or even both of them depending on what works for you. This is the easiest way to make money in college because you get paid per trip for as many trips as you make a day. This is a good daily earner for college students that own or can get a car.

Work as a Campus Guide

At some point, every student had either gotten lost during their first days on university grounds or been too shy to ask for directions. Thinking of that now makes you cringe but it's also a side hustle that can be explored. This is an easy way to earn cash as a student in college. One trick to this is to make yourself available on weekends when alumni and parents of freshmen come to look around and you're sure to make lots of extra money from tips.

Take surveys

There are tons of surveys online that you could take to earn extra money while pursuing your degree. Companies carrying out these surveys usually do so to gather data which they use to analyze their company productivity or the needs of their consumers. They pay you money to give your honest opinions about certain issues. Although surveys are not usually high-paying, taking more surveys gives you a bigger balance.


Looking for ways to earn money in college? Try babysitting. Living in an academic setting, you get to meet a lot of people within the college community who are usually busy, ask a friend or neighbor if they need the services of a babysitter while they take the night out or have a quick trip out of town. Babysitting charge is usually around $20/hr. If you do this often, you'll earn enough money to get by as a student and even save some.

Managing Your Work-Study Schedule

As a college student trying to make extra money, balancing education and work might be difficult. Sometimes you miss a class, skip extra-curricular activities like sports, or can't meet up deadlines for important assignments which contribute to your CA. Easily, EduBirdie will make sure you are straight in that regard and that your assignments are written and submitted before the deadline. Map your schedule accordingly with reminders and to-do apps, and draft out your working hours to go smoothly in hand with your leisure and studies. Whatever you do, be sure that while you earn money you're on track to get that degree.


There are a lot more you can do as a student aside from the ways to earn money in college we already listed above. Virtual assistance is a thing now, create a YouTube channel and monetize, learn a skill, sign up on freelance platforms, take up gigs in translation, transcription, data-entry.

By doing this, you'll graduate debt-free and can save enough to start your own business or at least something to give you a head start as a fresh college graduate.