How to Get Discounts for Almost Everything

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Recent research has shown that nearly half of all people in the United States have less than $400 saved up, while 12% of the country has absolutely no savings at all. This can be a problem should they lose their job or receive an unexpected bill like a parking fine or repairs after their car broke down. 

For these people, being able to save a little extra cash each month could make a massive difference to their financial well-being. One way that they can do this is to find ways to cut down on how much they spend on every day (and not-so-everyday) items that they buy.

As a matter of fact, with a little bit of work, it’s actually possible to get a discount for just about everything you spend money on. Here’s how. 

Compare Prices

The first step to getting a discount on the things you buy is to compare the prices offered by different companies. You can do this for almost everything from car insurance to cat food and you don’t even need to get up from your sofa to do it. 

There are dozens of different comparison sites that you can use. For financial products, Moneysupermarket, Go Compare, and Compare the Market are all good options; while you can compare physical products through services like Google Shopping, Kelkoo, and Price Runner. 

They work in a similar way to search engines, but you will need to enter a little more information than just a couple of keywords. 

From Car Parts to Casinos: Find Discounts, Vouchers, and Coupons

Once you’ve found the company offering the best price, you can look for ways to bring it down even further. You may do this with coupons or vouchers or other special discounts being offered by the company. 

You can find vouchers and coupons online for both online and physical retailers. For e-commerce sites, you’ll typically be given a coupon code to enter at the checkout, while you’ll usually need to print out a voucher for brick and mortar outlets. 

You’d be surprised at just how frequently you can find discounts. For example, new customers to can receive a welcome package that includes free spins and a deposit match bonus; while customers of Europe Car Parts can find discount codes of up to 50% off online. 

1. Barter

In some cultures, bartering is an expected part of everyday commerce, while in others we shy away from it. But the reality is, there are actually many places you can still negotiate the price down, even in high street and chain stores. 

It usually works best when you’re buying big-ticket items like cars, furniture, and electrical items, so don’t expect to barter the price down for your groceries in the local supermarket. 

To be successful in bartering, try to use facts like “I’ve found this lower price elsewhere” rather than the tired line of “but I’ve been a customer here for X years”. Chances are, the sales assistant won’t care about the latter. 

2. Get Cashback

We’re still not done in bringing the price down. The next step is to get cashback on your purchases. Cashback is essentially a rebate on the money you have spent and it may be paid to you in the form of a bank transfer, rewards points, or a credit against your credit card bill.

There are two main ways to earn cashback. The first is through websites that are aptly named “cashback sites”. These work by working with selected retailers to offer an incentive for people to shop through them. The retailer will pay the cashback site a commission on the sale and you will receive a cut of this. These rates are usually higher than option two, but you’re more restricted on where you can earn. 

The second is to take out a credit card that pays cashback or rewards points. The rates are usually lower, but you can earn cashback just about everywhere. Just remember to pay your bill on time to avoid interest.

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