UPDATED: October 13, 2022

You want to make $20 right now? Easy. Let’s make it $100? Manageable. How about one thousand dollars? Hmmm… did you just pause right there? Well, it’s still not impossible! 

Whether you need the money to pay off your bills, to cover an emergency, or maybe you just want to hustle for extra cash, there are several ways on how to make $1,000 fast without getting a payday loan, borrowing from friends or breaking the law. 

If time is of the essence and you are desperate to know how to make a quick $1,000, there are some ideas you can explore. You don’t even need to go out of the house to make $1,000. If you prefer to work from home, you can still make $1,000 dollars fast online just by having a computer and internet connection. 

If you’re looking for ways on how to make a quick $1,000, check out these suggestions that you could try out. 

1. Hold an Online Garage Sale 

The quickest way to get that $1,000 dollars in your pocket (or bank account) is to focus on selling high value items like luxury goods, electronics, large furniture, and appliances. Selling four electronic items at $250 each or two large furniture at $500 each will easily get you to that $1,000 total. Start by posting your items on your personal Facebook page and joining Facebook Groups in your local area. 

2. Build and Sell Furniture 

This idea is for people who know how to work that power drill and do basic woodwork. There’s always a market for handmade furniture and it can make you a lot of profit. For example, a $2,000 dining table could be made for less than $200! Even if you sell it at a lower price, you can make a nice profit. If your skills are not advanced enough to make a large piece of furniture, you can make small wood pieces like wine racks and bathtub trays that sell for $50 and above on Etsy

3. Look for Cashback Offers and Referral Programs 

Only spend money on companies that will give you some money back. Check out the cashback offers and referral programs available on apps, credit cards, services and other stores. This is an easy way to get 5% to 20% of your purchases back or get instant cash when you refer someone else. 

4. Be a Hand Model 

Got nice hands? Get paid $1,000 a day for TV work and even up to $5,000 for print campaigns. You’d have to find a modeling agency to represent your hands to get these gigs. 

5. Sell Your Hair

Is your hair too long that it reaches your waist, say around 30 inches? Depending on how smooth and beautiful it is, you could probably sell it for around $1,000! But don’t cut it all off until you find a legit buyer! Check out Buy And Sell Hair for this gig. 

6. Be a Baby Momma (or Daddy)  

Donating your eggs and your sperm can earn you a tidy sum. Women who have healthy reproductive systems can donate their eggs for money. First time egg donors are typically paid around  $10,000. Men, on the other hand only get paid $70 per visit to a sperm bank so it will take around 14 visits before getting that $1,000. Search for local egg and sperm donation banks near your area. 

7. Rent Your Lawn as an Event Space

If your house has a beautiful garden, a large lawn, or a swimming pool, consider renting your space for small events and gatherings. Event spaces typically cost around $500 dollars for 3 hours depending on how large your space is. Back-to-back events in one weekend could earn you that $1,000 fast. Take some nice photos and list your property on Facebook Groups to promote it. 

8. Host a Motion Picture Filming in Your House

If you live in a film-friendly city like California, New York, or Toronto, then you could rent out your entire house to become the next star of a blockbuster film. You can make a minimum of $1,000 and up to $4,000 per day.  If you live near Hollywood, read this info on how to host a filming

9. Resell Limited Edition Sneakers

Reselling sneakers is a popular side hustle for many shoe lovers. As long as you are patient and persistent in hunting down limited edition pairs, you can make money. The most sought after sneakers typically cost just around $200 or less but the resale value usually goes up over $1,000 because of the high demand not only in the U.S. but in the global market. 

10. Promote a Product on Instagram

If you have thousands of followers on Instagram, you can turn that into a thousand dollars. Reach out to companies to advertise their products. Social media influencers with 25,000 to 50,000 followers reportedly charge $800- $1,500 per post. If you have more followers, you can get paid more! 

11. Do Voiceovers 

Do you have a deep, resonant, or memorable voice? Try selling voice over services on Fiverr starting at $5 for 150 words. While you need 200 orders to get to $1,000, this is still fast because the duration of speaking 150 words is only 1 minute. Even if you do three takes and practice, it should only take you less than 15 minutes to record and deliver the file. Tip: charge extra for longer scripts, cleaning up breaths, and adding background music. 

12. Teach School Kids Virtually 

Virtual tutors can earn around $30 per hour for basic subjects and even double that amount for advanced subjects. With more parents homeschooling their kids, you can easily make $1,000 if you tutor multiple kids a day. You can go to Thumbtack to list what subjects you can teach! 

13. Have English Conversations with People Around the World 

Earn at least $10 an hour just by having conversations with non-native English speakers wanting to practice their English. If you work 8 hours a day doing this, you can get to that $1,000 in less than two weeks. 

14. Flip Thrift Store Items and Sell Them Online 

Hunt down designer labels, collectibles, and antiques from thrift stores, take an amazing photo, and sell it for a nice profit online. Again, you need to focus on luxury labels and things that are typically expensive when sold brand new. If you sell 20 items at $50 margin, then you get $1,000. Best places to sell these items are Facebook, LetGo, and Poshmark

15. Build a Website for Non-Techie Businesses 

If you have decent drag and drop computer skills, it will be easy for you to learn how to create a free Wordpress or Wix website from a template. However, many older business owners have zero tech skills. Find five small businesses near you that do not have a presence online. These are usually small laundry companies, grocery stores, and restaurants. Charge $200 to make them a basic website and extra for domain names and hosting. 

16. Zoom Webinar 

If you’re an expert on something, hold an online one-time only webinar via Zoom. It can be about your career expertise, your talent, your hobby, or even an inspirational life coaching session. If you charge $100 per slot, having only 10 attendees will get you $1,000. Find clients on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. 

17. Make a Udemy Video Course

Just like the webinar example, creating a Udemy video course using what you already know is another way to make money. You can price the course higher like $250 so even if only four people buy, you’ll get to your goal amount. Alternatively, pricing it at $20 means it will be easier for you to convince 50 of your friends and family to buy! 

18. Test Websites and Apps. 

You can earn $10 per 10-20 minute session testing websites and apps. If you sign up at multiple testing websites like TryMyUI, PingPong, and UserTesting, you’ll have more chances of getting job requests. Doing 10 tests a day can get you that $1,000 in 10 days. There is also an app called Test IO that will pay you per bug that you discover on their app. 

19. Participate in Focus Group Studies

If you like talking and sharing your opinion, then this might be the gig for you. Try signing up at Respondent.io to get paid an average of $140 per hour to take part in focus group studies and surveys. Seven sessions could get you that $1,000.  

20. Be a Virtual Assistant 

Many companies are looking for temporary virtual assistants who can assist them when they have a high volume of tasks. If you check Remote.co and Ziprecruiter, you can apply for jobs and earn around $15 to $30 per hour working as a virtual assistant. If you’re already good in administrative work, charge $30 and earn that $1,000 in less than a week. 

21. Rent Out Your Spare Room

Renting out your spare room is one of the easiest ways on how to make $1,000 fast. If you have an extra room or rooms in your house, clean them up and let them make money for you. Target people looking for short-term rentals in AirBnB or Zilok so you can charge more. 

22. Create and Sell Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is art so as long as you’re artistic, you can make money selling unique pieces on Etsy and Instagram using beads and inexpensive materials. Put a profit of around $20 to $50 per unique piece and have a target to sell 20 to 50 pieces. 

23. Offer Music Lessons 

Put your guitar, piano, violin or singing skills to good use by offering basic music lessons to kids. You can charge between $15 to $30 dollars per student for a 30-minute lesson. You must have at least 3 students a day to earn $1,000 in two weeks. 

24. Teach Kids to Dance Remotely

With the popularity of TikTok, kids are getting more interested in dancing. Just like music lessons, you can offer private dance lessons remotely to kids. Remote dance lessons advertised on Thumbtack start at $25 per session but if your dance skills are on a professional level, you can charge up to $00. 

25. Offer Premium Car Wash 

Every kid can offer to do a car wash so stand out by offering a premium mobile car wash service that includes exterior washing, polishing, tire cleaning, interior vacuuming and cleaning. You can charge $30 to $40 per car. 

26. Freelance as A Delivery Driver 

You can freelance as a delivery driver for Amazon or Postmates and earn $25 per hour plus tips. You can earn $1,000 in one to two weeks depending on how much hours you work.

27. Clean Houses 

As an independent cleaner, you can get paid $120 to $150 per visit cleaning houses. If you clean 10 houses, you can earn that $1,000 fast. You can start with family, friends, and your neighborhood but you can also list your services on local community bulletin boards or on Gentask and Thumbtack

28. Shop Groceries for Others 

Get paid $15 to $25 an hour shopping for groceries and delivering them. You can sign up with Instacart or do this independently. 

29. Look for High Paying Gigs 

Sign-up for Gigwalk and hunt down high paying gigs. Gigs are normally priced at $5 to $100 dollars. If you’re not successful with high-paying gigs, try booking back to back gigs in a day in other platforms like FieldAgent, Taskrabbit, and EasyShift

30. Be a Dog Walker

If you have a dog and you walk it everyday, you might as well use that time to earn money by walking other dogs in your neighborhood. A 30-minute walk can earn you $15 to $30 per dog. If you walk 3 dogs in the morning and 3 dogs at night, you can earn your target in less than two weeks. This also works even if you don’t have a dog as long as you’re not scared of them! 

31. Board Pets Overnight

This takes a bit more commitment than walking dogs but you can get paid more. You can get paid up $40 to $75 dollars for overnight pet sitting. If you board 2 to 3 pets, this can be a lucrative side gig for you. Facebook and Thumbtack are great sites to list your services. 

32. House Sitting 

As a house sitter, you can charge $25 to $45 per day. That may not seem a lot but if you factor in the money you’ll save from your own rent, then this is a good deal. Look for long-term house sitting gigs that last a week or two then book them back to back. You can go to Housesitter.com to list yourself as a house sitter. 

Want to make $1,000 fast? 

If you don’t have a 9 to 5 job, making $1,000 dollars in a week may seem tough but it’s definitely possible. While some of these methods take a bit longer and pay lower, the money will soon add up in just a week or two. 

There are certainly fast ways to make $1,000 dollars depending on what you already have, your skills, and your determination. Making money is not always easy so having these ideas can hopefully help you jump-start the process.