UPDATED: June 09, 2022

Looking to make some extra cash this summer but don't want to pick up a time-consuming second job? What if you could make money from the comfort of your home? 

That's right! Thanks to the World Wide Web, it's easier than ever to pick up side gigs that earn you money without ever leaving your house. Here are several ways you can make money from home this summer:

Complete Paid Surveys

Completing online surveys is one of the easiest ways to make a little extra cash from home. In fact, most paid survey companies offer questionnaires on a variety of topics. Advertising effectiveness, brand recognition, and opinions about products and services are all common topics. Typically, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete a survey. 

Depending on the company, once you've completed your survey, you will receive cash, gift cards, or points that can be redeemed for cash, prizes, or gift cards. The payout differs per survey, but participants can expect to make 40 to 200 points per survey using a site like Swagbucks. One hundred Swagbucks points are equivalent to one dollar. 

Sell Products on Etsy

If you're a talented creator, you could earn money selling handmade products on Etsy. Whether you sew clothes, knit blankets, create jewelry, make custom wooden furniture, paint one-of-a-kind masterpieces, or design beautiful party invitations, there's a market for you on Etsy. Creating a business profile on Etsy allows you the freedom to choose when you work, how many products you sell, and the price you charge. Now that's entrepreneurship!

Become a Virtual Assistant

Nearly every working professional believes they could benefit from a little help from an assistant. If you're a master at organization and have stellar communication skills, becoming a virtual assistant may be a great opportunity to earn extra income throughout the summer. 

The average pay for a virtual assistant is more than $21 per hour, according to Indeed.com. Of course, this figure differs depending on the time commitment, your experience, and the pay scale of the person hiring. Virtual assistant jobs can be found on sites like VANetworking.com, Upwork.com, or Indeed.com.

Monetize Your Social Media Accounts

Do you find yourself on social media a lot? Have you acquired an impressive number of followers? Then why not turn your social media accounts into business opportunities? Depending on the type of content you post and what you're passionate about, you could reach out to businesses with related interests in an effort to monetize your accounts

What do we mean? Some companies will pay you or partner with you in order to have their product or service put in front of your followers. You might offer a review for a certain product or service, post sponsored content on your account, or provide an exclusive discount code only your followers have access to. 

This one requires a little more work to get started, but once you've acquired a few interested businesses, the job gets that much easier.

Provide Consultant Work

Do you consider yourself a marketing guru? Are you a whiz with certain tech platforms such as Salesforce? Could you write code in your sleep? If so, put those skills to good use by becoming a sought-after consultant. The secret to becoming a successful consultant is getting your name out there. This may require you to attend some networking events or trade shows, but you can also find opportunities via online forums or job boards. Websites like flexjobs.com and consulting.us are great places to find consulting opportunities.

Make Extra Money Doing Something You Love

Of course, there are countless more money-making opportunities you can do from home. This is just a small sampling of the side gigs you could pick up to make some extra cash this summer. However, no matter what you choose, let it be something you love and are passionate about.