How To Upgrade Your Bedroom On A Budget

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If you are living on a tight budget, but you are tired of the way that your bedroom looks, then there are many ways that you can update it without spending a lot of money. In some cases, all you will need is some simple supplies from the dollar store. In other cases, the local thrift store will be your best friend. Consider these ideas for updating the look of your bedroom on a budget.

Create a Luxurious Bed

The first thing that you need to do is focus on the bed. After all, you go into your bedroom to sleep on it. A great way to update it without spending a lot is to focus on setting the bed apart from the rest of the room. Start by putting a textured area rug under it. Then, add some smaller area rugs of a different texture where you and your bed partner’s feet will hit them first thing in the morning. Add more texture to your bed by choosing textured throws, like an animal skin, on the end. You can add even more texture by adding throw pillows to your bed. It is easy to make them at home with scraps of fabric from old men’s shirts and women’s blouses.

Add Lighting

A great way to update the look of your bedroom without spending a lot is to add unique lighting to space. Your bedroom will benefit from three different types of lighting. Start by choosing an overhead light that you love. A chandelier is often a great choice. Then, add lighting to the wall using scones or hurricane lamps, depending on your personal preferences. Complete the process by adding reading lamps and task lights where needed.

Select the Right Furniture

A trip to the thrift store often yields excellent furniture for your bedroom. You should feel free to miss and match furniture styles, as long as you keep some basic ideas in mind. Since your bed is likely to be the most significant item in your bedroom, make sure that it is from the period that you love the most. Then, increase your love for it by adding a great hybrid mattress

Then, choose another piece in the room that shares at least one characteristic with your bed. It can be from the same furniture period, have the same colors or has some other distinguishing factor that makes it like your bed. Group similar items together, but they do not have to match precisely. For example, if you use one 1950s-style mahogany nightstand on one side of the bed, then you should place either a 1950s-style nightstand or a mahogany nightstand on the other side, but the nightstand does not have to meet both requirements.


Following these simple tips will allow you to create a bedroom that you love. You will enjoy spending your nights there, and you will want to show the space to all your friends. You will also find yourself more motivated to keep it clean.

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