UPDATED: October 26, 2022

Our hobbies keep us going, especially when we spend most of our time trying to make a living. We have to make time for our interests and passions. Some bake, some paint, and others take up photography. 

You may be one of those who enjoy taking photographs of events and memories, even with your smartphones. There’s something magical about being able to capture a moment, and if there’s a way, you’d want to take photography as your career.

It may sound too good to reach, so you’re stuck making ends meet with your current salary. But what if we told you that there’s a way to get paid for your photos?

ClickASnap is the perfect platform for you, as it blends your passion with your desire to make extra income. It’s the place to jumpstart your photography side hustle, but there’s so much to learn before jumping in. You wouldn’t want to spend your time selling shot after shot only to not get paid. 

To help you out, we looked into how ClickASnap works by checking out official sources, trusted reviews from independent sites, and of course, sentiments from actual ClickASnap users. 

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know before investing in the photography site:

How does ClickASnap work?

Founded in 2016 by Tom Oswald, ClickASnap is a platform that allows amateur and professional photographers to make money while doing what they love the most—taking photos! 

According to their website, the photo-sharing site now has over 1 million photographers and 44 million viewers.

With such good numbers, the site assures that everyone willing to sell their photos can indeed earn a passive income source, especially since it values communication and authenticity. In other words, the company knows that creators are at the heart of the program. 

Photographers can keep their image rights and earn money thanks to the platform's huge audience. It also boasts of a user-friendly system, where creators can upload their images seamlessly onto the platform and begin as soon as possible.

Who can join ClickASnap?

Can you use ClickASnap in the United States? Absolutely! ClickASnap is open to all nationalities worldwide, making it highly accessible. 

You can sign up as a member regardless of your location, but you need to be at least 18 years old. 

Thankfully, registration is easy. You just have to complete the sign-up form, but you’ll also have the option to use your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account. 

Once done, you can now log in to the site and verify your profile. From there, you can start uploading photos and garner viewers to begin earning. 

Is ClickASnap free? Signing up for the platform and uploading photos is free, but unfortunately, you have to pay if you want to earn.

How do you make money on ClickASnap?

Many of us wonder if ClickASnap is legit, turning to Reddit and other online forums for answers. Thankfully, it is not a scam, and it actually pays out.

ClickASnap seems straightforward enough—upload a photo to sell, and you’re done. It’s easy to upload your work, but uploading is different from selling! Here’s how the two methods work:

1. Upload your photos and earn from views

ClickASnap requires you to upload only original photos, meaning that you can’t use screenshots or stock photos. You also cannot use graphics you’ve created—only photos captured using a camera. 

To earn by uploading, you need to first upgrade your membership level to a “paid” membership. You need to upgrade your subscription, essentially, which also makes your site ad-free. 

So, how much is ClickASnap per month? You’ll need to pay at least $2.53 monthly to get paid for views and $5.06 to sell your photos as products.

Once you subscribe, you can begin earning 0.70 cents or $0.007 for every view. However, keep in mind that users must view your photo for a minimum of 5 seconds before the site counts it as a paid view. 

Every photograph uploaded on your account comes with a corresponding view tracker, meaning that it’ll keep counting so long as it’s uploaded. 

This option costs money, however, so you will need to build a following to ensure you get enough views to earn passively. 

2. Sell your photos 

If pay-per-views aren’t your thing, you can always sell your photos provided that you remain subscribed to their paid version. The pictures you’ve uploaded will appear on the ClickASnap marketplace and be available to potential buyers. 

If they’re interested in your work, they can simply purchase it from the site—you can set arrangements via ClickASnap, including printing and mailing. Users will have access to both digital and physical copies of your photo.

The best part about this option is that you can set the price for the photos you wish to sell. You can also keep most of the earnings, as ClickASnap only asks for 4% of the total cost to cover service fees, including printing and mailing.

How much money can you make on ClickASnap?

The best way to tell how much money you can make is through your followers and the prices you set on each photo. ClickASnap can be likened to social media sites because you need to build your image to earn from the views. 

As previously mentioned, you can earn 0.70 cents or $0.007 for every view, which we think is rather small. The minimum payout is $15, so you need to get at least 2,143 views before you can cash out. 

If this isn’t right for you, you can always opt to sell your photos. You can set the prices, but make sure to price right—your numbers always need to be enticing to your audiences.

How do you get paid on ClickASnap?

The amount you earn from views and photos you sell goes straight to your ClickASnap account balance. Once you reach the $15 minimum payout, you can withdraw your ClickASnap earnings via PayPal. 

They don’t offer any other payment method, but PayPal remains a convenient choice for many of us, especially freelancers and passive income earners. 

Is there a mobile app for ClickASnap?

ClickASnap doesn’t have a mobile app, but their site is mobile-device friendly. You can access the platform via your mobile web browser, which allows you to upload, explore, and sell even high-quality photos straight from your mobile device. 

What are the pros and cons of ClickASnap?

ClickASnap sounds promising so far, but it’s important to remain curious and skeptical. After all, you’ll be selling photographs you’ve grown to love, done from something you enjoy doing. 

That said, here’s a quick rundown of the platform's pros and cons:

Pros of ClickASnap

  • Site is user-friendly and mobile-optimized
  • Available and accessible to creators worldwide
  • PayPal serves as the main mode of payment
  • Membership sign-up is easy and convenient

Cons of ClickASnap

  • Can be difficult to build a following and gain views
  • You need to pay for a paid subscription to earn

Tips for increasing your ClickASnap income

A paid subscription can seem like a dealbreaker, but here’s how to get more views on ClickASnap and maximize your investment:

  1. Social media remains to be the best and biggest traffic driver. Continuously build your portfolio outside of ClickASnap, so head to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Put yourself out there!
  1. When posting on social media accounts, always post your ClickASnap link in the captions.
  1. Engage with your audiences, so make sure to reply to comments on your photos. 
  1. If you have extra money to spare, you can Create Ads inside ClickASnap via paid traffic. To learn about the costs and how it works, check out this YouTube video.

ClickASnap reviews and complaints

On TrustPilot, ClickASnap has a rating of 4.1 over 5, and many consider it a great platform where users like us can earn from photography. Many people love how you can earn from views and share your photographs with the world. 

Still, numerous users complain about some aspects of the platform, such as:

  • Views and earnings not being in sync
  • Various bugs on their website
  • Customer support may be slow to act
  • Verification issues

The website is reliable nonetheless and delivers what it says. However, you’ll have to stay active to generate a good amount of money.

Other ways to earn online with photography

Since you need to pay to earn using ClickASnap, it might not be for everyone. So, we’ve gathered ClickASnap alternatives for you to earn online using your photos:

  • Adobe Stock: Formerly known as Fotolia, Adobe Stock is a well-known stock photo marketplace that allows you to sell photos. It’s been around for over a decade now and has become a household name for all things photography. 
  • Crestock: For a truly passive way of earning extra income, Crestock allows you to create a free account and simply upload your photographs. The Crestock team will be in charge of evaluating your photos, and once done, you’ll be free to sell to customers. You can add keywords and captions for each, which allows you to gain more views. 
  • Etsy: Although the platform is known for selling handmade consumer goods, Etsy also provides photographers an avenue to sell their photos. With over 30 million users, you’ll definitely have the room to sell not only digital images but prints!

Verdict: Is ClickASnap legit?

The short answer is yes, but there are certain hindrances. For one, you need to pay for a monthly subscription to enjoy a passive income stream. However, they do pay—and photographers thrive on the platform.

Whether through increasing views or selling your photos, there’s a place for photographers in the ClickASnap platform.