UPDATED: May 12, 2022

Although your 9-to-5 job pays well, you loathe the daily commute, fixed hours, limited leaves, and toxic work environment that come with it. You probably can’t even take time off from your hectic schedule.

For these reasons, you started looking into legitimate online freelancing opportunities. You’ve heard multiple success stories about freelancers making six digits working less than 40 hours a week.

During your research, you came across ClickEarners. The platform claims to have several resources for making money as a virtual assistant. It even has a job board.

You consider signing up, but the site charges a sign-up fee upfront. Although you can spare a few bucks for the registration, you feel hesitant because of the multiple negative ClickEarners reviews online.

But don’t worry—we can help you reach an informed decision. ClickEarners looks legitimate at first glance, but the user complaints seem alarming, so our team decided to look deeper into the platform.

This piece verifies whether or not ClickEarners is a scam. You’ll get a firm grasp of the platform as we objectively compare the red flags versus its advantages.

Stick with us until the end. Our comments and insights could save you from wasting your time and money on online scams.

Let’s start our unbiased ClickEarners review!

How ClickEarners works

Before we get into the disadvantages of ClickEarners, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and read through the features it promises. We’ll flesh them out later in the article. 

Based on the terms and conditions agreement on the ClickEarners website, it’s an informational product containing resources relevant to working as a virtual assistant. The platform claims to help aspiring freelancers jumpstart their careers.

Unlike other freelancing platforms, ClickEarners promises several additional features that should guide you through your first few freelancing gigs. Registered users should gain access to several how-to guides and courses.

It also gives you access to different freelancing social media groups. However, the platform doesn’t specify upfront whether it runs the groups or not.

According to the ClickEarners website, users will learn several skills that they can use while working as virtual assistants, including:

  • Administrative tasks and data entry
  • Customer service, sales, and marketing
  • Media management, typing and copywriting
  • Online researching
  • Product testing and secret shopping
  • Survey taking

ClickEarners founding history

Unfortunately, you won’t find much information about the founding of ClickEarners. The website has been running since 2017, but it never explicitly mentioned its founders, webmasters, or site administrators.

However, we know that its owners classify ClickEarners as an informational digital product under ClickBank. As such, the ClickEarners team abides by the ClickBank’s terms and conditions (i.e., refunds, data privacy).

Just don’t expect much support from ClickBank. Although it screens the products listed on its platform, its user agreement removes any liabilities from potential product scams.

Registering for a ClickEarners Account

ClickEarners has a relatively straightforward sign-up process. Enter your name and email address, wait for the website to confirm your authenticity, then answer a few simple questions.

Afterward, the site prompts you to its payments page. It says that you can get lifetime access for $74, while 12 months of access costs $34. 

At the time of writing, the site has a 50% off sale. ClickEarners almost always has an ongoing promo.

The whole process should only take a few seconds. The only reason it takes minutes is the site claims to “verify” your identity and “assess” whether its database can still accommodate users from your location.

You’ll also see a bunch of popups at the bottom-left of the screen saying someone recently purchased a ClickEarners account. Admittedly, however, they don’t look convincing. 

Information Collected

ClickEarners doesn’t collect much personal information right from the get-go. Apart from your email address and payment preferences, you’ll only have to answer a few futile questions about your so-called work ethics.

Despite the negative reviews about ClickEarners, not many users felt unsafe entering their online payment details. At the very least, you can rest assured that the site won’t hack your credit cards.

What ClickEarners does and what it doesn’t

Now that we’ve read through the features ClickEarners mentions on its site, it’s time to assess whether it lives up to its promises or not. 

Job Boards

The biggest misconception about ClickEarners is that it’s a freelance job board. Although it never explicitly mentions that it has job listings, it claims that users can start making money immediately upon registration. Hence, insinuating it has freelance job listings.

Again, ClickEarners serves as an informational product providing resources relevant to working as a virtual assistant. It will only connect you to freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. 

Moreover, you can’t hold ClickEarners liable if you don’t land a gig right away. Its user contract indicates that it doesn’t directly provide its users with gigs and jobs.


The sign-up page provides minimal information about the site’s resources. However, we found user reviews saying the ClickEarners members portal has PDF files explaining the basics of freelancing, virtual assistant tasks, and data entry. 

Whether you find these files helpful depends on your current understanding of online jobs. If you have zero knowledge about the concept of freelancing and have only heard about it now, you might find it helpful. Otherwise, the resources will appear redundant.

Moreover, you can find most of the information it shares online. Although ClickEarners compiled the most helpful basics, a quick Google and YouTube search will reveal the same stuff for free.

Social media groups

ClickEarners directs you to several freelancing groups and pages on Facebook. Admittedly, many of these communities provide value, and you’ll get the chance to interact with like-minded freelancers.

However, many of them aren’t limited to ClickEarners users. Although ClickEarners has a private group, you can quickly find and join the other listed communities it connects you to by searching them on Facebook.

Also, the ClickEarners group doesn’t provide much value. It only consists of newbies who also recently purchased a ClickEarners account; you won’t learn much from them.

Discounts and fees

Please don’t blindly believe the promos ClickEarners runs. They only use these to create urgency and pressure users into signing up prematurely. The site rarely charges full price.

Also, expect numerous promotional newsletters and spam emails after registration. Its sales team goes above and beyond to upsell clients.

You can only access upsells once you have an existing account, but our team read user reviews to uncover some offers, including:

  • Envelope Filing Starter Package: $47
  • Mystery Shopper and Secret Diner Starter Package: $37
  • VIP Success Coach Package: $15

Ongoing support

Going by the way ClickEarners promotes itself, you’d assume it offers ongoing support and guides users through their first gigs. Sadly, it doesn’t.

As an informational product, it has no obligation to ensure the success of its users. You’ll have access to its resources. However, you’re responsible for sorting through job listings, contacting prospective clients, and finishing deliverables.

Making Money on ClickEarners

Can you make money on ClickEarners? The short answer: yes.

One of the reasons we can’t call ClickEarners a scam is that it doesn’t necessarily rob people, and some users actually make money. One way or another, you’ll make money on the platform.

However, whether or not your earnings justify your efforts stands as another issue. Many users have expressed their dismay at the platform and how they never even got an ROI on their initial account membership fee.

This issue might not mean much for GPT apps like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. After all, users don’t expect much money from simple, robotic tasks like answering surveys, playing mobile games, or watching. 

But this isn’t the case with ClickEarners. The platform promotes freelancing, and most aspiring freelancers wish to make as much as they do at their 9-to-5 job.

Sadly, you can’t make more than a few bucks on the platform, much less a full-time income. If you search “is ClickEarners legit” on Reddit, you’ll notice that most users only made around $10 to $20 before hitting a plateau and quitting.

Again, ClickEarners users will make money. Just manage your expectations since the platform doesn’t pay users directly, but rather it connects them to clients who hire virtual assistants, data entry specialists, and copywriters.

Does ClickEarners post legitimate jobs?

As we mentioned above, ClickEarners is neither a job board nor an employer. You can’t expect the platform to provide you with a side gig, feature job listings, or show prospective client offers. It only connects you to freelance job sites.

Generally, the job sites that it connects you to are legitimate, but it doesn’t screen the listings or offers featured on them. Think of ClickEarners as a job listing aggregator.

Based on user reviews, the job offers available come from legitimate clients that guarantee payments. Some might even agree to down payments before the project begins.

However, its listings have industry-low payouts. Since ClickEarners doesn’t have its own job board, you’ll only get access to the leftovers of the freelancing platforms it connects users to.

Considering these issues, we don’t think users should push through with an application despite the platform’s legitimate job offers. You might not even get back your $70 membership fee until a couple of months later.

Instead, consider going straight to freelancing platforms themselves. That way, you’ll have first dibs on higher-paying offers from legitimate, professional clients accustomed to freelance orders.

ClickEarners red flags

After reading various official sources and independent users reviewing ClickEarners, here are the most alarming red flags we noticed:

Misleading ads

ClickEarners did many things wrong, but its misleading ads arguably stand as its worst red flag. The website outright tricks users with false features.

Its landing pages promise a full-on guide designed to help aspiring virtual assistants land their first clients. However, the site’s resources yield negligible benefits. 

Not only does ClickEarners aggregate job listings from other platforms, but its guides consist of basic principles and tips that are readily available online for free.

Upfront fees and upsells

Another significant turn-off is that ClickEarners has membership fees. Unlike other platforms, you’ll have to pay the membership fee regardless if you land a client on its platform or not.

Legitimate job boards don’t charge upfront. Instead, they take a small portion of your earnings every time you land a new project or client.

Promotional Newsletters

You can expect ClickEarners to spam your email address with promotional newsletters. You’ll get constantly bombarded with random upsells to their supposedly premium membership plans, which still won’t help you land clients.

Also, many users shared that they started getting spam emails from various brands and companies after signing up for ClickEarners. Please don’t click on any email that seems unusual. 

ClickEarners doesn’t specify whether it sells the email addresses it collects. However, considering its user agreement loaded with disclaimers, we won’t be surprised if it does.

Cheezy geo-targeting ads

Once you reach the ClickEarners websites, you’ll automatically see a prompt mentioning the site is looking for more virtual assistants from your specific locations. 

This feature is outright creepy. Apart from the fact that ClickEarners already monitors its applicants closely, geo-targeting pitches like these appear cheezy.

Aggregated job listings

ClickEarners doesn’t have its own job board. Instead of featuring exclusive listings from its users, it only aggregates leftover orders from other widely known platforms like Fiverr.

To make matters worse, you can register on these sites for free. Not only will you get better rates by going straight to the source, but you’ll also gain access to more earning opportunities.

Generic freelancing guides

ClickEarners claims to have extensive resources explaining freelancing and achieving success as a virtual assistant, but it doesn’t. Many users have expressed their dismay at the guide’s simplicity.

You won’t learn anything else apart from basic terminologies, hardly preparing you to work as an online assistant. We strongly suggest looking into other courses and guides.

Moreover, most of the information ClickEarners presents is available online for free.

Fake purchase reviews

You’ll see a small pop-up window at the bottom-left corner of the screen showing ClickEarners supposed sales. However, you’ll see that the pop-ups are fake.

Every marketing team exaggerates its brand’s sales, but creating fake reviews and sales to entice new customers seems sketchy. If anything, they just the brand’s image even more.

If you want to read more ClickEarners reviews, do your own research instead of relying on the platform’s on-page testimonials.

Does ClickEarners offer refunds?

Under the ClickBank terms and agreements, sellers can’t deprive their customers of refunds. Hence, the 60-day ClickEarners refund policy.

However, don’t blindly sign up for ClickEarners with the assumption that you can ask for refunds any time you want. 

Yes, the platform allows refunds. However, it reserves the right to reject unwarranted requests, and the team follows a stringent screening process. 

If you’ve already signed up for a ClickEarners account and wish to get a refund, you can improve your chances of approval by going straight to ClickBank. Just make sure to do so within 60 days of the purchase date.

  1. Head over to the ClickBank website and log in to your account if you have one.
  2. Click the Order Lookup button at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your order information. Make sure to include a brief yet concise statement explaining your refund request.
  4. Wait for a confirmation email. You should hear from the team within 24 hours of submitting a request—regardless if it’s a weekday or a weekend.

Top ClickEarners ​​alternatives for online workers

Although ClickEarners provides relatively helpful guides explaining freelancing basics and several legitimate job listings, you don’t have to pay for them. 

Losing $40 won’t make you go bankrupt. However, you can access even better resources for free on these platforms:


Although it’s easier to sign up for a ClickEarners account, creating a Fiverr account gives you the freedom to set your rates, customize your services, and screen prospective clients.

Unlike other platforms, Fiverr doesn’t have a job board. Instead, it lets freelancers create multiple listings of their services, which they can customize into different packages.

To maximize your earnings, offer specific, helpful services. For instance, instead of just offering content writing services, add more value by incorporating on-page SEO tactics.


Upwork stands as one of the most widely known and trusted freelancing platforms. It has 145,000 active core clients, all of which add up to $2.5 billion worth of transactions per annum. You’ll have access to thousands of freelancing opportunities. 

The Upwork platform follows a job board system wherein freelancers apply for the job listings they find interesting. You can increase your chances of landing projects by showcasing an impressive portfolio.


Content writers and copywriters will find dozens of paid writing opportunities on Pro Blogger. The site refreshes its listings daily.

Although the clients come from various industries, most of them require writers to have an excellent understanding of SEO, basic WordPress skills, and, of course, impeccable grammar.


Freelancer ranks among the first successful freelancing platforms. It launched in 2009, and it only grew stronger as the gig economy further strengthened.

Like Upwork, Freelancer features a job board. Search for the remote position that you wish to apply for, submit your application, and wait for your client to respond.

Nowadays, a significant portion of the Freelancer database consists of agencies. You can set yourself apart by emphasizing you’re an individual contractor who accomplishes deliverables themselves.


Many freelancing opportunities as full-time employment listings are on LinkedIn. Some headhunters might even reach out to you directly.

However, if you want to search online job listings yourself, type the position you’re gunning for on the site’s search bar and add the keyword “freelance.” 


freelance virtual assistant

freelance content writer

You can also join LinkedIn freelancing groups. The discussions are more formal and filtered, but you’ll still find several earning opportunities.

Facebook Groups

ClickEarners suggests several Facebook freelancing communities, which you can quickly search for yourself. You don’t need ClickEarners to tell you what groups to join.

Search keywords like freelancing, virtual assistant, or online jobs on Facebook’s search bar, toggle the Groups button, then go through the different results. 

You’ll find dozens of pages and groups focused on freelancing. Some groups only focus on sharing tips, while others serve as online job boards.

Final words and honest recommendations

It wouldn’t be fair to call ClickEarners a scam. After all, it provides users with relevant information about working as an online assistant, plus its listings contain a few legitimate opportunities.

Unfortunately, we still can’t recommend ClickEarners. Whether you’re looking for full-time employment jobs or side gigs, you shouldn’t pay for job listings. 

Remember: no legitimate job board charges its users. The only websites that do so often have ulterior motives, like promoting self-proclaimed “premium” courses or guides.

However, if you don’t mind losing a few bucks and want to go beyond ClickEarners reviews, it’s up to you to sign up for the platform.
Just manage your expectations. You won’t make a solid freelancing career from the available listings, and you can’t rely too much on the ClickEarners refund policy.