UPDATED: August 28, 2022

Building emergency funds and savings became more difficult due to the rising prices of goods.

So we understand if you want to try doing online tasks on EarningCash.co, an online platform that promises to pay its members.

We heard about the website too, but it seems like a scam. So, we tried the app ourselves to get firsthand experience. Then we dug into official EarningCash.co sources and independent sites. We also reviewed dozens of feedback from real users to gather insights.

Discover the biggest consideration before you sign up on the website, and don’t miss out on the red flags of a scam site.

What is EarningCash.co and what does it offer?

EarningCash.co is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that promises its users to earn money by completing microtasks. According to the website, you only need a smartphone or computer and an internet connection to sign up.

We also looked into their Terms and found that only 18 years old and above can register. Children aged 13 may also join with parental consent.

But when we searched about the company behind it, we couldn’t find any. There’s also no information about the start date of EarningCash.co.

So is EarningCash app legit?

We discovered that it’s a fake website. The site displays payment proofs, showing members can earn more than $1,000. However, such income is not normal for people who join GPT sites. In our previous reviews, you’re lucky enough if you can get $20.

It has the same business model as Social Rebel, a fake site we also reviewed. Like Social Rebel, EarningCash.co claims that you can earn thousands of dollars by doing microtasks.

How to make money on EarningCash.co?

The website requires you to register first before doing the so-called paid tasks. We provided our full name, username, and email when we registered.

After joining, EarningCash.co gave us a $50 bonus, which is usual for bogus websites. 

1. Complete surveys

You can access the questionnaires by choosing “Task Wall” from the menu and then scrolling down until you see “$50 Surveys & Apps.” The website gave us five surveys, each worth $50. So if it’s a legit app, you can already receive $250 by completing surveys.

But since it’s a bogus website, you’ll only waste time answering the surveys. Most legit apps we reviewed only pay almost $2 for every survey. 

What’s more, some questionnaires on EarningCash.co only require four questions, so they’re too good to be true.

The questionnaires also have exaggerated titles because they claim you can win a $200 voucher for answering. Surveys don’t usually have such titles because they aim to know more about the target audience or improve certain products.

2. Download apps

Choose “Apps” under the “Task Wall” to access other offers. EarningCash.co also gives $50 if you download an app.

When we tried the website, it only offered us one app. But it seems like we won’t actually install an app because the site redirected us to another survey entitled “Would You Make A Great Career Online And Become A Millionaire By 2022?”

It looks spammy and asks for the following information:

  • Gender
  • Age bracket
  • Annual income
  • Financial goals

When we finished answering the questionnaire, there was no mention of any app we were supposed to install.

Instead, the spammy website gave us another “profitable” offer, which has the same format as money scams.

3. Post on social media

You can click “Social Posts” on the top menu to access this section. EarningCash.co has different rules for each social media platform.

The website gives $40 for each post.


You must subscribe to their YouTube channel and create a video about EarningCash, how it works, how much you’ve earned, and what you love about it.

The website also provides the title and description. According to the website, this should be the title of your video: “EarningCash The LEGIT Way To Make Money Using Social Media.” After that, enter the link to the text box.

We think the website offers this earning opportunity to mislead people and make them believe that the company is legit.


You must like EarningCash.co’s Facebook page, then create a video with the contents we mentioned earlier. Once you’re finished, upload it to Facebook, then use the description provided by the company.

You can also create a Facebook post for $30.

This tactic helps EarningCash.co establish a seemingly legitimate online presence, but in reality, it’s a waste of your time.


You must follow EarningCash.co’s Instagram account, the post the message template that starts with: “💰 I just made $50.00 on EarningCash!! 💰 and YOU can too!”

The message even claims that the platform was featured on Forbes and Yahoo News. But we didn’t find any articles on the said news sites, claiming that EarningCash.co is a great way to earn money.


You must follow them on TikTok and create a short video about EarningCash.co. Once you upload it on Tiktok and enter the link, you’ll allegedly receive $50.

But these tactics of the company encourage you to become a part of their fraudulent activities.

4. Invite friends

EarningCash.co continues with its outrageous claims because, according to the website, you can get $2 for every person who clicks your link. So despite not joining, you can still earn $2.

When they join the website, you can earn an additional $40. Most legitimate sites we reviewed only give points and not direct cash for referrals.

Aside from such earnings, you can get 20% of your referrals' earnings from tasks.

How much money can you make?

Based on their website’s offers, here’s your possible income:

Answer surveys$250
Download apps$50
Post on social media$170
Refer friends$40

You can earn more than $510, but since EarningCash is a scam, this is just a promise. You won’t get any amount of money from the website.

How does EarningCash.co pay you?

EarningCash.co requires at least $50 in your account before it approves your cashout. You also need to follow these requirements:

  • Clicks – 25
  • Referrals – 5
  • Tasks – 6
  • Posts – 5

According to the website, it offers the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Bitcoin
  • Venmo
  • Mailed check

It also gives rewards, which you can access through the menu button. You can supposedly get the following items:

RewardPoints needed
$25 Amazon gift card3,000
$50 Visa gift card3,500
$100 Netflix gift card4,500
Apple Airpods5,000
iPad Pro10,000

We thought we had $50, but we discovered that the $50 turned into points when you claim rewards.

It means the website has unclear instructions regarding its conversion system. 

Red flags found on EarningCash.co

We’ll tell you the warning signs of EarningCash.co, so you’ll know how to recognize a scam.

  1. The website claims to give its members thousands of dollars. In reality, no GPT site can offer such an amount of money.
  2. We were given a $50 sign-up bonus, which didn’t happen whenever we registered at legitimate sites.
  3. The company rewards its members for posting on social media websites. It even prepared a message template with exaggerated claims. For example, EarningCash.co stated that Yahoo and Forbes mentioned it. But we didn't find any when we searched for the said articles.
  4. The surveys redirect to a spammy website, where you’ll be asked about personal information. Also, when we tried installing the app, EarningCash.co showed us another survey website.
  5. We looked into the EarningCash.co’s Privacy Policy and found out that it allows third-party companies to collect and use your personally identifiable information (PII), such as device ID, IP address, and home or electronic address. You need to consider your privacy before signing up on the website.
  6. There’s no information about the founder or even the team behind it. The people who created the website don’t want to associate themselves with EarningCash.co.

EarningCash.co reviews and complaints

Aside from fake testimonials, EarningCash.co also generates fake Trustpilot reviews, so be careful not to depend on them.

It has a 3.4 rating on Trustpilot, with 67% excellent reviews and 33% bad reviews. It’s uncommon for apps and websites to have comments on the extreme sides only. The poor reviews state that the site is a total scam. On the other hand, the positive reviews said to wait for the results.

When we searched on Reddit, we only found EarningCash.co’s message template, so it seems their marketing strategy’s working.

The company has established a seemingly legit online presence, so be meticulous when signing up for similar websites.

EarningCash.co alternatives

If you want to earn money on the internet, you can check out these legitimate GPT sites.

1. TimeBucks

You can earn cash by watching videos on TimeBucks. Based on our previous article, you can make $11 plus commissions when you complete surveys, visit other sites, click ads, and play online games.

The app offers several payment methods: Payeer, Airtm, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. But you must have at least $10 on your account.

2. Surveytime

You can withdraw your money instantly on Surveytime. Each survey pays $0.50 to $1, so you can make up to $4 if the website offers enough questionnaires.

Due to its instant payout, you don’t need to reach a minimum threshold or wait several days before getting your money.

3. ySense

ySense also offers several earning opportunities, such as playing online games, downloading apps, and answering surveys.

You can make almost $10 and withdraw your money via PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer.

Final verdict on EarningCash.co

EarningCash.co is a scam, so we don’t recommend the website. It also allows third-party sites to use and sell your private information. Although it has good reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit, it’s part of the company’s strategy to deceive people.

Instead, you can try other GPT sites: TimeBucks, Surveytime, and ySense.