UPDATED: September 11, 2022

Most of us need to make extra money, and the internet offers a lot of opportunities. The question now is, where do you start? 

You’ve probably heard or read stories about people who successfully earned extra cash doing microtasks, such as watching ads. But you also know that there are many sites offering rewards that aren’t worth your time and effort.

If you’ve heard about Gener8 and want to try it as a source of income, this article is for you.  We’ll explain how Gener8 works and how you can successfully earn cash from it.

We downloaded and installed Gener8 to learn how to use it. We also scoured the web, looked into reliable sources, and checked review sites for feedback from real users to gather insights. 

Continue reading to discover a unique tip that can help you make the most money from it. Don’t miss out on the opportunities to boost your earnings by using Gener8.

What is Gener8, and how does it help you earn cash?

Gener8 is an ads company that offers a browser extension. It was formerly known as Aghoco 1590 and was founded by Sam Jones in January 2018.

Gener8 browser extension works by blocking the ads that appear on the sites that you visit. Instead, it displays ads that are in line with your preference and stops other companies from tracking your internet activities.

In return, you earn points, which you can exchange later for rewards.

Gener8 is based in the U.K., but the browser extension is available in different parts of the world. Gener8 doesn’t have an app for Android or iOS devices.

When we installed Gener8, we discovered that we could choose between privacy mode and rewards mode.

When the browser extension is set to privacy mode, they can’t track you because it blocks their cookies.

When it’s set to rewards mode, the browser extension will share data with Gener8 and display ads to users. This will allow you to earn points, which you can redeem for vouchers, products, or even charity donations.

You can redeem your points for exclusive offers or merchandise on Gener8’s marketplace, to name a few. You can also choose from products like wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

What are the ways to make money on Gener8?

We discovered three different ways to make money on Gener8: using the browser extension, Gener8 tabs, and referral program.

1. Browser extension

The browser extension is the primary method of earning in Gener8. It works on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

We had to uninstall any ad blocker that we had on our computer before we installed the browser extension. 

The ad blocker will prevent the display of ads in your browser, so you need to remove it first.

You should configure the browser extension after installing it. Then, you can set your preferences so that Gener8 knows what ads you want to see.

When you visit a page, the browser extension will replace the ad on the page with one that’s in line with your preference. These replacement ads are from companies that partnered with Gener8, and that’s why you get paid for the ads you see through the browser extension.

If you no longer want to see ads from the browser, you just have to change the rewards mode on the extension to privacy mode.

If you visit other get-paid-to sites, make sure to turn off the reward mode on the Gener8 extension browser. It blocks ad tracking, which means you won’t earn rewards or cash when you’re on these sites if the Gener8 browser extension is turned on.

2. Gener8 tabs

We also tried the Gener8 Tabs and saw ad displays whenever we opened a new tab. It works well with the Gener8 browser extension.

3. Referral program

Another way to earn on Gener8 is to invite others to use the extension. Share your referral link to start earning extra points. You will earn 10 points for every referral that successfully installs and uses the extension.

Your referral earns 10 points, too. You and your referral can benefit from using the extension, which is a good enough reason to keep on inviting people to use the extension.

How much can you earn on Gener8?

You earn Gener8 points whenever you see an ad or open a tab after installing the browser extension. You can earn up to 15 points a day from ads and up to 25 chances to earn a reward when you use Gener8 tabs.

The points you earn will accumulate in your account until you’re able to redeem your rewards for gift cards and other exclusive offers. The rewards you can redeem will depend on what’s available in their Marketplace.

You can also redeem your rewards and donate them to charity groups.

Gener8 doesn’t offer cash rewards. Not only that, you can only earn 15 points a day, which means you have a limited earning opportunity.

How does Gener8 pay you?

Gener8 has no specific payout threshold. Each reward is worth a specific number of Gener8 points.

Accumulate enough points to get the reward you want. Some rewards require minimal points, while others have a higher point requirement.

Provide your phone number first before you can redeem a reward. Gener8 will send you a code that you need to key in to complete the redemption process.  

Gener8 has a decent catalog where you can redeem your points. For example, you need 150 points for a Netflix gift card and 100 points for an Amazon gift card. 

Always remember that the rewards you can redeem depend on what’s available in the marketplace. Furthermore, this may not be the best option if you’re looking for cash payouts.

How to get started on Gener8?

Registration is easy, but you need to be at least 18 years old. You can use your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account to sign up.

Another option is to use your email address. Once done, you have to install the Gener8 extension on your browser, either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or both.

We used our email address and Google Chrome during the registration process. It’s important to verify your email to get started.

After the installation, don’t forget to set up your preferences before you get started. As a thank you for installing the browser extension, we received a bonus of 10 points.

You can only use the Gener8 browser extension on your laptop or desktop.

Although it can’t be used on mobile devices, you can use the browser extension on multiple computers. All you need to do is log in to your account after installing it.

How to earn more on Gener8?

There are ways to help you earn more points faster when using Gener8.

Don’t forget to complete your reference after signing up with Gener8 and enjoy 10 additional points.

You can invite your friends to join you on Gener8 and get 50 points on your first referral and 10 points for every friend that you invite after that.

You’ll enjoy another 50 points when you leave Gener8 a review or make your first social share on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag @Gener8Ads and use the hashtag #Gener8.

You can reach your daily point limit faster if you open new tabs on Gener8 tabs.

What are the pros and cons of Gener8?

You need to know the pros and cons of using Gener8. It gives you an idea of what it has to offer and its limitations.


  • It’s available globally
  • It offers a passive way to earn extra cash


  • There’s a limit to your daily earnings
  • It doesn’t offer any cash rewards
  • Fewer ads are available in certain countries, which means fewer earnings.
  •  It offers poor support

You should consider these pros and cons to determine whether Gener8 is worth using or not.

Gener8 reviews and complaints

Gener8 has a 4.4 rating on Mozilla Firefox, 4 stars on Scamadviser, and 37 stars on Glassdoor.

Gener8 has a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot. About 75% rated it as excellent, 8% as great, 2% as average, 3% as poor, and 12% as bad.

Many of its users enjoy the app because it’s easy to use and a great way to earn vouchers just by surfing the web and doing their daily tasks. They’re also pleased that they can get prizes while blocking trackers while browsing the web.

Some are unsatisfied with Gener8. Some have problems claiming their gift cards. They also complained about the poor support whenever they encountered problems, such as getting their vouchers.

What are some better alternatives to Gener8?

Get-paid-to sites, such as Gener8, are common these days, and you’ll find free and legit apps and sites online. They help people earn extra cash while having fun.

Here are some alternatives to the Gener8 browser extension that are worth looking into. 

1. Qmee

Qmee offers a browser extension that rewards you every time you use it for your searches. It works well with Bing, Google, and other well-known search engines.

When you search the web using the browser extension, the results will be displayed in a sidebar. You’ll earn between $0.08 and $0.15 whenever you click on one of the sidebar results.

Your earnings are immediately credited into your account, and Qmee didn’t set any minimum cash-out threshold. You can claim your earnings in cash via PayPal or through gift cards.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is also a famous get-paid-to site that features several ways to earn. You can surf the internet, watch videos, take surveys, play games, and shop online. You can redeem your reward through gift cards or cash through PayPal.

Swagbucks has a browser extension that you can use to make internet searches. You can earn between 10 and 20 SBs for every 10 to 20 searches you do using the browser extension.

The browser extension also notifies you and provides quick links for new tasks, such as playing games and watching videos.

3. SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect offers an browser extension that gives you rewards in return for tracking your internet usage. It monitors the data concerning your internet connection and site speed and not what specific websites you’re visiting.

You can also use the browser extension to take surveys. You’ll even earn $5 a month just by keeping the browser extension installed on your mobile device or desktop computer.  


Gener8 is a safe and legitimate get-paid-to site that rewards you for installing and using its browser extension. It offers interesting features but it also comes with certain limitations.

Gener8 isn’t on top of the list if you’re looking for a lucrative option to make extra money through GPT sites. It has limited features and doesn’t offer cash rewards.

But if you don’t mind getting vouchers, gift cards, or tech products in exchange for the points that you’ve accumulated then, you may want to try Gener8 out. Besides, you can just continue with your regular browsing activities and allow Gener8 to display ads to earn points.