UPDATED: June 10, 2022

Looking for different ways to earn more money can be difficult, especially since most part-time jobs require you to commit the same amount of energy. With a full-time job already in our books, looking for other flexible income streams is the better option.

With prices hiking up and savings running low, most people turn to GPT (get-paid-to) sites that allow them to earn small amounts of money for completing simple tasks. People are currently talking about iRazoo, especially since it claims to be one of the most popular online reward portals in the market today. 

It’s definitely tempting to simply just join, but it’s also important to learn how to use iRazoo effectively and understand how it can become a consistent source of steady income. 

You won’t want the platform to take up too much of our time, much less waste it by realizing that it pays users poorly. 

To help you make well-informed decisions, we’ve conducted in-depth research and verified the details through official iRazoo sources. We’ve also looked into dozens of reviews from real users on independent sites, ensuring that you have everything you need before taking the plunge.

Is iRazoo a good choice? We’ve got the scoop for you here:

What is iRazoo?

iRazoo is a GPT platform that allows users to earn points for completed tasks. These include: 

  • taking surveys
  • completing offers
  • using the site to browse online
  • making referrals
  • watching videos 

The company behind iRazoo is New York-based, but the opportunity to earn is open to users worldwide. You can access it through an Android app that you can download and install on your mobile device, making it more accessible and convenient. 

Is it legit?

Based on the information available on the website, placed side by side with trusted reviews we’ve gathered, we can say that iRazoo is indeed a legitimate website. It can pay you for completing numerous tasks, making it a good sideline. 

You can also join iRazoo for free, and it doesn’t ask users to fill out scam surveys or promote fake products. However, the platform doesn’t come without any complaints—but we’ll discuss it later.

How does iRazoo work?

Unlike other paid survey platforms, iRazoo offers many different ways to earn. It can be challenging to keep track of which is which, but we’ve gathered the full picture below. 

Let’s go over what iRazoo can offer to help you decide if it’s the right platform for you:

  1. Access paid surveys 

Like most paid survey sites, iRazoo offers a huge collection of surveys, which you can access daily. However, it’s not actually a survey site itself—it only collects and compiles surveys from various partners. 

What does this mean? When you click on a survey, the site will redirect you to another site to answer the survey. You’ll receive payment via your iRazoo profile, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The only downside is that numerous other platforms also offer these surveys. There’s a little competition there, but iRazoo makes the task easy to accomplish—just don’t expect much in terms of rewards and points. 

  1. Complete tasks or offers 

iRazoo offers users the chance to complete tasks, which can be any of the following items:

  • Participate in competitions or contests
  • Download apps
  • Try out a certain product or service 
  • Download games or apps

These offers don’t come by often, but they can be rewarding if you choose the right tasks. The only thing you need to be wary of is the fine print, so examine the conditions with caution before completing any offers.

iRazoo sometimes offers tasks that ask you to be in contact with marketers and advertisers. If this isn’t something you want, read carefully before agreeing to anything. 

Tasks also come with a daily bonus feature, where you can gain extra points after completing a certain activity. 

  1. Watch videos 

Watching videos on the internet has likely become a normal part of your digital routine, but iRazoo rewards you for doing so. 

You can collect points for watching video advertisements on the site or app, and you can choose from various categories. Rewards are low for doing so, however, so make sure to pack a ton of patience. 

  1. Browse through the search engine

iRazoo allows users to earn by using its search engine. It’s Yahoo-based, and using it allows you to earn additional points, but other users report that the interface isn’t as user-friendly as it could be. 

Rewards can also be smaller than other point-earning opportunities, so any hassle brought on by the iRazoo search engine isn’t worth it. Per day, you can only earn anywhere between 1 and 25 points. 

  1. Play games 

If you’re big on online games like crossword puzzles, solitaire, and even bridge, iRazoo pays you by playing these games. However, this option is only available to certain countries, meaning that not all users have access. 

As of writing, only users from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada can access the game options.

  1. Use promo codes 

Apart from earning points, iRazoo also occasionally releases promo codes. You may use them to garner additional points. The platform usually posts these codes on its social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook only). 

Posting is regular, so make sure to follow them and wait for these codes. 

To successfully use a promo code, however, you need to be an active platform member. This means that in the past day, you must have:

  • Watched a video ad
  • Completed a task
  • Answered a survey

How much money can you make on iRazoo?

Unlike other GPT sites, iRazoo offers a plethora of opportunities to earn. The methods we’ve listed above are some of the most lucrative, but users report that it’s best to stick to the surveys and complete tasks for better rewards. 

Anything else on the list requires a significant amount of time, which can be a deal-breaker for many. The amount of money you can make on this platform won’t be able to replace your full-time income. 

How much are points worth on Irazoo?

According to users, a single point is equivalent to ~$0.0016. If you’ve accumulated 150 points, for instance, you can now earn 24 cents. This truly isn’t much, and you will need to spend a bit of time earning points to make a significant amount of money. 

You must garner up to 12,000 points, or an equivalent of $20, to be eligible for a PayPal cash out. To redeem gift cards, the app requires you to earn a minimum of 3,000 points. 

It’s also important to note that calculating exactly how much you can make can be difficult, as the points vary per survey or task. You’ll only know once you complete the item.

Do your points expire?

Unfortunately, yes. iRazoo resets accounts that haven’t answered surveys or completed offers for at least 60 days. If you haven’t done anything on your account for 60 days, the site will mark your account as inactive, and any points you might have earned will be forfeited. 

How does iRazoo pay you?

When you complete a task in iRazoo’s app or site, you will earn points. These points correspond to a certain amount in dollars, which you can exchange for prizes like cash or gift cards, depending on your preferences. 

For users living in the U.S. or Canada, you can redeem your points via PayPal or gift cards. Everywhere else, however, you can only have PayPal as the main payout method. 

What are the pros and cons of iRazoo?

Like all GPT apps, the iRazoo app has numerous benefits and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Pros of iRazoo 

  • The app is free to join and download
  • It has numerous ways of paying you, including PayPal
  • It has many opportunities for earning

Cons of iRazoo

  • Its point system may be unclear to many users
  • You’ll need to earn a lot of points if you want to cash out using PayPal
  • Depending on your country, you may have limited earning opportunities

What do users say about iRazoo?

Upon our research, iRazoo seems to have changed quite a lot over time, so it has mixed reviews on trusted platforms. 

Although it doesn’t have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and only has two reviews there as of writing, the iRazoo app has a rating of 4.5/5 on Trustpilot. A rating this high means many of its customers deem it an “excellent” platform.

The app’s users enjoy the user-friendliness, professionality, and numerous programs it offers. Many users also show iRazoo’s payment proof, and you can trust that it really pays.

However, iRazoo has recently garnered some negative reviews because of its unreliable customer support. 

When users complain about not receiving payment, the app’s customer support either ignores them or provides unhelpful responses. Coupled with complaints of difficulties getting rewards, we advise that you stay wary of these disadvantages.

How to sign up with iRazoo

You can sign up for an iRazoo account regardless of where you live. However, the opportunities you’ll get will depend on your country; the app provides the most earning tasks for the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia.

Joining iRazoo is a fairly straightforward process, as you’ll have to visit the website and fill out the form. You just have to provide your name and email, and you’re done.

What are the alternatives to iRazoo?

If you think iRazoo isn’t for you or you want to add another similar app to your list, here are some options:

  • ZoomBucks: This is a popular reward platform that can pay you for completing surveys, watching video advertisements, and performing other tasks. It doesn’t have a dedicated app, but you can run it on a mobile browser without any problem.
  • InstaGC: InstaGC is another GPT site that pays you to do trial offers, listen to the radio, watch videos, shop online, and search the web. You can choose from hundreds of gift cards as payment.
  • GrabPoints: This cash-earning platform runs on Android and lets you complete offers for rewards. You can choose from numerous gift cards, PayPal cash, and other benefits.

Final thoughts

iRazoo is a legit site, but the rewards can be difficult to earn. Although it offers several ways to earn points, the progress can be slow. Tasks also require time and energy to complete but don’t pay that much. 

If you have the time for iRazoo, however, it can still be a good way to earn money, and we’d recommend it for its many earning opportunities.

However, we suggest that you use iRazoo along with other GPT sites, so you have better chances of enjoying a passive income stream.