UPDATED: March 27, 2023

With everything that’s going on, a lot of people have had to work multiple jobs or do overtime just so they can have enough money to make ends meet. 

If you’re a working parent or a student, you may be having trouble finding a side gig and you’ve been looking for ways to make money online. You might have heard of Remotasks. But what exactly is it? Can you really make money from it? 

In this article, we’ll help you understand how Remotasks works and what it takes for you to be successful in using it as a source of extra income. 

To give you a complete picture, we did our research. We studied the website, looked at how the platform works, and reviewed independent sites and blogs for feedback from actual users. 

The last thing you want is to spend hours on the platform just to find that you’re not making as much money as you can from it. Keep reading until the very end so you can set your expectations right and make the most of this online task-based platform.

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a microtask platform that connects workers worldwide with companies and individuals who need tasks completed. The company was founded in 2017 by Smart Ecosystem, Inc.

Smart Ecosystem is a software development firm based in San Francisco, California. It works closely with companies of all sizes, helping develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. 

According to Smart, its biggest market is the self-driving car space. However, it also works in other areas like image recognition, categorization, and transportation.

For users, this translates to tasks such as image transcription, image annotation, data collection, audio transcription, categorization, and LiDAR tasks. We’ll tell you more about these in the next sections. 

In general, tasks are typically simple and can be completed in a short amount of time, making them perfect for people who want to get stuff done from the comfort of their own home and still make a few extra bucks.

Remotasks is available on 6 continents. 

How does Remotasks work?

Remotasks is a free-to-join task-based platform. To join, make sure you first meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. You must have a laptop or PC with at least 4GB of RAM
  3. You must have a reliable internet connection

If you’ve checked off all the items on this list, then you can proceed with the signup process. You’ll also have to attend training programs before you can start working on certain tasks. 

To start, follow these steps:

1. Sign up

Visit the Remotasks website and click on the sign-up button. You’ll be redirected to a page where you can join using either your Google or your Facebook account.

Before continuing, ensure you agree with the company’s Terms of Service. Agreeing to this also means that you agree with the incorporated Remotasks Acceptable Use Policy, Remotasks Privacy Policy, and the EU Data Processing Addendum

Upon continuing, you’ll have to verify your account by providing your phone number. Remotasks will send you a code that you’ll need to input into the platform before you can start earning.

2. Attend training courses

Remotasks has a wide variety of tasks available, so you can choose the ones that interest you the most. And there's no limit to how much you can earn – the more tasks you complete, the more money you'll make.

Before you can start earning, however, you will have to take courses. If you’re signed in, you can find these courses under your Remotasks Training Center. Each course you complete will unlock more tasks that you can work on. 

Simpler courses will, of course, unlock simpler tasks like audio transcription and image annotation. It goes without saying that these simpler tasks will also pay less. 

The courses are generally short, only taking 5-15 minutes to finish. Every course will have a brief examination at the end to test your grasp of that activity.

You have three tries on each test, so don't get too worked up if you fail the test when you try for the first time. You may retake the exam until your score improves.

Alternatively, you can also choose to attend the more intensive but free bootcamp training programs. Completing the program will give you access to the more difficult but higher-paying tasks like LiDAR and video box annotation. 

Keep in mind that it takes an average of two weeks to complete the program. You will be learning from their certified trainers, and you’ll have to attend 7 hours of training each day. 

During the course, you will already be given live tasks that you will be paid for. Remotasks says that joining the free virtual bootcamp can help you join their top-earning taskers who make $100 – $250 per month.

To sign up for the virtual bootcamp, just click on this link

3. Start doing tasks

After completing courses, you should already have jobs accessible to you. Tasks may include:

  • Audio transcription – Transcribing audio into text. 
  • Image annotation – Drawing around objects to identify their precise position in an image.
  • Image transcription – Describing the most important components of an image.
  • Data Collection – Gathering online data for customers.
  • Categorization – For this task, you'll utilize keywords to describe a specific image.
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) tasks – Scanning objects using pulsed lasers. (Required bootcamp training)

There are many different kinds of tasks, each with its own challenges and pay. Some are brief and simple, paying a penny per task. Others are more difficult and time-consuming, but they pay considerably better.

How much can you earn from Remotasks?

It's hard to estimate accurately how much a Remotasker makes. The website of the company doesn’t provide much help when it comes to this, and earnings seem to vary greatly depending on the person. 

From independent reviews, however, people generally seem to make around $1 – $2 per hour. There were a few users who claimed to have made $200 – $300 on the platform, though these are extremely rare compared to the others. 

Those who made $1 – $2 per hour said that they needed to concentrate on the tasks and complete them without any mistakes. 

In general, language and 2D tasks pay about $0.01 – $0.15 per task. 3D tasks or LiDAR tasks pay more, though Remotasks itself doesn’t say exactly how much users can earn from completing them. 

This is primarily because tasks are reviewed before they’re paid out. The company requesting a certain task will have to check your output first. If you did not finish it with 100 percent accuracy, then they can also deduct your pay. 

How else can you make money from Remotasks?

Aside from the tasks mentioned above, there are a few other methods you can take advantage of to make a bit more money with the platform. These include:

1. Reviewing Tasks

Remotasks has a career path for its members. You start by being an “Attempter.” An attempter does the job that we’ve described in the previous sections. 

With enough time and experience, you can apply to become a Remotask reviewer. Reviewers are the ones who assess the job of taskers. They analyze assignments and look for potential errors that the tasker may have committed. 

To become a Remotask reviewer, you must accomplish your tasks with 90% accuracy. Eventually, you’ll have the option to apply to become a Remotask reviewer and then a “Super Reviewer.”

Reviewers are usually compensated more since their work is more meticulous.

2. Referral Bonuses

Another option is to join the Remotasks referral program, which pays you for referring your friends to the platform. All you need to do is send out an invite link that they can use to sign up with.

As soon as your referral earns $20, you and the person you referred to the platform will receive a $10 bonus. 

This does come with a caveat, though – your referral has to reach that $20 mark within the first two weeks of joining. Otherwise, neither of you will receive the $10 bonus. 

How do you withdraw money from Remotasks?

One of the best things about Remotasks is that there’s no minimum withdrawal amount for you to get your money. Your earnings will be credited to your Remotasks account weekly, and you can immediately withdraw it to your Paypal account. 

Remember that Paypal charges a 2% withdrawal fee, so the funds you receive in your account will most likely be a little lower. 

What are the pros and cons of Remotasks?

Like all other online money-making platforms, Remotasks has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of these include:


    It has a simple user interface that even beginners can easily navigate.You can work anytime and anywhere you want, as long as you have a PC and an internet connection.The platform is free to use for all users. Training is also free.Payments are made weekly, and there’s no minimum withdrawal amount.


    Tasks can be difficult and will often require a lot of patience and effort.The pay is not that high, especially when compared with other similar platforms.Tasks can also be limited, and will often require you to attend training courses before you can work on them.

What are the reviews and complaints about Remotasks?

Just because Remotasks is a legit site doesn't mean it's flawless. And that's evident in the numerous reviews and complaints that users have.

Satisfied users typically commend the platform for its ease of use and legitimacy. The platform does pay its members, and its claims of weekly payouts and not having a minimum withdrawal amount are true. 

However, there’s also no shortage of complaints about the platform. 

  • A lot of people complain that the earning opportunities are extremely limited. 
  • One user on Trustpilot even says that he has been on the platform for over two months and has completed all the necessary training, but he’s only received one task in the entire period. 
  • Another user claims that it would require a lot of luck for a person to even get $5 in one week. 

Another key complaint people have is the platform’s member support center. Despite the attempts to contact them, people do not seem to be receiving timely feedback from Remotasks. One review even says that the admins and mods on the Remotasks Discord server only activate “slow mode” when member complaints start piling up. 

It's also worth noting that many tasks require users to be located in specific countries to be eligible, which can limit your earning potential if you don't live in one of the supported countries.

What are the alternatives to Remotasks?

If you're not satisfied with the earning potential of Remotasks, there are a few other options you can consider:

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing platform that also connects businesses that need to outsource certain jobs or processes to a global workforce who are willing to do them virtually. 

Tasks on this platform, unlike Remotasks, are more traditional. They involve things like data validation, research, survey participation, content moderation, and many more. 

2. Clickworker

Clickworker is also a microtasking platform that offers a variety of tasks for its “Clickworkers.” Like Remotasks, this platform is mainly geared towards helping develop AI applications. 

You will most likely perform tasks like photo data harvesting, video data harvesting, sentiment analysis, and many more. There are also several simpler online tasks like data entry and social media management you can do. 

What sets Clickworker apart is its mobile app that enables Clickworkers to easily create image, video, and audio data sets to work from anywhere in the world. 

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platforms out there. Regardless of the type of freelance work you’re looking for, Fiverr will most likely have a job for you. 

The platform offers jobs in different industries like graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, and more. 


Is Remotasks.com Legit? Yes, Remotasks is a legitimate task-based platform that can help you earn extra money in your spare time. But of course, don't expect to get rich overnight with this gig. The pay is decent, but you won't be making a full-time income from it. Still, it's a great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.