UPDATED: June 03, 2022

Making your first bucks can be quite tough when you’ve just finished school and are just starting with your career. You have bills, student loans, and other things to pay for, so the odds are you’re looking to earn a bit of extra cash.

Finding a second job can give you extra income, but this isn’t always feasible. Still, if you have some free time, why not use it to get a bit of money on the side?

One popular way of making a few bucks nowadays is doing paid online surveys. You go online on your computer or phone, answer surveys, and get rewards for them.

Many survey sites now circulate the internet, and you’ve probably heard about Surveyworld. However, many users note its lack of clarity and transparency.

We’ve heard of these issues, so we decided to investigate further and searched throughout the web for answers. 

Is Surveyworld legit, and can you make money off of it? Read on to find out!

How does Surveyworld work?

Surveyworld is a survey aggregator site that partners with and compares various research companies. It’s an independent platform, and it’s not a research company itself.

For the sake of clarity, Surveyworld itself doesn’t conduct surveys. It also doesn’t ask users like us to test out products or answer questions. 

What Surveyworld does instead is it refers us to actual survey sites that are looking for participants and will pay us for answering surveys. 

Surveyworld doesn’t exactly put a lot of information out there—and it’s why many of us are cautious about signing up for the site.

We found that the platform started in 2017 under the company e-Bron Marketing BV, based in the Netherlands. Aside from that, its official website, surveyworld.me, doesn’t disclose sufficient details regarding the company.

The lack of information makes a lot of people like us wonder if the site is even legit or if it’s a scam site. There aren’t many Survey World reviews online, either.

Fortunately, the platform does what it’s supposed to, and that’s to redirect us to survey websites where we can answer quick questionnaires or watch video ads for money. 

It knows which survey companies are legit, partners with them, and refers us if there are surveys available for us to complete.

What is a survey aggregator site?

A survey aggregator site collects information from numerous survey websites and allows users to access them all on one platform. It doesn’t conduct the surveys or market research itself; it only points us to websites that do so.

Aggregator sites aren’t in charge of the rewards you’ll get for surveys. They’re only responsible for curating content and partnering with survey sites.

These survey aggregator sites can be quite handy because they put numerous survey companies in one convenient platform, so we don’t have to search and look for them ourselves.

How does Surveyworld make money?

So, if Surveyworld doesn’t conduct surveys or market research itself, how does it make money? 

Like other aggregator sites, Surveyworld makes money by partnering with other companies. 

These companies pay Surveyworld for affiliate programs, featured content, and other arrangements. The platform can earn commissions by redirecting users to survey websites.

Surveyworld can also earn from paid advertisements and sponsorships. 

How can people sign up for Surveyworld?

We think the signup process for Surveyworld is one of its many downsides. It’s unnecessarily complicated for a modern website.

For most websites, signing up requires us to click a “sign up” button and input some details. On the other hand, the website surveyworld.me doesn’t have that feature.

The site says that you just have to fill in the details on the sign-up page (which, again, doesn’t exist), and they’ll send you a link to continue your application and confirm your membership.

Because surveyworld.me doesn’t have a dedicated sign-up button, you’ll have to contact their team via their official Facebook page

Once you get in touch with their support team, you’ll know if the platform is available in your country, and they’ll send you a link to complete your membership application.

The good thing is that you don’t have to pay for a Surveyworld membership. You’ll only need to provide your email address so that they can get in touch with you.

How do you make money with Surveyworld, and how does the company pay?

One crucial thing you have to know about Surveyworld is that the website itself doesn’t pay you, as you won’t be taking any surveys on the platform.

The site only points you to other websites wherein you can earn some cash and other rewards for completing surveys. Those partner websites conduct market research and may also ask you to do other tasks for money.

The amount you’ll be earning will depend on where Surveyworld redirects you. Some sites pay more than others, and the amount often depends on how much time you’ll likely spend accomplishing the questionnaires.

It’s unlikely that you’ll earn hundreds of dollars on these survey sites, but extra income is always welcome.

Pros and cons of Surveyworld

Surveyworld may seem shady to many users, but it’s surprisingly not a scam site. With that said, it has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.


  • It refers you to legitimate survey sites.
  • It’s free to join.
  • It has a comprehensive Privacy Policy.
  • It doesn’t sell your data.


  • It has a complicated signup process.
  • You can’t earn on the platform directly.

Many users also regard Surveyworld as a waste of time and only acts as an unnecessary bridge between you and legit survey sites.

Surveyworld review summary

Even when it comes to reviews, the platform is a bit elusive. We can’t find any Survey World reviews on Trustpilot and other reputable websites. 

With the information we could find, here are some aspects that many of its users don’t like about the site:

  • You have to sign up on Surveyworld and the sites it redirects you to
  • Inconvenient signup process
  • Lack of information on the website
  • Misleading because it seems like a survey site itself

Although the site is legit, it still has a lot to improve upon.

Surveyworld alternatives

If you’re looking for other legitimate survey aggregator sites like Surveyworld, here are other platforms you can try:

  • Survey Momma: Survey Momma is another survey aggregator site that leads you to legit sites wherein you can earn a few bucks and rewards. Its signup process is drastically more straightforward than that of Surveyworld.
  • Survey Spotter: The signup process for this site is also quick and free, and they can match you with the best survey websites that can reward you for sharing your opinions.
  • Survey Compare: This website is UK-based, but it operates internationally. It provides you with some money-making opportunities like surveys for extra cash.

Conclusion: Is the site legit?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes in that it does what it claims to do. It redirects you to survey websites and doesn’t actually conduct any surveys itself. 

Some people may find it misleading because the site doesn’t actually pay you directly, but it’s not a scam because its website says outright that the site isn’t part of a market research company.

Signing up for Surveyworld is free, and you’ll gain access to a list of partnered survey sites. So, you can still benefit from it.

Still, we don’t recommend the site because of its complicated sign-up process and lack of clear information. 

It also acts as an unnecessary bridge between you and legit survey sites. If you use Surveyworld, you’ll have to sign up for it, but you also have to sign up on the sites to which it redirects you.

Overall, you may benefit from looking at survey site reviews and signing up for sites where you can make money directly.