UPDATED: March 27, 2023

Do you have a talented voice and want to earn from it? Voices.com claims to help freelance voice actors make hundreds of dollars. But what would it take to be successful in it? Is Voices.com legit?

We heard about people's mixed experiences with Voices.com. So, we tried the app ourselves to get firsthand experience. Then we searched official Voices.com sources and scoured independent sites for reviews and feedback from real users to gather insights.

Discover our unique tip for making the most money on Voices.com, and don’t miss out on opportunities to boost your earnings from the site.

What is Voices.com and what does it offer?

Voices.com is a voice marketplace that lets you post a job for free, but we’ll show you the different membership plans in the next section. According to the website, it has more than two million registered users.

So, is Voices.com legit?

Working for Voices.com is legit. The company has been around since 2005 and has well-known clients, such as Microsoft, Shopify, BMW, Discovery Channel, Bell, and Hulu. This long list of clients and reviews we’ll share later will convince you that the website offers real earning opportunities.

The company collects a commission and membership fees, and that’s how it generates income. Most voice marketplaces and job boards have the same business model, so there’s nothing suspicious about the website.

You can join Voices.com at no cost, provided you’re 18 years old and above. But there’s also an option for a premium account, which we’ll discuss more below.

The platform’s login page is also available in 160 countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK. Before, the website only accepted submissions in US English, but now, it supports more than 100 languages and dialects.

How to make money on Voices.com?

Before having better access to Voices.com job opportunities, you must complete your profiles under the following categories: voiceover, audio production, music, and translation.

You can select your services by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner. Tap “Edit Profile,” then follow the instructions for each group.

1. Record voiceovers

Each category requires detailed descriptions of your skill because Voices.com serves as a job board. So you must expect to answer several questions and submit demos.

Service overview

In this section, you need to summarize your voiceover capabilities. Show how your skills can help brands looking for a voice actor.


The website will ask you to select from the following:

AudiobooksElearningPodcastingTelevision ad
AnimationMovie trailersRadio adVideo narration
DocumentariesOnline adTelephoneVoice assistant

Vocal characteristics

You need to answer questions about your voice characteristics. You must select your voice gender and age.

  • Child (5-12)
  • Teen (13-17)
  • Young adult (18-35)
  • Middle-aged (35-54)
  • Senior (55+)

Take note that it pertains to the age range you can perform in. For example, you may be 30 years old, but you can still make your voice sound like a child or teen.

Aside from these questions, the website will also ask about the languages you can speak fluently and the accents you can perform.


In this section, you’ll notice what distinguishes Voices.com from other get-paid-to (GPT) sites. Voices.com even wants to know the equipment you use when working.

The company wants to know about your:

You also need to specify your turnaround time, so the website can match you to brands with the exact expectations.

Work experience

It serves as your resume on Voices.com because you can highlight previous voice-over jobs and clients you’ve worked for. More experience means having greater chances of getting higher-paying jobs.


You can also share testimonials even from outside Voices.com. Fill out this section if possible because it builds your credibility.


The website also requires a demo to match you with the proper job invitations. What we liked about the platform is that it caters even to non-professionals.

It provides free sample scripts that you can use if you’re still a beginner in this field. You can also find a guide to making demos, including the ideal duration, structure, and popular genres.

2. Produce audio

Audio production has a shorter questionnaire, but the questions are more technical than the previous category.

Skill overview

Like what we discussed in the voice-over section, you need to provide a summary of your audio editing capabilities. Make sure to emphasize your strongest skills because this portion is one of the first things clients will see on your profile.


Voices.com also wants to know the software you use in audio production.

Ableton LiveAvid Pro ToolsGaragebandReaper
Adobe After EffectsCubaseLogic ProSony Acid Pro
Adobe AuditionDaVinci ResolveNuendoSound Forge Pro
AudacityDigital Audio WorkstationPreSonusSource-Connect

Work experience

You also need to give an organized list of your work experience. We noticed that the website has a FAQ article to help their clients even in this seemingly simple task. It shows Voices.com’s willingness to help job seekers like you.

But we also considered that it has paid membership plans, which we’ll discuss later. Perhaps that's why it has a comprehensive guide for the members.


Again, you can share testimonials regarding your audio production skills. We recommend reaching out to your former clients or professors to fill out this section.

Often, it persuades prospective clients to choose you over other job seekers.

Portfolio sample

You also need to upload a portfolio sample so you have proof of the skills you mentioned in your profile.

3. Record music

You can choose among three sub-categories under Music: jingles, music composition, and singers.

Skill overview

You have to highlight your musical skills, depending on your chosen subcategory. We recommend mentioning the notable projects you’ve worked on if there are any.

But if you’re still starting in the industry, you can state the related subjects you’ve attended.

Vocal characteristics

The website also asks you about your voice gender and age, as well as the languages you can fluently speak.

You also need to select the genre you can perform.

ClassicalFunkMusical theaterReggae
Easy listeningHip-hopPunk


They also present the same software selections under audio production.

Work experience

You should also specify clients you’ve worked for. Make sure to mention the specific industries you specialize in.

This section allows the website to better match you with brands and their projects.

Testimonial and portfolio sample

It will help if you include testimonials from previous clients.

But take note that the website requires at least one portfolio sample. Your portfolio will serve as proof of your skills and expertise.

Make sure to add a portfolio to start earning on Voices.com.

4. Translate

This category has the same requirements:

  • Skill overview
  • Industry expertise
  • Work experience
  • Testimonial
  • Portfolio sample

But the website also asks about your education, including the certificates you’ve received.

It helps clients in deciding whether you’re qualified for freelance work.

After completing your profile for your chosen categories, you can now look for jobs. Once you approve the job agreement, you can already start working on your project.

When we visited the job board, we had 25 public invites from clients.

You can see the jobs you’re invited to are listed under “Hiring.” But we discovered that you could only respond to public invitations when upgrading to the premium plans.

Still, we like that the website shows the JobMatch percentage to let you know if it’s the right work for you.

It also shows the word count and estimated minutes of the recording. You can even see the number of your competitors because it displays the number of responses for each listing.

Each listing also has a response deadline so that you can plan your applications.

You can toggle to the “Answered” tab to track your application if you have already auditioned for a job.

As you can notice, Voices.com requires a more tedious process than most GPT sites, but you’ll see why in the next section.

How much money can you make?

You can earn as low as $100 and as much as $7,499 on Voices.com.

So how much does Voices.com pay for broadcast and non-broadcast jobs? Here’s what we found in their rate guide.

The non-broadcast jobs are all assignments other than TV, radio, and internet ads.

Finished minutesWord countSuggested rate
0–2 minutes300 or less$100–$499
2–5 minutes300–750$250–$749
5–15 minutes750–2,250$500–$999
15–30 minutes2,250–4,500$750–$1,749
30–45 minutes4,500–6,000$1,250–$1,999
45–60 minutes6,000 or more$1,500–$2,499

You can find higher-paying jobs in the broadcast category. Aside from the word count, broadcast jobs also consider the length of time the client wants to use your voiceover or music.

Take note that in-perpetuity means that the usage has no end date.

Here are Voice.com’s suggested rates for television ads.

13 weeks$500–$749$1,000–$1,249$1,500–$1,749
1 year$1,000–$1,249$1,500–$1,749$2,500–$4,999

Since fewer people are listening on the radio, Voice.com has lower rates for radio ads.

13 weeks$250–$499$500–$749$750–$999
1 year$500–$749$750–$999$1,000–$1,249

It also has a suggested budget for online ads.

13 weeks$300–$999
1 year$1,000–$1,249

As you can see, you can earn more by responding to jobs involving television ads. If it’s shown on the national level, you can receive as much as $7,499, which is a hundred times more than what you can get on usual GPT sites.

But how much do voice actors make a month?

According to ZipRecruiter, a voice actor earns approximately $6,754 per month. It means you won’t be wasting your time and effort on Voices.com.

How do you get paid from Voices.com?

Voices.com uses SurePay as its payment protection service. So once your recordings are approved, the company will release your funds.

You can receive the payments on your PayPal account or through electronic checks. Take note that the platform releases funds every Friday.

Here’s how to set up the payment method:

  1. Click the Me avatar in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose “Account settings,” then click “SurePay.”
  3. Enter your PayPal email address.

We discovered that only those with premium membership could access the other cashout methods. Since we are only registered as guests, we can only receive payments through PayPal.

How to get started?

You need to sign up on the Voices.com website to audition for jobs.

  1. Go to the official website, then click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner.
  2. You can either use your Google or Apple account to register.
  3. Select “Work as a Freelancer.”
  4. The website will also ask for your home address and phone number.

Voices.com will remind you to complete your profile so that it can connect you to the right opportunities. The website will also require you to add services and skills to show brands what you have to offer.

Is Voices.com free?

Voices.com has a free guest membership. You can still look for jobs, receive private invitations, and use SurePay even if you don’t upgrade your account.

But here are the benefits of a Premium membership which costs $499 per year:

  • Get automatic invites to jobs that match your profile
  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Be more visible in the search results
  • Track how many clients listen to your demos

Voices.com also offers Platinum membership for $2,999 annually.

  • Experience priority ranking in the search results
  • Have a Talent Profile card that the platform will feature when clients search for a service
  • Access an account manager to help you with workflow optimization and profile reviews

The plans are costly, so if you’re a beginner, you may want to try the free version. You don’t necessarily have to pay to work on Voices.com. The free option still allows you to upload unlimited demos to show your skills.

How to be successful on Voices.com?

It may seem overwhelming, so we compiled tips on how to maximize your earnings on the platform.

  1. Complete your profile, from the service overview to the demo. It allows Voices.com to match you with the right jobs. There’s also a higher chance that clients will choose you if you answer all questions.
  2. You might be asking, “How do I market myself as a voice actor?” According to the Voices.com support team, you must appear in at least seven auditions per day. You must also upload your best demos to showcase your expertise.
  3. Here’s our top tip for making the most money on Voices.com: target higher-paying tasks, such as television ads. You can receive as much as $7,499 for one project. It’s even higher than the average monthly income of a voice actor.
  4. Invest in reliable equipment, especially if you’re still a beginner. Even Voices.com asks about your tools because some clients want to hire freelancers with the right equipment.
  5. Continue taking lessons and practicing your skills to receive more job invitations.

Take note of these tips for a chance to increase your income.

Voices.com pros and cons

Voices.com is indeed a legitimate site for freelancers, but it might not be for everyone. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that we noted:

  • High earning opportunities, up to $7,499
  • Transparent rates published on the website
  • Helpful guides when completing profile questions
  • Excellent reputation from both companies and job seekers
  • Uses SurePay for safe transactions
  • Limited job invitations for guests (free version)
  • Expensive Premium and Platinum plans
  • Need to appear in at least seven auditions per day

The only way to unlock Voices.com’s great features is to pay at least $499 per year, which can be expensive for most job seekers. So we think that Voice.com is mainly for voice actors at the intermediate level who are willing to pay the membership fee.

If you’re a beginner, you may only have limited earning opportunities.

Voices.com reviews and complaints

We mentioned in the previous section that Voices.com has an excellent reputation. It has a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot with 467 reviews and a BBB rating of 3.67, but with only 12 reviews.

A Trustpilot review stated that it provides a great connection between freelancers and clients. But we also found bad reviews, claiming that you can’t find jobs without paying the membership fee. Similarly, we can’t respond to public invitations without upgrading to the Premium plan.

Reddit users have the same sentiments, but it’s alright for them to pay the membership fee. According to some users, they earn almost $1,000 per week because the platform gives them priority ranking.

Still, most members wouldn’t consider Voices.com as their primary job. We also read that you can audition for almost 60 gigs but only be accepted in three of those jobs. It requires effort without the guarantee that the client will choose you.

Voices.com alternatives

We listed some sites you can check out if you’re still looking for other voice-over marketplaces.


Unlike Voices.com, Voice123 doesn’t have a list of suggested rates. But it has a rate calculator. It pays $367 for 300 words, while Voices.com has a suggested budget of $100 to $499 for the same project.

You can join for free, but its membership plans start at $199, cheaper than Voice.com’s. You can also upgrade your account for $395 or $600 annually.


Bodalgo also has no list of suggested rates, but we tried the website’s calculator. It has a low proposed rate of $100 to $149 for a 300-word local TV commercial. Voices.com has a suggested payment of $250 to $499 for a similar task.

Its premium membership costs $349.90 annually, lower than Voice.com’s $499 fee.

Fiverr is an online site where you can offer your services for a fee. It has no membership fee, but when we visited the website, we saw that most voice actors only receive $5 to $125 for each project.

Voice123 is a great alternative to Voices.com because it has low-cost premium plans but suggested rates similar to the latter.

Final verdict on Voices.com

Voices.com caters to various freelancers with musical and speaking skills. You can earn $100 to $7,499 on the platform, but you need to upgrade your account.

If you don’t mind paying for the premium plans, Voices.com offers an excellent way to build your savings and your voice-acting career!