UPDATED: October 13, 2022

With the rising popularity of play-to-earn apps, chances are you’ve already seen an ad or two about widely known options like Mistplay. Does Mistplay work?

Although getting free cash and gift cards for playing games sounds appealing, you need to look beyond the hype and promotions. Understand everything Mistplay offers before creating an account.

Don’t worry if you have no clue how to start researching Mistplay games—we have you covered. We scoured the net for user reviews, watched multiple YouTube walkthroughs, and even tried the app out ourselves to uncover the ins and outs of Mistplay. 

Keep reading to find out whether this app’s worth your time or not. Mistplay states it has already released $20 million worth of rewards, so you should at least give this platform a chance.

By the end of this article, you’ll have all the info you need to make an objective, fact-based decision about Mistplay. 

Please read until the end! Otherwise, you might miss some crucial insider tips and insights into maximizing Mistplay’s play-to-earn platform.

Let’s start the review!

Does Mistplay Take Your Money, Or Is It Legit? 

Mistplay is a legitimate money-making opportunity that features a diverse play-to-earn platform with various games.

Also, you don’t have to worry about them taking your money since you can sign up for free. The platform doesn’t charge monthly or annual subscription fees.

From what we’ve seen, most issues with Mistplay stem from misunderstandings. The hype and popularity surrounding the app sparked unrealistic expectations among first-time users.

While the platform offers a legit way to make money from playing games, it wouldn’t nearly be enough to cover your daily needs and expenses.

So, don’t quit your day job just yet. The best approach is to familiarize yourself with Mistplay’s offers and assess how they’ll help you financially.

Earning Gift Cards on Mistplay

Mistplay follows a slightly different setup than other play-to-earn apps. 

Yes, you get units for playing games, but the platform has multiple rules and guidelines that affect your overall earning potential.

Unless you understand Mistplay’s setup, you’ll only end up wasting your time. 

With that in mind, we suggest researching in-game jargon and rewards redemption procedures before creating your account.

Terminologies to Understand

The three most commonly used terms you’ll see throughout the platform are:

  • GXP: This abbreviation stands for Game Experience Points. You earn these by playing games, regardless of your performance. Once you accumulate enough GXPs, you’ll get a higher in-game GXP level and get units. Note that GXP levels vary per Mistplay game.
  • PXP: PXP stands for player experience level. It indicates your tenure as a Mistplay user, and you can only acquire PXPs by increasing your GXP levels in various games. Users only have one PXP level across their Mistplay account.
  • Units: As you acquire GXPs, increase your PXP level, and play various games, you’ll start earning units—Mistplay’s currency. You’ll need units to purchase rewards and gift cards. As such, acquire as many of them as you can if you want to make Mistplay worthwhile.

How to Earn Gift Cards on Mistplay

There are three ways to generate units for Mistplay gift cards:

1. Play Games

Whether you’re leveling up, getting more GXPs, or just want to redeem a $5 gift card, the most efficient way to reach your goal is to play games. 

Note: Mistplay runs a play-to-earn platform. Expect to get more points for playing more of their games.

However, Mistplay games vary from region to region, so you might not see the same options as those living in a different city or state. Explore your options yourself.

2. Level Up

You’ll get at least five units every time you reach a new GXP level, so do what you can to amass as many points as possible. The faster that you level up, the higher your earnings will be.

Unfortunately, you can’t earn too many GXPs by leaving your phone idle. Mistplay rewards winners with more points.

Also, leveling up in GXP increases your PXP, and players with higher PXP levels typically earn GXP points much quicker. As such, they’ll have more units at the end of the day.

Keeping these factors in mind, focus on games that you excel at so that you can get higher PXP and GXP levels quickly.

3. Refer Friends

Mistplay rewards players who refer their friends, so make sure to post your invite link on your social media platforms. You’ll earn about 100 GXP from a single referral. 

Considering that leveling up and playing games for several hours straight only gives you a few hundred GXP, getting multiple referrals will significantly improve your earnings.

Also, note that referral links benefit both parties involved. New accounts that signed up using your link typically get a few hundred bonus GXP as well, thus jumpstarting their progress.

How to Redeem Gift Cards on Mistplay

How long does Mistplay take to pay? You generally receive your units immediately upon accomplishing tasks, but converting them into gift cards can take one to three days.

  • Step 1: Double-check your email address. Mistplay can reverse rewards that it has already sent, so make sure to use the correct account.
  • Step 2: Once you have accumulated adequate units, click the Shop tab in your Mistplay app, then scroll through the available rewards.
  • Step 3: Select your preferred gift card, review the features, then hit the Buy button once you’re sure about your purchase. Note that Mistplay will automatically deduct the necessary units from your wallet.
  • Step 4: If you don’t receive your gift card within three days, visit Mistplay’s website and head over to the Submit a Request tab.

Maximizing Mistplay’s Earning Potential

As we mentioned above, you need units to acquire gift cards. However, unlike other play-to-earn apps, Mistplay units don’t have a fixed USD value.

Their value wholly depends on when and how you redeem them. To maximize your earnings on Mistplay, you’ll have to consider the average number of units you earn per hour and their estimated USD equivalent upon conversion.

First-timers might find the various factors involved confusing. So, here’s a sample computation of maximizing Mistplay’s earning potential:

Units Earned per Hour

The number of units you earn per hour will depend on your current PXP level, GXP accumulation speed, and game performance.

Player Experience Points (PXP)

Firstly, let’s talk about PXP levels. To reiterate, each user has a universal PXP level indicating their overall experience on Mistplay—which increases as you acquire GXP on various games.

Users with high PXP levels have more tenure, so Mistplay rewards them with a higher GXP earning capacity. You’ll typically earn GXP points more quickly over time.

Since you primarily earn units by playing games and getting higher GXP levels, getting GXP quicker also increases your earning capacity. It’s a self-sustaining cycle.

Game Experience Points (GXP)

Next, let’s study GXP acquisition rates. Users earn units whenever they get promoted to the next GXP level, which only occurs if you amass adequate GXP.

Going by this setup, someone who earns GXP by the bulk and levels up quickly also gets more units per hour they spend gaming.

Game Performance

Lastly, your earning potential depends on your overall game performance. While most Mistplay games give you GXP simply for participating, you’ll earn more points if you excel at them.

Overall, high PXP levels combined with fast GXP acquisition rates and excellent gaming performance translate to more units per hour.

Units to USD Conversion

Units’ actual worth depends on how and when you convert them into gift cards. 

Before we dive into how you can maximize your unit conversion rates, let’s first look at how you can use your units. Generally, Mistplay converts in-game units into gift cards from:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • GameStop
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Nintendo
  • PlayStation
  • Starbucks
  • Visa
  • Xbox

Next, let’s assess what you can buy at these stores. Gift conversions are available in increments of five—the minimum withdrawal is $5.

How much would you need to get a $5 gift card versus a $25 one? Refer to the chart below:

Retailer$5 Gift Card$10 Gift Card$15 Gift Card$20 Gift Card$25 Gift Card$50 Gift Card
Amazon1800 units3000 unitsN/AN/AN/AN/A
eBay1800 units3000 unitsN/AN/A7500 unitsN/A
GameStop1800 units3000 unitsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Google PlayN/A3000 units4500 unitsN/AN/AN/A
iTunes1800 units3000 units4500 unitsN/AN/AN/A
NintendoN/A3000 unitsN/A6000 unitsN/A15000 units
PlayStationN/A3000 unitsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Starbucks1800 units3000 unitsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Visa1800 units3000 unitsN/AN/A7500 unitsN/A
XboxN/AN/A4500 unitsN/A7500 unitsN/A

Considering the units needed per gift conversion, you’ll see that you typically get better rates if you redeem higher-value gift cards.

For instance, claiming a $10 gift card from iTunes translates to $0.002777 per unit. However, you’ll bump the per-unit value up to $0.003333 if you opt for a $15 iTunes gift card.

How To Create a Mistplay Account (Step by Step)

Mistplay has a relatively straightforward registration process. As long as you have a reliable Android phone capable of running mobile games, you’ll have a Mistplay account in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Download the App

Head over to Google Play, then download the app. With a rating of 4.2 collected from 246,316 users, it ranks among the most widely known and trusted play-to-earn platforms today.

Step 2: Use Login Codes

If an influencer or vlogger shares their referral link or login code with you, use it. Yes, the affiliate marketer earns a small commission, but you’ll also receive a bonus (i.e., GXP, units).

Step 3: Create Your Account

Use your Gmail or Facebook account to sign up on Mistplay. Next, enter your full legal name, birth date, age, country of residence, and gender (must be 13+ to register).

You’ll also come across the site’s terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. Most people asking, “does Mistplay take your money” or “does Mistplay steal your information” don’t even bother reading privacy policies.

Step 4: Choose Your Avatar

After creating an account, Mistplay allows you to choose your avatar. Just keep swiping until you see a character design that you find appealing.

Step 5: Adjust Your Phone Settings

Next, Mistplay will ask you to allow its app to run over programs. Since the app tracks real-time progress, it needs to keep running on standby if you wish to collect GXP.

Also, you might have to turn off your low-power mode. Mistplay has a relatively heavy app, and it needs adequate power to function normally.

Step 6: Input Your Game Preferences

Mistplay will then ask you to choose between gaming genres. Although the available games primarily depend on your region, it still makes an effort to curate your library according to your preferences.

Step 7: Collect Bonus Points and finish Tutorial

Accomplish the tutorial, collect all your bonus points, then start playing games on your new account!

Pros and Cons of Mistplay

Remember that legitimacy is just one of the many factors to consider when browsing play-to-earn apps. Just because an option is popular doesn’t mean it’s worth your time.

Mistplay has its fair share of pros and cons, as with any other money-making platform. Weigh them from an unbiased point of view, then assess how they’ll impact your overall lifestyle and financial health.

Alternatives to Mistplay

If you don’t find the best games on Mistplay enjoyable or think that the platform has low rewards, look into other money-making opportunities. 

The market features dozens of reputable, legit play-to-earn apps, such as:

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks stands as the best Mistplay iOS alternative. It rewards users for accomplishing various tasks, from active orders like answering surveys and playing games to low-involvement ones like watching videos and surfing the web. Also, you can convert your points into either cash or gift cards.
  • Kashkick: Mistplay users who don’t really enjoy playing mobile games or getting paid with gift cards should try Kashkick. It pays you real cash for completing various tasks. You can still earn by playing games, but the platform also rewards you for watching videos, completing surveys, or simply surfing the web.
  • Gamehag: More serious gamers should try Gamehag instead of Mistplay. You can earn points and rewards for playing widely known games like Grand Theft Auto, Rise of Kingdoms, Dark Genesis, and War Thunder. It’s available on Android, iOS, and PC.
  • Coin Pop: Users looking for more simplistic games can download Coin Pop. It features multiple low-involvement games that you can play and excel at even with zero gaming experience. You can also choose your preferred genre (i.e., adventure, puzzle, arcade).
  • Lucktastic: This platform relies on luck instead of skill. It features scratch games with rewards ranging from $5 gift cards to $1 million cash bonanzas. 

Verdict: Is Mistplay Worth It?

Mistplay runs a legitimate play-to-earn platform. Based on thousands of reviews from actual players, you’ll receive your money within one to three days from withdrawal.

Unfortunately, asking whether the Mistplay is worth it or not is an entirely different question. Although it offers a proven platform where you get paid for playing games, don’t expect to earn much.

New users typically get around $0.50 per hour. Meanwhile, seasoned accounts with high GXP and PXP can probably bump their hourly earnings to about $1 to $2. Set feasible goals. 

However, the platform has a relatively low barrier to entry. It consists of regular Android games, signing up costs $0, and new accounts can start earning gift cards right from the get-go.

If you already spend one to two hours every day playing random mobile games, download Mistplay. You have nothing to lose.