UPDATED: July 27, 2021

It’s a smart idea to put some money aside so that you have extra cash in case of emergencies or if you have big plans ahead. You need to be consistent and patient to achieve your financial goals. Some people keep their savings in banks. But others would rather put them in a piggy bank. Whether it’s for your children or yourself, here are some cool piggy bank ideas that you can do yourself.

Why use a piggy bank to save money?

Parents often use piggy banks to teach their kids how to save. You probably had one before when you were still a kid. But piggy banks aren’t only for kids to use. It also serves as a good reminder for adults who may have forgotten or would like to remind themselves about the importance of saving. Here are a few reasons you should use a piggy bank:

1. Organize Loose Change

You accumulate random coins in your purse or pockets. Instead of leaving them in your bag, which could make it feel heavy, losing them in your car, or just leaving them anywhere and everywhere, why don’t you put them in a single place like a piggy bank? These coins may not amount to that much at first but they accumulate quickly. Not only do you get to save money but you also develop good savings habits.

2. Money Easily Adds Up

Using a piggy bank helps you set simple financial goals. Kids learn the value of money and the importance of saving if they want to purchase something by using a piggy bank. Perhaps your kids want to buy a new toy or maybe you want to save for a vacation. Whatever your reasons are, your money will easily add up if you save using a piggy bank. It’s fun and you get to see how far away or close you are to reaching your goal.  It is a great family activity when you have a joint goal. The joy of reaching it together and getting rewarded for it can build great family bonds.

3. Teach Kids To Save

Showing that you’re putting your money on a piggy bank can help teach your children how to save. You will not only teach them how important it is to save money but they’ll also learn how to be patient and consistent. 

Let’s say they want to buy a toy or a new pair of shoes, saving on a piggy bank will help them realize that they need to save money if they want to purchase something in the future. It’s even better if your kids see you work in order to earn money so they will understand that money doesn’t come easy. It will help them realize at a young age that they need to work hard if they want to afford to buy the things they want and need.  

4. Develop Good Savings Habit

Saving in a piggy bank helps you and your child develop a good savings habit. You can also use this as an opportunity to remind your kids that once they have a job in the future, they must never forget to save a portion of their earnings. You’ll also teach them about the importance of spending money wisely, patience, budgeting, and delayed gratification. It can also serve as a reminder, in case you have already forgotten, that saving is important and a habit that you need to keep even during your adult life.

DIY Piggy Bank Ideas

1. Spend, Save, Share Piggy Banks

Piggy banks help you teach yourself and your kids how to save. They’ll also learn the concept of spending. Why don’t you teach them about sharing, too? Make three piggy banks and label them spend, save, and share. You need 3 clear containers, letter stickers (you can choose your preferred color), and yarn to make this custom adult piggy bank that can be used by kids, too.

Clear containers with covers are ideal, especially if you plan to let your kids use them. They’ll get to see their money grow, so they will feel excited as they reach their goal. 

In case there are labels on the glass, you can soak them in hot and soapy water for half an hour and then scrub. If the glass has text printed on it, you can use turpentine to get rid of them. Once the glasses are clear, you can label each container using the stickers. One glass for Save, one for Spend, and one for Share. That’s it. You can start saving. 

Use the yarn to track your progress by tying one on the bottle every week or month up to the line the coins have reached. Use different colors to make it more fun. You can also use the yarn to mark the target level to reach each month.

2. Globe Piggy Bank

If you have an unused desktop globe display stand at home, you can convert it into a piggy bank. You can repaint it with the color you like and create a slit where you can insert your coins.

3. Self-Sorting Coin Bank

A self-sorting coin bank gets rid of the hassle of having to sort out your coins once you reach your goal. You’ll need wood, straws, screws, foam board, and super glue to make these DIY money boxes. Cut the wood panels according to your preferred box design. Drill holes for the screws you’ll use to assemble the box. Use the straw for the coin path and create the coin sorting mechanism. The straw’s gap will determine the coin’s path. The path the coin will take will depend on its size.

4. Shadow Box Piggy Bank

A shadow box piggy bank is easy to do. As its name suggests, you just need a shadow box picture frame. Choose a design that will serve as your backdrop. Pay attention to the thickness of the shadow box because it will determine the size of your money slot.

5. Superhero Mason Jars

Look for any available mason jars in your house. Work with your kids and paint it according to their preferred superhero design. If they like Batman, you can let them paint the jar black and add Batman’s insignia. Don’t forget to cut a slit on the lid to serve as the coin slot.  

6. Water Bottle Piggy Banks

Teach your kids how to make a simple water bottle piggy bank. All you need are empty water bottles, papers with pink patterns, self-stick googly eyes, a glue gun, and scissors. Design the water bottles to make them look like little pigs. Cut a slit on the bottle to serve as the coin slot. It’s a fun DIY project for you and your children.

7. Wipes Container Piggy Bank

Do you have a wipes container at home? With some creativity and patience, you can transform this simple item into a cute piggy bank that you and your kids can use to save for something special. You’ll be needing an empty baby wipes container, colored papers, googly eyes, scissors, and glue. Design the baby wipes container to look like a cute little pig

8. Cereal Box Piggy Bank

Another piggy bank idea is to make a cereal box piggy bank with your kids. All you need are cereal boxes, colorful papers, glue, and scissors. You can ask them to come up with their own designs. There are so many characters to choose from. Encourage them to be creative while teaching them the importance of saving and spending responsibly.

9. Rolling Coin Bank

Watch your kids smile as they add coins into the rolling coin bank. This DIY piggy bank is easy to make. The materials you need are a wooden tray, plexiglass, wood strips, paint, glue, crews, and drill. Cut the plexiglass to match the size of your wood tray. Carve out a coin slot. Place the wood strips at a 15-degree angle inside the wood tray. Paint the wood and let it dry. Screw the plexiglass to the wood tray and start saving.

10. Pringles Piggy Bank

Don’t throw away those empty pringles cans. You can upcycle them to a cute DIY piggy bank. You will need empty Pringles cans, decorative paper, stickers, adhesive like Mod Podge, and scissors. Be sure to clean the can. Measure the can so you’ll know how big you need the decorative papers to be. Add some adhesive and place the paper on the can. Add more decorations as you prefer.

This is the part that your kids will love the most. Let them add as many stickers as they want. You can also print photos or cut out pictures from books or magazines. Don’t forget to cut a slot in the lid. It’s a fun project you can work on with your children. It won’t take too long but it’ll surely be time well spent with your kids. You can make these DIY piggy banks for different reasons like a new toy, new dress, vacation, or a gift for a loved one.

11. Lunch Box Piggy Bank

Do your kids have lunch boxes they no longer use? Why don’t you turn them into a piggy bank? Ask your kids to help. Let them choose the color they want and let them paint the lunch box. Once dry, they can add their name to it either by painting their name or by cutting out letters. Just like all the other DIY piggy bank ideas, don’t forget to add a coin slot.


Piggy banks aren’t only for kids but for adults, too. Although you can purchase one online, nothing beats the fun and enjoyment you’ll get with making your own piggy bank. Plus, if you have kids, you’ll be creating memorable moments together. Spend time with your children and encourage them to participate in your piggy bank project. Don’t forget to teach them the importance of saving money. Most kids love arts and crafts and they would definitely love the idea of creating a piggy bank with you. Use any of the piggy bank design ideas listed above and have fun while saving.