UPDATED: May 26, 2022

You love music and spend most of your free time creating playlists for your friends. Most of your recommendations are a hit.

You enjoy curating playlists of your favorite genres and artists, but you’ve never seen it as a potential income stream until you came across Playlist Push. Maybe one of your fellow music lovers suggested it.

The idea of monetizing Spotify playlists while discovering indie artists appeals to you immediately, but you don’t know how to start. You can’t even seem to sign up for an account yet.

Don’t worry if you find Playlist Push confusing. We’ll give you first-hand insights into the platform to help you assess whether you’ll thrive as a playlist curator.

You can’t blindly sign up for an account, after all. Although the site claims that curators make $12 per song, you can’t just ignore the negative Playlist Push reviews.

Our team scoured the net for verified, authentic user reviews to give you as much information as possible before you create an account.

Stick with us until the end, or else you might waste your time signing up for an account when you don’t even qualify as a curator.

Let’s dive into our Playlist Push review!

What is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is a pay-for-stream platform. However, unlike other streaming apps, it lets artists promote their music and gain clout through honest reviews from selected reviewers.

You can either make money as a creator or an artist. However, for this review, we will discuss the Playlist Push curator system, who can sign up, and how you can earn from it.

Playlist curators consist of nano- and micro-influencers with a solid following on TikTok or Spotify. They have the influence and authority to create impactful reviews.

If you qualify as a curator and choose to shoot reviews, Playlist Push will compensate you for your time. 

We’ll talk about the rewards later. However, to give you an overview, the site’s rewards page claims that you can make $12 to $15 per song review.

Company History

George Goodrich launched Playlist Push in 2017. It served as a unique streaming platform that focuses on helping indie artists take their music to the next level.

The first users consisted of rising rappers, singers, and songwriters. Although the platform didn’t launch them to stardom, it did help them expand their reach.

Of course, the company has its fair share of negative reviews from artists. However, based on our research, we can safely say that it runs a legit platform connecting qualified playlist curators and up-and-coming artists.

How Playlist Push works

We’ll flesh out the details later, but you can generally make money as a Playlist Push curator by utilizing your Spotify or TikTok account. Of course, you also have to meet specific requirements.

Spotify curators typically receive songs to review. Most of them will come from indie artists who paid Playlist Push to market, stream, and assess their work, so expect a diverse library.

On the other hand, TikTok creators don’t need to review songs. However, you’ll have to post curated TikTok videos following specific instructions, especially with the audio.

Key features of Playlist Push

Playlist Push focuses on helping indie artists gain more exposure. However, you can also use Playlist Push to further your career as a curator by:

  • Monetizing Your Clout: You can create multiple income streams from your social media following. Exploring monetization tactics like Playlist Push supplements your income from brand endorsements and in-platform rewards.
  • Improving Your Follower Base: You can take this chance to focus on boosting your follower base. You need to promote the songs you review, interact with your audience, and give insights into your life as a part-time playlist curator.
  • Discovering New Music: Playlist Push lets music lovers discover fresh, underground indie music before anyone else. Some of the pieces you’ll review only have a thousand views on other platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Who should and shouldn’t join as a Playlist Push Curator

As we mentioned above, Playlist Push has a stringent selection process. You’ll only have a shot at becoming a playlist curator if your Spotify playlists:

  • Have at least 1,000 followers
  • Get a minimum of 30 active listeners
  • Have a 1% or higher rate of active monthly listeners
  • No bots or fake accounts as followers
  • Don’t have followers gained from follow gates

Overall, your Spotify playlists should consist of 100% real, organically generated subscribers and listening activities.

Also, you might not qualify as a curator if your Spotify playlists:

  • Change titles to attract subscribers
  • Only use songs from a specific album or artist
  • Don’t have enough genre diversity
  • Use sub-for-sub tactics
  • Have the words “follow me” or any variation in the title

As for TikTok creators, Playlist Push only requires accounts to have at least 30,000 followers. It hasn’t specified any screening requirements, but you can expect to get disqualified if you have fake accounts and bots in your follower list. 

Making Money on Playlist Push

Playlist Push offers several money-making opportunities for curators. You’ll have to pass a stringent screening process, but you’ll get your ROI relatively quickly if you qualify.

Earning Opportunities on Playlist Push

As a playlist curator, you can make money on Playlist Push through:

Song Reviews

The founders introduced Playlist Push as a platform for artists to get real reviews on their music. Where do the reviews come from? The answer: playlist curators. Playlist Push routinely scouts fresh talent now and then.

As a playlist, your primary duty will involve writing song reviews. Playlist Push will give you specific criteria for all orders, but you’ll generally share your honest, unfiltered thoughts.

What happens next?

Once you finish reviewing a song, you’ll send your output to Playlist Push for quality control. After which, the system will send you another order.

Every piece review pays differently. The site claims that users make $12 per song, but the real rates range from $1.25 to $15. Of course, expect more lower-value requests at first.

TikTok Video Creation

TikTok video creators post curated videos following an order’s specific instructions. Now, most orders will have differing guides, especially with what you do in the video.

For instance, one order might ask you to do a certain dance. Alternatively, another order might not have any visual specifications, giving you the freedom to post whatever you want.

A few notes…

However, all TikTok orders will ask you to use one of their artist’s tracks. You have to set the  sound at 50% or higher, plus you can’t talk or dub over the track for the entire video.

Please read the instructions carefully. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time recreating the same TikTok videos multiple times.

Each qualified video pays around $10.

Referral Commissions

Playlist Push has an extensive referral program where you can refer:


Artists pay to join Playlist Push and access its resources. Although the rates vary per user, you can expect a campaign to cost at least $200.

Playlist Push generally makes money from these fees. As such, the platform rewards users who refer artists to it with a 10% commission, which you’ll get after the first campaign.

Just send the link to indie artists who need more exposure.


If you don’t qualify as a Playlist Push curator but know someone who will, you can give them your referral link. Playlist Push will reward you with a 10% commission as well.

However, note that commissions are based on the curator’s three months of earnings. Considering the stringent screening process and per-song review rates, you won’t make more than a couple of bucks every quarter.

Artist Codes

Artists who sign up using your code get 7.5% off their first Playlist Push campaign. Meanwhile, you’ll get a 7.5% commission per referral. 

The rates are lower than the standard artist referral links, but you might have an easier time promoting Playlist Push if you have discount codes.

Earning potential

Playlist Push offers decent money-making opportunities. You’ll make $50+ per month if you review at least four songs while referring several artists/curators and posting paid TikTok videos regularly.

Also, most tasks don’t require much effort. You can quickly accomplish them in just a few hours every month without shifting around your hectic schedule.

Can you make more money on Playlist Push?

Unfortunately, there’s no quick “hack” to make more money on Playlist Push. However, you’ll utilize the platform best if you work in the music industry and have a decent following of music lovers on Spotify and TikTok.

Don’t get us wrong—you won’t achieve this feat overnight. We just want to emphasize that Playlist Push will help you monetize your network faster than low-paying brand deals or in-platform creator rewards.

If you don’t meet the above-mentioned requirements, look into other GPT apps. However, you can work on increasing your following if you really love music and have other monetization strategies for Spotify and TikTok.

Cashing out Playlist Push earnings

Let’s say you qualified for the stringent screening process of Playlist Push and reviewed a couple of songs in the past few weeks. Now, you have around $30 in your balance. 

However, you don’t know how to cash it out yet, and you need the money in your account urgently.

The good news is that you can request a withdrawal once you reach $20. Also, you can cash out via Venmo, PayPal, or direct bank transfer, although you’ll shoulder their respective transaction fees.

Venmo and PayPal withdrawals take four to five business days. Meanwhile, direct bank transfers only need one to two business days for processing.

The pros and cons of using Playlist Push

The rewards on Playlist Push might sound appealing, but you might still have doubts if you don’t meet its minimum requirement yet. 

After all, building a follower base takes months to years. You won’t want to waste all that time on a platform you don’t believe in 100%.

Don’t fret—we can help you reach a decision. Instead of blindly chasing rewards, compare the platform’s pros and cons objectively.

Decent rewardsStringent screening process
Enjoyable tasks like making TikTok videos and reviewing songsRequires 30,000 followers on TikTok and 1,000 followers on Spotify
Opportunity to discover Indie artistsApplications are closed most of the time
The freedom to share your unfiltered, unbiased thoughtsStrict video and review guidelines
Low-commitment tasks take little time to accomplishNot all artists think highly of Playlist Push

Playlist Push User Reviews

Aspiring Playlist Push curators typically complain about the platform’s application process. Undergoing stringent requirements is one thing, but the fact that the platform doesn’t take applications most days of the year is another.

We advise applicants to work on their Spotify playlists and TikTok accounts in the meantime. That way, you’ll breeze through screening once Playlist Push starts hiring again.

Signing Up for a Playlist Push Account

If you want to try the Playlist Push yourself, follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Visit the Playlist Push website, hover your cursor over the For Creators section, and select either the Spotify Playlist Creators or TikTok Video Creators tab.

Step 2: Hit the Apply Now button. Whether you choose TikTok or Spotify, you should see a big Apply Now button at the top or bottom of the page.

Step 3: Enter your preferred login credentials and detail your Spotify or TikTok account so that Playlist Push can assess you. However, if the applications are closed, you’ll have to try again another time.

Step 4: Wait a few weeks for Playlist Push to reach out to you.

Alternatives to Playlist Push

You can use these GPT apps to make money while building your following for Playlist Push:

  • Slicethepie: Slicethepie doesn’t have a stringent screening process and almost anyone can apply. However, it only pays $0.08 per review.
  • Musicxray: Although Musicxray only pays $0.10 per review, most of the songs on its platform span around 30 to 60 seconds. Also, the platform doesn’t have stringent application requirements.
  • Swagbucks: If you don’t want to review music solely, try Swagbucks. The platform pays users for answering surveys, downloading apps, and playing mobile games.

Final verdict: Is Playlist Push legit and worth your time?

Playlist Push is a legit pay-for-streams platform that helps artists promote their music while playlist curators make money for reviewing songs. It has decent payout rates and a massive music library.

However, we can’t recommend signing up for Playlist Push solely because you love music. The platform has a stringent qualification process.

As we mentioned above, you won’t have a shot at qualifying unless you have thousands of followers on Spotify or TikTok. And remember: building a solid following base could take years.

Please look into other GPT and gig apps if you want to make money fast. However, if you already have some clout, love reviewing music, and want new ways to monetize your social media following, Playlist Push might suit you.