UPDATED: May 13, 2022

You’ve tried out widely known survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie before. Although they have legit payouts, their saturated user base makes it difficult to qualify for surveys. 

Nothing feels worse than a series of survey disqualifications. For this reason, you started looking into lesser-known but equally reputable GPT survey sites like PointClub.

You’ve seen several good reviews about the PointClub app. However, not as many people talk about it compared to other survey sites, so you can’t make an objective, informed decision.

Fortunately, we can help streamline your research. Our team scoured the net for official sources and independent users reviewing PointClub surveys.

This piece gives you first-hand insights into the app, so you can objectively assess how it stacks against other GPT survey sites without signing up for an account yourself.

Moreover, we’ll dive deeper into the best hacks to maximize PointClub surveys. As with any other GPT app, you won’t make a full-time living out of it, but you can boost your earnings so that you don’t end up making pennies per hour.

Stick with us until the end of this article. Each section covers crucial elements that every user should know before signing up to avoid wasting time and effort.

Let’s see whether PointClub surveys are worth your time!

What is PointClub?

PointClub is an online GPT app that pays users for accomplishing several tasks on its platform. 

Users primarily make money by answering market research surveys. However, you can also utilize other money-making opportunities like playing the mobile games it promotes, referring friends, and keeping track of SuperCodes. 

The platform launched in 2012. It steadily grew its user base over the years, but it didn’t grow saturated like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. 

Many users have trouble qualifying for their surveys nowadays. On the contrary, the PointClub website shares that it has a streamlined survey distribution process to minimize disqualifications.

You can access PointClub from the over 14 countries, including:

  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • UK

How PointClub works

PointClub works with market research companies directly. The clients regularly provide them with thousands of paid survey opportunities, then PointClub distributes them to their user base.

According to independent user reviews, their surveys are relatively easy to complete. They consist of standard opinion-based questions to gain consumer insights into different products.

Also, PointClub takes pride in its survey distribution system. It claims to analyze user preferences and demographic factors to minimize the risk of disqualification.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell what types of users get paired with the most surveys. However, you should receive ones that resonate with you and your interests if you answer the personal information form on the sign-up page accurately.

User reviews also indicate that PointClub needs more answers from America. As we mentioned above, you can access PointClub in 14+ different countries, but American users have the best chances of qualifying for more surveys.

However, new users shouldn’t concern themselves too much with these specifics. Just answer survey notifications honestly as you receive them, and you should at least qualify at least 50% to 60% of the time.

Who should and shouldn’t use PointClub?

The PointClub user base typically consists of those who:

  • Spend hours mindlessly scrolling on social media. Consider answering surveys and playing paid games on PointClub. They’re both low-involvement ways to spend free time. However, you’ll make a few bucks for goofing around on PointClub.
  • Want to make beer money. If you want to make an extra $20+ per month for a cheap night out or some parking tickets, sign up for PointClub. Just keep your earnings in your mobile wallet.
  • Have several streams of income in place. You shouldn’t rely on your income from PointClub to pay for anything, or else you might end up disappointed. Just use them for spontaneous, incidental expenses.
  • Understand the concept of GPT apps. As mentioned above, GPT apps pay users to accomplish various tasks like watching videos or answering surveys. They’ll make excellent side gigs.
  • Like answering surveys. If you don’t mind answering surveys for one to two hours every day, consider signing up for multiple GPT survey apps like PointClub. Try qualifying for at least five surveys daily to maximize your earnings.

Unfortunately, PointClub might not suit you if you:

  • Don’t have an Android phone. PointClub has low barriers to entry, but you can’t use its platform if you don’t have a compatible Android device. The app currently doesn’t support iOS smartphones.
  • Expect to make a full-time living. Again, no GPT survey app will give you a full-time income. You can expect to make extra money for incidental expenses like coffee or spontaneous takeout, but you won’t get enough for daily necessities.
  • Hate surveys. You’ll spend most of your time on the platform answering various questions. So, don’t bother signing up for PointClub if you dislike surveys—or any other survey app for that matter.
  • Live outside its target market. PointClub only accommodates users from 14+ different countries. Also, you can’t use a VPN to bypass its geo-restrictions.
  • Have limited free time. You won’t average much per survey, so don’t sacrifice your other obligations and commitments during your day job.

How to Sign Up on PointClub?

PointClub has a relatively straightforward sign-up process, which you can accomplish in a matter of minutes. 

  1. Download the PointClub app on Google Play.
  2. Launch the app and sign up using your Facebook or Google account. You can use an email address, but you’ll have to create a unique password and confirm it twice.
  3. Next, the site will prompt you to complete your profile. Just answer a few things about your age, location, gender, and race, among other demographic questions, to help PointClub determine your consumer preferences.
  4. Afterward, collect your free points. You get 500 points upon signing up, 1,000 points after confirming your email address, and 500 points once you finish setting up your profile. The extra 2,000 points equal $2.

What to Do if You Don’t Qualify for PointClub?

On PointClub, disqualification can mean two things: getting banned or disqualified. Let’s explore these two terms individually:

Disqualification from Surveys

Admittedly, widely known options like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks send survey opportunities more frequently than PointClub does, but you’ll have trouble qualifying. Reviews warn users of high disqualification rates.

While PointClub doesn’t send surveys as often, it filters requests more closely to maximize each user’s chances of qualifying. Their team claims to have low disqualification rates.

As part of their guarantee, they’ll even award users a free 10 to 15 points every time they disqualify. It’s not much. However, they’ll rack up to hundreds quickly if you answer several surveys a day.

Account Ban

PointClub bans users who spam surveys. For instance, if you breeze through the questions without even reading them properly, the system might flag your account.

Banned users can reapply after a month or two. However, you would have to forfeit all the earnings you haven’t cashed out yet upon getting flagged.

Generally, the system shouldn’t ban users who take surveys seriously. However, we read a handful online reviews stating their accounts got flagged and banned for no apparent reason.

In these instances, you can contest PointClub’s decision. However, don’t get your hopes up since most banned users never recovered their forfeited points successfully.

Perhaps your best way to prevent losses would be to cash out your earnings from PointClub. Redeem once you reach the minimum cashout.

Making Money on PointClub

You’ll make most of your earnings on PointClub by answering paid surveys. After signing up, the system will start sending you survey notifications based on your demographic profile.

Again, PointClub works with market research companies. The surveys you get depend on the number of brands and companies looking for market insights from your specific demographic.

You can’t predict what PointClub’s partners need. Instead of shifting your pitches to trick the system into qualifying your account, answer truthfully so that it matches you to more accurate, relevant surveys.

Answering surveys

Allow the PointClub app to send push notifications every time it has a relevant survey opportunity for you. Often, users who call first dibs have higher chances of qualifying. 

Next, read through the information listed on the survey opportunity. Here, you’ll get a summary of the survey’s purpose, intent, and mission, plus a brief primer on the brand behind it.

Send a pitch if you feel your insights will help the brand achieve its end goal. You’ll know whether you qualify or not right away.

Once you qualify, you’ll receive the survey’s instructions. It should include the actual survey questions, specific legal disclaimers, and a clear submission deadline.

Each survey varies in length. However, user reviews state that PointClub surveys need 5 to 30 minutes to complete, and lengthier questions pay users more.

How much does PointClub pay?

PointClub pays differently based on the surveys you answer. Generally, the website’s rewards page says you can expect survey rates to range from 200 to 5,000 points.

How much are points worth on PointClub? 1,000 points equal $1, so a brief five-minute survey that pays 200 points has a cash value of $0.20.

Just manage your expectations accordingly. Although you’ll encounter a handful of 30-minute surveys that pay $5, you won’t quickly qualify for them.

Of course, we still encourage you to apply for those surveys. Again, PointClub pays for survey disqualifications, and applications only take a few seconds, so rejections are no skin off your back.

How to cash out PointClub earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings via gift cards or PayPal transfers once you accumulate 25,000 points. Just go to your wallet, hit Withdraw, and choose your preferred transfer method.

The website claims to send rewards within 72 hours. However, many users have expressed their dismay at PointClub’s lengthy withdrawal procedures, often taking up to 10 business days.

Moreover, these delays occur with both cash and gift card withdrawals. The only difference is that gift cards have far fewer withdrawal fees than PayPal, so you’ll get more for your points.

Other ways to make money with PointClub

PointClub has several money-making opportunities. Although getting $5 for answering 30-minute surveys doesn’t sound like a bad deal, you can further boost your earnings by:

Leveling Up

PointClub rewards loyal users who commit to their tasks. The platform uses levels to classify users and assigns earning bonuses accordingly.

For instance, you’ll start with a level 1 account upon registration. Level 1 users get a 10% bonus on all their earnings, so a survey that pays $1 has an extra $0.10.

If you log in and use the platform for five days straight, you’ll get promoted to level 2 and generate an extra 20% on all earnings. Your standard $1 survey earns an additional $0.20.

Continue logging in every day to move a level up until you hit level 10. By this point, you would’ve already spent 50+ days using PointClub.

For loyal level 10 accounts, PointClub gives a 100% bonus. The standard $1 survey we talked about earlier will earn an extra $1.

If you manage to maintain your level 10 status consistently, you’ll make more money on PointClub than any other GPT survey app.

Entering SuperCodes

Follow PointClub on Twitter and Facebook. They routinely post SuperCodes, which enable users to almost double their earnings on specific surveys.

Just make sure to read the deadlines and user conditions. Most SuperCodes are time-sensitive, so you’ll likely have to use them within one to two days.

Joining Daily Points Giveaway

Another reason to log in daily is to maximize the platform’s daily giveaways. You’ll get a few hundred points for free on most days, but the site’s rewards page claims it offers up to 10,000 points or $10 in giveaways.

Inviting Your Friends to Join

Share your unique sign-up link on social media. The platform pays at least $5 for every successful referral, so just one referral every week will already give you $20 to $30 in earnings.

Is PointClub legit?

Considering the legit payouts, fair rates, regular survey notifications, clear user agreements, and minimal negative reviews, we can say that PointClub is a legitimate GPT app. Anyone interested in answering surveys for a living should consider signing up for an account.

The only issue our team found was its lengthy cashout process. Although PointClub claims to send payouts within 70+ hours, many users shared that their previous withdrawals often took up to 10 days.

However, you can rest assured knowing your money will arrive. You’ll receive gift cards via email with zero transaction fees, while cash withdrawals only follow PayPal’s rates.

The pros and cons of PointClub

Are you still on the fence on how to feel about PointClub? We made a brief list of its pros and cons to help you reach an objective, informed decision.


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Pays 10 to 15 points for survey disqualifications
  • Multiple earning opportunities
  • Committed users can double their earnings just by logging in
  • 100% transparent with the purpose of their surveys
    Multiple bonuses and giveaway simply for using the platform
  • Surveys have relatively easy, opinion-based questions
  • Accurate survey distribution process minimizes disqualifications


  • Lower base payout rates than Swagbucks
  • Sends survey notifications less frequently than other GPT apps
  • Cashouts take up to 10 days
  • Steep minimum cashout of 25,000 points (surveys pay 200 to 5,000 points)

Alternative rewards programs to PointClub

If you want to supplement your earnings on PointClub, consider signing up for the following GPT apps as well:

  • Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie is another excellent GPT survey app. It has slightly higher payouts since it sends survey opportunities more frequently.
  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks ranks among the most widely known GPT apps to date. It started as a paid survey website, but it expanded and added several other money-making opportunities like playing mobile games and watching videos.
  • InboxDollars: Both PointClub and InboxDollars pay users well for answering surveys. Although their rates don’t differ, the latter has a significantly higher rating on TrustPilot.
  • PrizeRebel: Unlike PointClub, PrizeRebel has a super-low minimum cashout of just $5, which you can earn in just a few days.

Is PointClub worth your time?

If you want an alternative to saturated GPT survey apps, consider PointClub. It has decent payout rates, offers multiple earning opportunities, compensates for survey disqualifications, and features several surveys.

But manage your expectations accordingly. Most surveys pay around 200 to 5,000 points, and 50,000 points equal $50, so it might take two to three months to get your first legit cashout.

Also, maximize PointClub’s referral program. Each successful referral pays at least $5, so you’ll significantly boost your earnings if just one or two people use your link to sign up for an account per week.