UPDATED: May 26, 2022

Your household makes enough to pay for basic needs, so you don’t feel struggling financially. But you don’t make bank either.

Your budget probably doesn’t give you much leeway to dine out, go drinking, invest in new household appliances, or splurge on the latest gadgets.

For this reason, you started considering working as a product reviewer for free stuff.

When it comes to legit product testing, one of the first platforms your friends might recommend is Product Testing USA. It has a massive user base across the country.

Just like you, we love free stuff too! And Product Testing USA piqued our interest since it lets select users test various high-value items, from furniture sets to the latest iPhone models.

However, the negative reviews on social media don’t sound reassuring. So, we gathered independent reviews, read official sources, and signed up for the platform to gain first-hand insights.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Product Testing USA, its earning potential, and qualification feasibility.

Stick with us until the end to learn the truth about free product testers. Otherwise, you might be disappointed and quit midway if the platform doesn’t match your misguided expectations.

Let’s start our review of Product Testing USA!

What is Product Testing USA?

Product Testing USA connects product reviewers with its partner brands. It stands as one of the most widely known legit product testing platforms trusted by millions of users across the country.

Free product testers love Product Testing USA because it offers high-value products. If you scroll through their categories, you’ll find expensive products like smartphones, laptops, furniture, and appliances worth several thousands of dollars.

Moreover, Product Testing USA allows testers to keep these products. For instance, if you qualify to test the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can keep the device after submitting your review.

Apart from product testing, users can also look into mystery shopping and secret dining. We’ll dive into them further below, but they essentially let you dine out and shop at your favorite locations for free.

Company History

Some users feel skeptical about Product Testing USA because it has little to no background information online. All we know is the website launched in 2014.

If you search the domain on WHOIS and ICANN, you’ll see that the site redacted its registered users for privacy. However, both platforms show that the company’s registration country is Great Britain.

Sadly, the lack of information might come off as a deal-breaker. Although we can’t justify why  Product Testing USA would go to lengths to hide its founding information, we know that thousands of product reviewers trust it.

Typical users on Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA features a diverse catalog of items available for testing and reviews, from beauty products to tech devices. However, the platform isn’t for everyone.

You might find Product Testing USA right up your alley if you:

  • Don’t mind answering multiple surveys. We had to answer 10 to 20 questions to help the system determine our consumer profile to qualify for an offer. It took us less than five minutes to complete.
  • Can spare 30 to 60 minutes every day. You can increase your chances of qualifying as a free product tester by applying for multiple offers. Try your luck with every product that interests you.
  • Aren’t expecting to qualify for high-value goods. Product Testing USA heavily advertises that product reviewers can get free smartphones and appliances. However, note that you have very minimal chances of qualifying for these offers. 
  • Will explore lower-value offers. Lower-value offers worth less than $100 typically accept more free product testers, so don’t ignore them. Also, check out the mystery shopper and secret diner opportunities.

Reconsider signing up for product testing if you:

  • Need a new phone or gadget. Please don’t turn to Product Testing USA hoping to get a new gadget ASAP. We learned that many users spend years without even qualifying for $100 offers. 
  • Only want high-value goods. You have the best chances of qualifying for lower-value offers, so don’t sign up for Product Testing USA if they don’t interest you. 
  • Expect a guaranteed qualification. Again, Product Testing USA doesn’t guarantee offers. Unless you don’t mind waiting months to years for one product testing offer, consider other legit product testing sites.

The legitimacy of Product Testing USA

Is it safe to say that Product Testing is legit? Based on the reviews we found online and our personal experience using the platform, it’s ​​a legit product testing site.

We dislike the site’s lack of transparency about its origins, but we appreciate that it sends legit offers. Other shady product testing sites will only steal your data.

However, manage your expectations. After trying the platform and testimonials, we found that qualifying for legit product testing offers is extremely challenging. 

Even Product Testing USA emphasizes that signing up doesn’t guarantee qualification. Once you send your application, you have as many chances of qualifying as winning the lottery.

You’ll receive an offer stating you are eligible if you're lucky. The team will coordinate with you regarding shipping and send the unit for one to two weeks of testing.

After submitting your review, you’ll officially own the product shipped to you.

How Product Testing USA works

The numerous offers available might seem confusing, but Product Testing USA has a straightforward, hassle-free system. You can try multiple offers if you know your way around the site.

Sign-Up Qualifications

Product Testing USA only requires users to be of legal age and a resident in the U.S. You can apply for any offer if you meet these two requirements.

Also, you don’t need to create an account. You only need to log in with your email or Facebook account once for the system to allow multiple offer applications.

Products you can receive from Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA carries a diverse range of items under the following categories:

  • Baby
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Home and Garden
  • Pets

You’ll come across various offers under each category. For instance, Technology has offers under $60 like interactive toys, but it also features $1,400+ gadgets like the Samsung S22 Ultra.

Also, Product Testing has two extra categories apart from product testing:

Mystery Shopper

You’ll get store coupons if you qualify as a mystery shopper. Once you use one, your job involves writing a comprehensive, in-depth store review. 

Feel free to talk about your overall shopping experience. Share any inconveniences you encountered with customer support, item selection, and checkout, among other parts of your visit.

Secret Diner

Secret diners receive restaurant discounts. Like mystery shopping, your task involves writing a review about the locations wherein you used your coupons.

Again, express your honest opinion. Talk about the restaurant’s ambiance, service, cleanliness, presentation, and, of course, food.

Applying for a Product Testing USA Offer

Again, you don’t have to sign up for an account. However, you’ll need to apply for every product testing offer individually.

Step 1: Choose a Solid Product to Test

Visit Product Testing USA and hit the Categories tab at the top of the page. Scroll through the hundreds of available offers, narrow down the best options, then open them in separate tabs for quick access. 

For instance, let’s say you like gadgets. Click the Categories tab, then head over to the Technology section. Here you’ll see everything from electronic toys to smartphones.

Step 2: Apply for an Offer

Click the Sign-Up or Get Started button in the offer you want. Read the Terms and Conditions, tick the box once you finish, and click the big Sign Up button again.

Afterward, a login sheet will pop up on the screen. Enter your preferred login credentials, although we advise using an email account you won’t mind getting dumped with spam emails.

Step 3: Answer Survey

Next, you’ll come across a survey with 10 to 15 questions. The site claims they ask these for demographic purposes, but most questionnaires just push promotional newsletters, coupons, and offers.

You might find some offers appealing. However, note that agreeing to any of them gives Product Testing USA the right to send spam emails and make sales calls, but it still doesn’t guarantee a qualification.

Step 4: Confirm Email

Click the confirmation link that Product Testing USA sends you. Also, take this chance to review the site’s terms and conditions so that you can still back out if you suddenly change your mind.

Step 5: Repeat and Wait for Qualification

Product Testing USA will reach out to you via email in a week or two if you qualify for its offer. However, don’t expect much out of your first application.

Instead, repeat the above-mentioned steps and apply for 5 to 10 more offers. You can further improve your chances by diversifying your applications with various products of different values.

Product Testing USA payout options

Is at-home product testing a real job? Yes, but only if you work as a remote product tester for a company that guarantees steady payments or compensation.

However, Product Testing USA won’t serve as an income source. The site doesn’t pay users for answering surveys. It only gives you the chance to qualify for testing various products in its catalog, assuming you applied for them.

Look for other legit product testing jobs if you want a paying gig. Only use Product Testing USA as a free lottery wherein you could win gadgets and appliances.

Product testing frequency

Product Testing USA indicates in its terms and conditions that it selects reviewers based on specific campaign requirements, which it doesn’t disclose. However, they confirm that age, location, and gender affect their decisions.

Also, it doesn’t guarantee qualifications. We can’t estimate how frequently you’ll qualify for product testing, mystery dining, or secret shopping.

You can go years without qualifying for anything. On the other hand, you can also get lucky and review an iPhone 13 Pro Max in your first month.

Product Testing USA user reviews

Some of the most common reviews about Product Testing USA talked about its:

Diverse Catalog

Many users praise Product Testing USA for its diverse catalog. It has everything, from the latest smartphones to inexpensive baby toys, so you’ll definitely find something interesting.

Selection Process

Product Testing USA has a stringent selection process. After all, each offer receives thousands of applicants, but it can only accept a handful of product reviewers.

Unfortunately, this imbalance further tightens the competition. We found several users complaining that they didn’t qualify for anything even after spending over a year on applications.

Spam emails and promotional calls

By signing up for Product Testing USA, you also consent to its promotions. The first section in its terms and conditions contract explicitly states that users should agree to them before applying for offers.

Unfortunately, not many users can tolerate the site’s newsletters and calls. Applicants complained about their phones ringing late at night or spam emails filling their inboxes, and they haven’t even qualified for anything yet.

Our team even got a spam email after a day of signing up for offers.

The pros and cons of Product Testing USA

Again, Product Testing USA has legit offers. However, the low chances of qualifying for product reviews create an effort-reward imbalance, which might make you doubt whether the site’s worth it.

To help you reach a solid, fact-based decision, we made a brief roundup of the platform’s pros and cons.

Free to sign upDoesn’t guarantee wins
You can apply for as many product reviews as you wantTons of spam emails and promotional calls
Offers high-value gadgets, appliances, and furnitureSome users spend months to years without getting anything
Lets you try mystery shopping and secret diningSurveys might come off annoying
Diverse catalog of products ready for testingNo information about founders

Alternatives to Product Testing USA

If you don’t think Product Testing USA is worth the hassle, check out one of these platforms instead:

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks ranks among the most widely known GPT apps. You can make $0.40 to $2 by answering surveys, playing mobile games, and referring friends. It doesn’t offer product testing. However, you can convert your rewards into gift cards if you don’t want to withdraw cash. Here’s how you can earn on Swagbucks fast.
  • Pinecone Research: If you dislike low survey rates, try Pinecone Research. It guarantees a $3 minimum payout on all its surveys, plus it offers product testing opportunities now and then.
  • Facebook Groups: The TryIt Sampling Community, Bazaarvoice, Spectrum, FREE PRODUCT TESTING group is among the most trusted communities for getting free stuff. It gives you a master list of the companies that offer product sampling. You might have trouble qualifying for most of them, but at least you’ll work with brands directly.

Final Verdict: Should you sign up for Product Testing USA?

Overall, we can attest that Product Testing USA is legit. It stands among the most widely known and trusted legit product testing sites that deliver real products.

However, signing up for offers doesn’t guarantee a win. Each offer probably receives thousands of applicants, and some users have gone months to years without getting anything.

Of course, you don’t have to avoid Product Testing USA altogether. Just manage your expectations before creating an account. 

As we mentioned above, your chances of qualifying for high-value gadgets, appliances, and furniture are quite slim. Be prepared to lose dozens of times.

For more chances of winning, opt for lower-value offers. Also, don’t forget to explore the mystery shopping and secret diner promos, which you can use the next time you dine out.