by Aidan Kang, CFA
Senior Writer
UPDATED: October 26, 2022

If you’re a Progressive customer, Progressive has an ingenious loyalty program to ensure that you get the best services available in the insurance sector and matchless value for money.

This loyalty program has multiple membership levels that offer different discounts, and rewards that Progressive’s customers get to enjoy.

What Are The Membership Levels Of Progressive Insurance

These are the various loyalty tiers that Progressive offers. We’ll tell you how long it’ll take to get to that tier, and what kinds of discounts and rewards you can enjoy. 

For more information on what each reward type means, read our section on The Progressive Loyalty Rewards Types. 

1. Silver

This level is for eligible members that have been insured with Progressive Insurance or another insurer for 6 months. 

This is great. Even though you may be fairly new to insurance, but you’re given discounts that encourage you to grow to the next levels. 

Members enjoy the following benefits for the duration of time you’ve been consistently insured:

  • small accident forgiveness 
  • continuous insurance 

2. Gold

Membership is achieved by members who have been insured with Progressive or another insurer for one year. Members in this group have access to:

  • small accident forgiveness 
  • continuous insurance discounts
  • and teen driver discounts.

3. Platinum

Membership is open for individuals who have been insured for 3 years with Progressive or another insurer.

Like Gold members, you can enjoy: 

  • small accident forgiveness
  • continuous insurance discounts
  • teen driver discounts

While the benefits are largely the same as the gold level, a noteworthy distinction is that you get a higher continuous insurance discount as you’ve continually been insured for 3 years.

4. Diamond

Also known as Platinum II, members achieve this status when they have been insured by Progressive Insurance or another insurer for 5 years.

If you get to this level, you’ve probably enjoyed Progressive discounts from the first level and have experienced the benefits. This time though, you have the added benefit of large accident forgiveness.

At this level, you can expect to enjoy:

  • small accident forgiveness
  • continuous insurance discounts
  • teen driver discounts 
  • large accident forgiveness

5. Emerald

This level is achieved by members who have been insured by Progressive for 10 years.

Members enjoy various benefits including: 

  • small accident forgiveness
  • continuous insurance discounts
  • teen driver discounts
  • large accident forgiveness, and 
  • VIP access. 

VIP access means that anytime you call in to Progressive, you’ll get prioritized and get to skip the queue.

This means your issues or queries will be addressed in record time!

6. Lifetime Crown Benefits

This is the highest level Progressive Insurance has and it is only attained by members who have been insured with them for 20 years

All members look forward to reaching this esteemed level and enjoy the many benefits that come with it. 

Members’ benefits include: 

  • small accident forgiveness
  • continuous discount
  • teen driver discount
  • large accident forgiveness
  • VIP access, and 
  • lifetime insurance renewals.

Lifetime insurance renewals means that you’re guaranteed to have your insurance renewed with Progressive, even if there are changes to your driving record.

Explanation of the Progressive Loyalty Benefits

So you’ve seen what discounts and benefits are available at each level. But what does the benefit actually mean? 

In this section, we’ll explain everything in detail.

Small Accident Forgiveness

Small accidents are claims of $500 and below. 

Progressive’s forgiveness policy for these claims safeguards your rates from going up when you request a claim of $500 or below. 

The rates for these claims are not standard across state borders. 

Therefore it’s worthwhile enquiring about how the policy applies in your particular state from Progressive’s customer service response team.

Continuous Insurance Discount

Members get to enjoy a discount for the cumulative time they’ve been insured (whether by Progressive or another insurer) without coverage breaks.

The longer members have been insured the more the discount grows.

For instance, a member who has been insured with us for 5 years will have a bigger discount compared to one who has been with us for 1 year.

Teen Driver Discount

Parents or guardians with teenagers below 19 years can save if they’ve got a licensed teenager on their cover. 

Progressive understands that your kids may not afford to cover themselves and came up with this inspired benefit that will allow you to save when you have them on your cover.

Large Accident Forgiveness

Even if you’re at fault, your rates won’t go up when you make claims exceeding $500.

This benefit is tailored to reward members who have been consistently insured with progressive for at least 5 years and who is violation and accident-free for 3 consecutive years. 


At progressive, each of the loyalty levels is keenly thought of and strategically implemented to benefit and enable members to get substantial discounts. 

This inventive model has ensured top-class satisfaction from their customers, who at each level get to enjoy extra discounts and benefits.

The program also ensures customers are not bored with their products, rather they remain motivated and encouraged to ensure their properties and vehicles with Progressive. 

Progressive Insurance also delights in knowing they’ve successfully managed to make their clients happy by offering benefits they do not expect and discounts that enable them to save.

Going up their loyalty rewards ladder is easy and only requires patience since, the longer you are insured with them the sooner you achieve and surpass their loyalty stages, unlocking better benefits at each level.