UPDATED: May 13, 2023

Shopping for a new laptop you love that is within your budget can be a challenging task. Once you find one you really like, you may either end up spending more than you had planned or end up settling for a cheaper alternative. However, you don't have to break the bank to get what will work for you. This article will provide tips on finding a great laptop and not spending too much to buy it.

1. Consider getting a budget laptop

Although high-end and expensive laptops can be tempting and look like a great buy; most people actually go for budget laptops. Here are a few things you can consider when choosing a budget laptop:

Look at the operating system

The operating system is a very important factor to consider. Most budget laptops run on Windows or ChromeOS operating systems. For most people, these options are perfectly suitable for their needs; however, if you’ve used a Macbook your whole life, you may find it difficult to navigate a different operating system.

Look at the processor

When it comes to the processor, look for an Intel Core i3 or better. Most budget laptops come with a variety of low-end processors that can’t be found in expensive brands. You will likely find budget-tier brands such as Intel Celeron, AMD Athlon, Samsung or MediaTek. 

Consider the RAM

Aim for 8GB or more. Although you can always get by with less, it makes multi-tasking and more demanding applications run much more smoothly. 

Go for SSD rather than HDD

When it comes to the hard drive, a 128GB or 256GB SSD (solid-state drive) comes highly recommended. Although a 500GB HDD (hard disk drive) storage may look and sound better, the smart option is to go for a smaller SSD storage. This is because SSD storage is typically more efficient and allows a PC to open applications faster and boot quicker. Remember, you can always get more storage space through the cloud and external storage drives.

2. Consider purchasing it on credit

You can make your credit more economical by keeping the costs low. It’s commonly known that if you don’t settle your debt on time you might be sent for debt counseling where a TurboDebt Review can come in handy. You could easily avoid this by going for the lowest interest rates available, preferably interest-free.

Some shops will offer interest-free credit for a stipulated amount of time, while others will allow you to purchase something on layaway, paying for it in installments and collecting it on your last payment.

3. Upgrade the laptop you currently have

Before purchasing a new laptop, check to see if upgrading your existing PC is a possible option. Obviously, if your computer is broken beyond repair or an upgrade is not possible, you will need a new one. But problems with the hard drive or cracked screens can be fixed. You can easily swap your spinning hard disk for a solid-state drive. This will make your PC faster and more responsive.

4. Compare and contrast

Online shops and websites have made it very simple to compare and contrast products. You no longer have to visit different shops to see what they have in stock and whether it will suit your needs.

You need to do your research, read about different models and check out customer and product reviews. You could also consult laptop best buy guides for more information on the laptop you want to buy. 

Consider looking out for open-box items that are commonly sold at a reduced price. Open-box items are typically returned by customers with minimal usage and are fully functional. The manufacturer tends to sell these at a discount, sometimes offering up to 15% off the original price. 

Once you find the laptop you want, compare the prices across high-end shops, local independents and online stores to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Final thoughts

If you are going for a brand-new laptop, always select a brand that offers support and local services. This will come in handy if you have any problems with your laptop as it means you can get it fixed effectively and quickly. Keep the tips from this article in mind and you should find a laptop that is a great fit for you, at a reasonable price.