by Aidan Kang, CFA
Senior Writer
UPDATED: October 29, 2021

If you have a device from Sprint, you might have come across Sprint Complete and you want to know more about this insurance plan. Or perhaps you already have this plan and you’re thinking if you should keep it or cancel it. 

In this blog post, we will look into Sprint Complete, what it covers, and the benefits of getting this plan for your Sprint device.

What Is Sprint Complete?

Sprint Complete is an insurance program that can be added to provide coverage for your newly acquired or current mobile phone. It was designed to be a one-stop solution that helps you get the most out of your device. This plan is powered by insurance provider Asurion, which is Sprint's partner for support and protection.

The plan is advertised to include everything you need to stay up and running with your new phone, including convenient and discounted maintenance alternatives, next-day replacement for lost, stolen or unrepairable phones, and end-to-end, on-demand personalized assistance.

How Much Does Sprint Complete Cost?

The cost of Sprint Complete ranges from $9 a month to $19 a month. Your monthly costs are based on the device you have and the tier to which you fall into. Tier 1 has the cheapest cost of which is typically for older and cheaper devices while Tier 5 is for the most expensive and latest phone models.

Here is the Sprint Complete protection plan cost for the different tiers:

(View the full list of phones for each tier here. )

Tier 1$9 a month Samsung A Series, Seek M350, Galaxy Victory 4G LTE L300, Galaxy S 4 Mini L520, Galaxy J3, J7 Perx, J3 Achieve, J7 Refine …
Blackberry6510, 7100, 7130,7250,7510,7520, 7750,8703,8830, …
Nokia70, 3155, 3205, 5170, 6016 …
LG125, 150, 160, 225, 325, 4NE1, Remarq 240, Rumor, Rumor 2, …
Tier 2$15 a month AppleiPhone 4 8GB, iPhone 4S (8GB-64GB) iPhone 5 (16GB-64GB), iPhone 5C (8GB-32GB), …
SamsungGalaxy S4 and S5, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy III Tri-Band, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Watch 46mm and 49mm,…
HTCEVO 4G LTE X325C, One M7 801C, One A9 HTC2PQ93, One Max AP902, …
LGG Flex, G Flex II, G4, G5
G2, Google Nexus 5 16GB (D820), Optimus G LS970, G3 …
Tier 3$15 a month AppleiPhone 6-128GB, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus (16GB-64GB), iPhone 7 (32GB-128GB), …
Samsung Galaxy Notes, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge+ & S6 Edge (32GB-128GB) , Galaxy Note 5 (32GB-64GB), Galaxy S7-S9, S7 Edge, Galaxy Note Edge, …
LGV20 LS997, G6 LS993, G7 ThinQ Blue, G7 ThinQ Ice Platinum
Tier 4$15 a month AppleiPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus 128GB, iPhone 7 256GB, iPhone 7 Plus (128GB-256GB), iPhone 8 & 8 Plus 256GB, iPhone XR 256GB
Samsung Galaxy S8+ & S9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 Active
LGV30+ 128GB, V40 ThinQ
Tier 5$19 a month AppleiPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max
SamsungGalaxy Note 9

What Does Sprint Complete Insurance Cover?

Sprint Complete is a Sprint phone insurance plan that covers your phone in case of any damage or loss. But you have to take note that like other insurance plans, you will have to pay a deductible fee in case of a repair or replacement. 

A deductible fee is an amount that you will have to pay for a service before your insurance plan can take effect. The Sprint Complete deductible fees will vary depending on your phone model and what service you need.

To give you a complete breakdown of what Sprint Complete covers, we have listed down the features included in a Sprint Complete plan, as well as the deductible fee if applicable.

1. Next-Day Replacement for Lost or Stolen Phones

Losing your phone or having it stolen can be a scary thought. With most of our personal and business activities tied up to our mobile phones, being without a mobile device can be stressful. 

If you have a Sprint Complete plan, this provides next-day phone replacement for lost or stolen devices, so you can quickly receive a new device once your original one is verified missing.

Deductible fee for phone replacement or lost phone fee:

  • Tier 1: $50
  • Tier 2: $125
  • Tier 3: $225
  • Tier 4: $275
  • Tier 5: $275

2. Phone Repair

When your phone is broken or has stopped working, you need assistance as soon as possible. Sprint will repair it at your convenience if you are signed up for a Sprint Complete plan. Depending on what your phone tier is, you will have to pay a deductible fee of $25 to $140.

Deductible for phone repairs:

  • Tier 1: $25
  • Tier 2: $65
  • Tier 3: $115
  • Tier 4: $140
  • Tier 5: $140

If you have an eligible Apple device with AppleCare, the cost of repair under AppleCare is $99 while theft and loss  replacement deductible fee is $149. 

How long does a phone repair take? Most in-store repairs are completed the same day as long as they do not require extensive work and aren't too urgent. In most situations, mail-in repairs from an authorized repair facility are returned within 5 business days.

3. $29 Cracked Screen Repair Fee

Does Sprint insurance cover cracked screens? The answer is yes. Having a Sprint Complete plan allows you to have your cracked screen repaired for a flat fee of $29 (all tiers). 

You have to take note, however, that there are device models that are not eligible for Sprint Complete's cracked screen repair service including Motorola, Sonim, ZTE, Essential, Kyocera, and other older models.

Screen repair is also not available for the first 60 days after release if you have a new Apple, Samsung, LG, or HTC phone. After 60 days, these phone models are then eligible for the $29 fee.

4. Unlimited Photo and Video Cloud Storage

A Sprint Complete plan provides you with unlimited storage for photos and videos. The Sprint Complete Storage feature allows you to have an automatic and high-resolution backup of all your media files.

5. Online Password Management Tools

Sprint Complete also offers password protection tools to safeguard your online accounts. This feature allows you to secure your online accounts, making it difficult for hackers and other cybercriminals from getting into your personal information.

6. Unlimited Help with a Live Tech Expert

Are you encountering a problem with your phone? Maybe you have Bluetooth problems, Wi-Fi issues, or a frozen screen? For any questions or technical problems, you can contact a live tech expert based in the United States to set up your device or check it for you.

Can I Sign Up for Sprint Complete Anytime?

No. You can only sign up for Sprint Complete when you get a new device or within 30 days of getting a phone from Sprint. So if you have a new device and are planning to get this plan, it is best to enroll within the limited period.

How Do I File a Claim with Sprint Complete?

One common question is how to file a Sprint Complete insurance claim. Customers with a valid Sprint Complete plan can go online at or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666 to file a claim for their lost or stolen devices. 

Operation hours are Monday through Friday: 7 am to 11 pm CST, and Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm CST.

What is the difference between AppleCare+ and Sprint Complete with Apple Care?

AppleCare+ is a warranty program you directly buy from Apple, while Sprint Complete with AppleCare+ is an insurance plan you buy from Sprint.

For the latest and flagship IPhone like IPhone 13 Pro and IPhone 13 Pro Max, AppleCare+ with loss and theft protection costs $269 for two years or $13.49 a month. 

If you sign up for Sprint Complete, the cost of the highest tier per month (Tier 5) which these phones will fall under is $19 per month. If you have an IPhone, it may be cheaper to get AppleCare+ directly from Apple.However, the advantage of Sprint Complete is that it also offers some extra features that you might find beneficial. 

Is Sprint Complete Worth It?

The answer to the question whether Sprint Complete is worth it depends on the phone that you buy and how long you want coverage for. If you buy a new phone, especially an expensive one at that, getting an insurance plan isn't a bad idea. 

Sprint Complete allows you to cover your phone for damages, loss, and theft. There are also other features that might come in handy like unlimited cloud storage, tech support, and password management tools.

For example, if you bought an IPhone 12 Pro at $999 and the phone was stolen. You only have to pay a $149 deductible fee to have your phone replaced. The remaining $850 will be covered by insurance, which is equivalent to around 44 monthly payments if you are on Sprint Complete Tier 5.

If you cracked your screen without insurance, the cost of replacing an IPhone 12 Pro screen is $279. With insurance, you only need to pay a flat fee of $29 so you save $250 (roughly equivalent to 13 months of insurance payments). 

This means that if you damage or lose your phone in the first year of ownership, you are essentially saving more money. 

So is Sprint Complete worth it? Yes because protecting your phone with insurance can give you the peace of mind you need and save you from all the hassle in case your device breaks, gets stolen, or lost.