UPDATED: November 23, 2022

Do you need to buy something but don’t have the money yet? If only your next salary could come three weeks early, you wouldn’t have to worry.

Here’s where services like Afterpay come in. Afterpay is a “buy now, pay later” financial service that allows you to purchase what you need now and pay it in four installments over six weeks.

If you pay on time, you won’t pay any interest or charges. But if your payment is late, you’ll be charged a late fee.

Afterpay also has a monthly payment option, which comes with interest and a longer payment period.

So, where can you use Afterpay? Can you shop with Afterpay in-store and online?

Let’s find out.

Clothing stores that accept Afterpay

Shoe stores that accept Afterpay

Appliances and electronics stores that accept Afterpay

Home stores that accept Afterpay

Furniture stores where you can shop with Afterpay

Department stores and retailers with Afterpay

Kids stores with Afterpay

Beauty stores that take Afterpay

Jewelry and accessories stores that accept Afterpay

Pet stores where you can shop with Afterpay

For the complete list of stores where you can shop using Afterpay, check out these category links:

For stores that are in-store exclusive, make sure that you check the eligible locations on Afterpay’s website. You wouldn’t want to walk into the shop only to find out they’re not participating yet.

Some big brands like Macy’s, Nike, Under Armour, and Columbia are available in-app only.

Do Amazon and Walmart take Afterpay?

No, Amazon and Walmart don’t accept Afterpay yet. However, you can buy Amazon.com gift cards and Walmart gift cards worth $5 to $500 and pay in four installments. Then, you can use the gift cards to shop on Amazon and Walmart. Essentially, that’s like paying for your purchases using Afterpay.

How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay is a payment option you can use at checkout at select stores to buy the things that you need now but have the flexibility to pay them later. Afterpay has two options:

Pay-in-4 Orders

Pay-in-4 Orders split your payment into four, which you’ll pay over six weeks. You need to make the first payment upon purchase and the remaining balance every two weeks.

It’s also important to make on-time payments to avoid late payment fees. The total late payment fees are capped at 25% of your purchase’s value.

Pay Monthly Orders

Pay Monthly is like a loan and comes with an interest of 0 to 35.99%. You can use this option to buy big-ticket items worth $400+ and pay over a 6-month or 12-month period. The first payment covers the interest, while the rest goes to the principal amount.

What’s good about this is that it doesn’t have late payment fees. Still, you’d want to make timely payments to keep a clean record and creditworthiness with Afterpay.

Note: Afterpay doesn’t approve 100% of orders to support responsible spending. It assesses your creditworthiness based on your ability to make repayments, how long you’ve been a responsible shopper with the platform, and whether you have sufficient funds in your account.

What sets Afterpay apart from other “buy now, pay later” is that it won’t drive you to uncontrollable debts because of high interest when you default. Afterpay’s late payment charges are capped for Pay-in-4 orders, and it doesn’t charge you late fees for the Pay Monthly orders.

How to use Afterpay when shopping online and in-store

You need to download the app via Google Play or Apple App Store and create an Afterpay account. You also have to connect a credit card or debit card, set up your Afterpay Card, and activate it.

To shop online, check first whether the store accepts Afterpay, then you can add to your cart the items you wish to buy. At checkout, choose Afterpay as the payment method. The store will ship the products to you.

In-store, you can use your Afterpay Card through your Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay wallet. Just select the Afterpay Card to tap and pay at the counter. You can bring home your purchases and pay them off in installments.

You can see all the details of your transactions and manage your account on the app. You may also be able to change the date of your payment schedules through the app, which can help you manage your spending better.


Does Afterpay have spending limits?

Yes, it does. Afterpay’s spending limit starts at $500. Your spending limit changes from time to time depending on how you use your account.

Afterpay considers several factors, such as:

  • How long you’ve been using Afterpay since your first order
  • How often you purchase items
  • What’s your source of payment
  • Timely or late payments and their frequency
  • How often your orders get declined due to insufficient balance

As you use your Afterpay account responsibly and pay your dues on time, your spending limit increases gradually.

Does Afterpay affect your credit score?

Afterpay conducts soft credit checks, especially for new customers, which shouldn’t affect your credit score. Afterpay also doesn’t report late payments to credit bureaus under its Pay-in-4 orders.

With Pay Monthly orders, however, Afterpay may report your late or missed payments to credit bureaus. Any defaults on your account may reflect on your credit report.

Who can use Afterpay?

Afterpay lists the following as eligibility requirements:

  • US residents (except US Territories)
  • At least 18 years old
  • Can enter into a legally binding contract
  • Valid email address and mobile number
  • Valid delivery address in the US
  • US-issued credit card, debit card, or bank checking account

Afterpay orders are subject to approval.


Wrapping Up

You can use Afterpay when you shop online or in-store from thousands of brands, from shoes to clothing, beauty and cosmetics, to outdoors and electronics.

Afterpay provides spending flexibility to you as a consumer by allowing you to purchase the items you need today and pay them in installments. The repayment period, however, is shorter compared to other installment products, so it’s important to be responsible with your payments.

Afterpay’s late payment fees are capped, and your spending limit changes depending on your spending habits. We like these limitations because you won’t be driven to overspend and end up with mounting debts you can’t repay.