UPDATED: October 26, 2022

Although there are over 5.1 million ATMs in the US as of 2020, there are still times when there’s no nearby machine, and you don’t have time to withdraw money.

Also, you might need some cash but don't want to pay ATM fees. Instead of withdrawing money, you can opt for a cash back.

You can get cash back conveniently at checkout when you purchase from the 24 stores listed here. We’ve checked official sources to verify if they do cash back.

Check out our list and avoid paying ATM charges when you can get your cash at minimal to no fees from these stores when you purchase using your debit card. 

What’s the Difference Between Cash Back and Cash Withdrawal?

Before we dive into the list of stores that do cash back, let’s clear the difference between cash back and cash withdrawal. 

Withdrawal allows you to get cash from your bank account. You can do this by using an ATM for a fee if you withdraw from a machine not owned by your bank.

On the other hand, cash back can refer to two things. First, it involves the points you earn when you use your card to purchase store items.

But when a cashier asks, “Do you want cash back?” while checking out the products you’ve bought, they mean physical bills. Aside from ATMs, you can also get cash from other places, such as retail stores and gas stations.

How Can You Get Cash Back with a Debit Card?

When you pay using a debit card in places that give cash back, the cashier will ask you if you want to get physical dollar bills. The extra money will be included in the receipt since it will be a payment for the cash you got from the store.

Take note that some stores require a minimum purchase amount before you can request cash back. Also, some retailers collect fees for the transaction. In turn, it’s similar to withdrawing money from ATMs.

24 Stores that Give Cash Back on Your Debit Card Purchases

We’ve compiled a list of places that give cash back, which include grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, and pharmacies.

Grocery or retail stores

Check out these 9 retail stores where you can request cash back. At the end of the section, you’ll discover the top 4 grocery stores that offer free cash back on debit.


Limit: $100 to $300

Fee: $0

Albertsons is one of the grocery giants in the US. Currently, it has over 2,000 branches. You can go to Albertsons’ location page to find the nearest store in your area.

The good thing is that Albertsons doesn’t have additional requirements when getting cash back. You’re eligible for the transaction as long as you buy items from the store. 

2. Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer provides a one-stop shopping experience and low grocery prices. There are over 130 branches, and you can find a nearby store by visiting the Store Locator page.

Limit: $1 to $300

Fee: $0.50 for cash back up to $100, while the cost varies per location for $100.01 and above

Also, Fred Meyer doesn’t require a minimum purchase amount for your groceries. As long as you buy from their store, you can get cash back.

3. Shoppers Food Warehouse

Since 1949, Shoppers Food Warehouse has been offering grocery and household items. It’s available in two cities⁠—Maryland, with 17 branches, and Virginia, with 3 stores.

You can search Shoppers Food Warehouse branches by navigating through the Stores page.

Limit: $100 to $300

Fee: $0

4. Food Lion

Food Lion is a North Carolina-based grocery store with over 1,000 branches in 10 states, including Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. You can visit the Store Locator to know the nearest store in your neighborhood.

Limit: $5 to $200 for EBT cardholders and up to $100 for other debit cards

Fee: $0

Food Lion’s cash back limit varies per store. You can ask the cashiers regarding the availability of their cash on hand.

5. Save Mart Supermarkets

Save Mart Supermarkets is a full-service grocery store with more than 200 stores throughout California and Northern Nevada. You can navigate through the Store Locator page to know where you can get cash back.

Limit: $200 to $300

Fee: $0


ALDI offers low-priced food products in over 2,000 stores across 36 states, including Texas and Illinois. Provide your zip code on the Store Locator page to find the nearest branch.

Limit: $100

Fee: $0

7. Meijer

Meijer, a family-owned retailer, has over 240 supercenters in 6 states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Here’s the Store Finder to help you discover the nearest branch in your city.

Limit: $50

Fee: $0

8. Shoprite

Shoprite is a cooperative supermarket with more than 300 branches in 6 states: Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

You can look into the Store Locator page to find the nearest place to get cash back.

Limit: $200

Fee: $0

9. Kroger

Since 1883, Kroger has been operating as a food manufacturing business in the US. It’s accessible in 35 states with over 2,800 branches. You can find a nearby Kroger by visiting the Store Locator page.

Maximum limit: $300

Fee: $3

If you only get $100, Kroger will collect $0.50 on top of the total amount.

Some things to note:

  • Sale items are generally not eligible for the cash back transaction
  • Your bill before cash back should not be more than the requested money
  • Fuel, gift cards, alcohol, tobacco products, and pharmaceutical products don’t entitle you to cash back
  • Kroger is one of the few stores that do cash back on credit cards.

Top grocery stores which give the highest cash back

Grocery or retail storeMaximum LimitFee
Fred Meyer$300$0
Shoppers Food Warehouse$300$0
Save Mart Supermarkets$300$0

Gas stations

Seven widely known gas stations do cash back on debit cards. At the end of the section, you’ll know the top 4 stores which give free-of-charge cash back.

1. ampm

Gas station ampm has over 950 outlets in different states, such as Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. ampm requires customers to spend at least $2.50 to be eligible for cash back.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

2. BP

BP gas station has more than 7,200 branches in several states like California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and New Jersey. Take note that you need to purchase at least $3 worth of gas to get cash back.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

3. Casey's General Store

Casey’s General Store is available in 14 states, including Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. It has about 2,300 branches in the US.

Limit: $20

Fee: $0

4. Chevron

Chevron has more than 3,000 stations across the US. You can find the energy company locations in many states, such as Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

5. Circle K

Circle K is another gas station that allows you to get cash back. The convenience store is available in 48 states, excluding Nebraska and Utah. Currently, it operates more than 15,000 branches in the US.

As long as you buy from the store, you can already be eligible for cash back.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

6. ExxonMobil

You can also request cash back at any ExxonMobil branch. It operates in 47 states with more than 12,000 gas stations in total.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

7. Shell

With nearly 14,300 branches across the states, you can surely find one Shell station near you to get cash back. 

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

Top gas stations to get cash back without minimum purchase 

Gas stationMaximum Limit
Circle K$40

Department stores

We’ve listed the top 5 department stores where you can get cash back without any fees.

1. Home Depot

Home Depot offers house improvement items and tools in approximately 2,000 stores across the US. Since the cash back limit varies per branch, you can inquire from the nearest Home Depot.

2. Staples

As its name suggests, Staples offers office and business essentials like furniture, printers, ink, and even computers. It has about 1,000 stores in 45 states, including California, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

3. Target

Currently, Target has locations in all US states, for a total of 1,926 stores. You can then buy household essentials, appliances, and baby products at discounted prices.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

4. Kmart

Kmart is a department store chain that has 27 locations in the US. It’s known for low-priced home appliances, essentials, and tools.

Limit: $50

Fee: $0

5. Costco

Costco operates 572 branches in the US, where you can get cash back on your debit card. However, only Costco members can request this transaction.

Limit: $60

Fee: $0

Top 2 department stores to get cash back on debit card

Department storeMaximum limit


Here are the top 3 pharmacies where you can request money withdrawal without using an ATM.

1. CVS

CVS provides clients with prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and even beauty products. It has almost 10,000 locations in 49 states.

Limit: $35

Fee: $0

2. Walgreens

Since 1901, Walgreens has been selling prescription drugs, beverages, snacks, and specialty foods. This drugstore chain is available in all 50 states, with 9,021 drugstores.

Limit: $20

Fee: $0

3. Rite Aid

You can also refill prescriptions, buy personal care products, and get cash back on debit card purchases at Rite Aid. Currently, it operates 2,451 drugstores in the US.

Limit: $40

Fee: $0

Pros and Cons of Getting Cash Back with a Debit Card

Of course, getting cash back using a debit card has advantages and disadvantages.

Small to no feesSome stores charge up to $3
Convenient way to withdraw cashInvolves minimum purchase amount
Instantly get money from your accountIn-store purchase is required
Saves a trip to an ATMHas a withdrawal limit

Places You Can't Get Cash Back

Although getting cash back is available in most stores, pharmacies, and gas stations, there are places which don’t offer cash back.

If you’re buying items from these shops, expect that you can’t get cash back. You might want to look for the stores listed above to withdraw cash.

  • Autozone
  • Marshalls
  • Whole Foods Market

Is it Worth it to Get Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases?

Cash back on debit offers a great way to get cash if you need to withdraw up to $300. Since many stores offer free-of-charge withdrawal, you can save up to $3 on ATM fees. You can also withdraw money without going to the bank or using an ATM.

You can also plan on getting cash back at the same time as your grocery shopping to avoid buying unnecessary items.