by Aidan Kang, CFA
Senior Writer
UPDATED: May 22, 2023

Credit cards can be a great tool. Think reward points, welcome bonuses, spending strategies, etc. But your credit cards can become one big financial mess if you’re not properly set up to keep track of them. 

Imagine having a stack of cards in your wallet but being too confused to know when to pay each card’s annual fee, or missing a welcome offer due to inadvertently not meeting the spending requirement on time. Even being clear on the benefits each card offers so that you can take full advantage of them all is big.

Let me present 4 apps you can use to keep track of your credit cards.

It’ll clear a lot of headspace for you when you no longer have to manually remember the due dates and benefits of every card you own.

Take your pick!.


CardRight is a free, user-friendly app for keeping track of your cards and features great functions.

As a user, you get to add all your cards to your account. Once that happens, the app gets to action by automatically sending you notifications when card fees are due and to let you know how much time you have left to earn a welcome offer. The app is nicely designed and organized, and displays the cards you own with all their benefits and details. 

CardRight helps you make full use out of the card rewards for each card you own so that you use the proper card on a purchase for top cashback capabilities.

CardRight lists 200+ cards for you to choose from. You can find new cards for yourself and filter all cards using an extensive filter including card benefits, card credits, and best reward categories, amongst many more. The app keeps track of the bank rules for you by keeping cards you're no longer eligible for in its own space. The banks you can’t apply with for more cards are placed into a “non-eligible” box.

CardRight is secured by Norton and TrustedSite so your security is guaranteed.


Mint is a personal finance app that holds everything for you in one spot. The app integrates your cash accounts and your investment accounts with your credit cards and bills. That Is like having a personal accountant who keeps track of your spendings and savings by the minute, at all times. The total you owe each of your financial accounts are tallied up for you, simply and clearly, as you go about your business. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your cash flow since the status of all your accounts are so visible to you in the app. 

You can set budgets for your cards so that you don’t overspend. Mint will notify you when fees and balances are due and even sort your card transactions for you by category so that you easily see what your expenses are and the nature of them. Budgeting is a lot easier when using Mint. If you subscribe for a software and make auto payments, Mint will let you know if the subscription cost goes up. 

The app is free and easy to use and may very well even result in helping you save money..


AwardWallet is an app that helps you make sense of your award points. When you earn card rewards on the purchases you make with your credit cards, the points are likely from various loyalty programs, each one of them having its own value and rewards system. 

For you to decide what to redeem your points for, how to earn more points, and to ensure you don’t waste or and lose any, can be downright frustrating. It would be a shame to be earning points but being too confused to use them right.

AwardWallet keeps track of how many points you have with each award program and displays it clearly for you without any falling through the cracks, or between your loyalty accounts. That includes hotel points, airline points, and shopping points from all programs. You will clearly see when your points expire and what your balances are.

To maximize rewards, you can use the lookup tool to see how an upcoming purchase would be categorized, and how many points you’d earn using any which credit card.

You can also use the Trip feature to get AwardWallet to plan a trip for you based on your available points. 

A basic AwardWallet account is free, with the option of upgrading to a Plus membership.

The Points Guy App

The Points Guy combines many great features in one app. With all your credit cards listed in one place, TPG app will make sure you are aware of important facts such as expiring offers and spending requirements you still need to meet.

The TPG app will also help organize your award points.It will suggest which credit cards you should use at local shops. You can also ask for suggestions by putting in the store you are making a purchase at and the app will tell you which card to use there so that you earn the most you can.

The app may even pull up a card after you make a purchase if you could have earned more rewards using that card.No more wasted rewards!

In terms of traveling, TPG is able to plan trips for you based on your points. In addition, it will let you know when your loyalty points are about to expire before you miss out on using them. The app also shows you how your points are valued with each loyalty program..