UPDATED: February 20, 2023

So you love shopping online. Then you must know how frustrating it is having to keep track of your prices on all the items that you're thinking of buying. Is this pair of shoes cheaper here vs another store? When is the right time to buy? Well, worry no more – price tracking tools can help you answer all of these questions.

Price tracking tools simply help you keep track of the prices of items online. The best tools such as ShopSavvy, Scanlife, Honey App, Keepa and CamelCamelCamel compare prices across various well-known and popular online sales platforms and provide you with alerts when items reach your desired price.

In this article, we will go through five of our favorite price tracking tools. Let’s begin!


Visualping is the world´s leading website change detection service and it can be used as an effective price tracking tool. When you want to know if the price of a specific item you want to buy changes, Visualping crawls the web page and notifies you when a change occurs. 

All you have to do is visit Visualping.io and add the URL of the product page you want to keep an eye on. The content will be displayed and you can select the listed price area. Then choose the visual-compare option and introduce your email address to create an account and receive an alert every time there is a price change.  

Once you have set up your price alerts preferences, you can access your dashboard to keep track of all changes. With Visualping, you can monitor any web page you want, and it is free for up to 65 checks a month. 

As well as monitoring price drops, you can also use Visualping to be notified of promotions, items back in-stock, concert tickets that sell out fast and new product releases among many other uses.


ShopSavvy is an app that is free to download for Android and iOS users. It was developed by Ryland Barnes Jason Hudgens and Alexander Muse.

It makes price tracking incredibly convenient: you only need to scan the barcode/QR codes of the items and the app returns the best prices available after looking at different shops. We love the scanning function as it saves a bunch of time having to key in the item name or even its production number!

Some of the features that we like about ShopSavvy that it covers both online stores and physical shops in your location. So you don't ever have to worry about missing out if you like to shop primarily offline or vice versa.

You also never have to worry about missing out on a sale! ShopSavvy keeps track of which shops and online stores are having sales and will notify you as soon as one pops up!

It also gives you cash back for select retailers like Macy's, Walmart, Hitcase and Moose Jaw. Cashback can be extremely rewarding, ranging from 1 to 3% all the way up to 15% if you use a special promo code.

In addition, the ShopSavvy team provides huge value by releasing guides on topics like the best time to spend your money, etc. 

Some of the reported drawbacks of ShopSavvy are that not all barcodes can be scanned because they either it doesn't exist on the online database. This can be a huge deal-breaker for people who scan a wide variety of products and would need the most comprehensive scanning tool.

Another complaint about ShopSavvy is that you need really good lighting in order for the built-in barcode scanner to work properly. This, by and large, shouldn't be an issue for you, but it can cause frustrations if you’re in a rush.


Scanlife is a shopping App by Scanbuy Inc. Like ShopSavvy, it allows you to scan barcodes to find the best deals. It is av+ailable on both Android and iOS devices and has been praised as being a very user-friendly app! 

Much like ShopSavvy, we love that you're able to look up prices for both online shops and at your local stores. Making sure that you don’t miss out on great deals no matter where you shop.

If you’re in a particular area, Scanlife offers geolocation features that tell you exactly which store near you is having discounts on offerings!

As expected of price tracking apps, it matches and compares prices on your scanned items across popular online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and others.

But what really sets Scanlife apart is the interesting and fun way that it offers its perks:

Scanning items give you points (called mpoints) which you can use to unlock achievements that offer you a chance to win gift cards that you can use on iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks and more!

Honey app

Now, we all know that we don't just shop on all mobile phones. We do a heavy amount of shopping on all desktops as well, don't we?

That's where the Honey app comes in. The honey app boasts both a mobile app and a Chrome extension. So, when you are on your computer surfing Macy's, eBay, Forever 21, Sephora, and Amazon, you can easily compare prices among the various online stores. How awesome is that? 

If you think Amazon always carries the lowest price, then think again! There are dozens of other online shopping platforms with cheaper prices. Luckily Honey app has an Amazon integration which tells you if are other lower prices elsewhere when you are surfing Amazon.

If you are a nerd for coupons then the Honey app will certainly be a godsend. It provides both coupons and referral links. Even better, it automatically searches for coupons that can be used at the particular store that you are surfing.

This can be a huge time saver! Especially so if you’re like me, having to scour Google for coupons when you’re already on the checkout page of your favorite store!

Like other apps, it also provides what they call a ‘drop list’, which allows you to track specific items for drops in price so that you can buy it in the future.

One thing that we don't like about honey is that its mobile app doesn't support Amazon. This means that you won't be able to see any items or sales on Amazon through your mobile phone. 

This can be a massive drawback for shoppers that rely heavily on mobile. One saving grace is that you will still be notified if there are any price drops on Amazon items if you put it in your drop list via desktop.


Keeps is considered one of the best price trackers that you can use. 

While it does not offer a mobile app, it makes up for that in terms of how many browsers it supports. You can use it on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. This means you don’t have to change browsers if you’re used to using a specific one!

The extensions notify you of any price changes or drops in price. And it also lets in you on any open deals. 

And just in case you don't happen to be using your browser at the time an offer is going on, or a price drops, then it will send you notifications via email and social media! So you can’t miss it.

While it doesn’t compare prices across all platforms, it at least compares prices between Amazon and eBay, which are the two largest shopping platforms anyway. So this should suit the needs of most consumers. But you might get that nagging feeling that you’re missing out on a great deal somewhere else. 

Where Keepa really shines is that it allows you to view the price history of items. This can be a huge deal as it will keep you informed about whether you’re getting a good deal by buying it now (compared to what it has previously sold for.)


For international users, Camelcamelcamel can be a great alternative to the shopping trackers listed above. It supports many different languages like English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian!

Like Keepa, it is only available via web extension but is only available to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users.

It has the standard features of allowing you to track and alerting you to price drops and discounts, and like Keepa has price history monitoring. 

If you're really into snagging great deals then you’ll probably want to keep updated on Camelcamelcamel blog, which curates the best deals out on the web.

One quirk about Camelcamelcamel though: you don’t actually install anything. The way it works is that you add a bookmark to the Camelcamelcamel website, and when you're on Amazon you can click the bookmark.

This will then redirect you to the Camelcamelcamel website. The item, as well as its price information, will then be there waiting for you!

Conclusion: which price tracker should you use?

So you have five price trackers in front of you and you might be wondering, “which price tracker should I use?”

We’d definitely suggest trying each of them out to see which one suits your needs. But if you’re short on time then read on!

Our suggestion: if you are a heavy mobile phone user, then you're going to want to go with ShopSavvy and Scanlife. 

Of the two, we really like ShopSavvy, because the guides released by the team make you feel like you're part of a savvy shopping community, and it's promos off 15% discount just can't be beaten!

If you do most of your shopping on your desktop, however, then you can choose between the Honey app, Keepa, and Camelcamelcamel. Of the three, we like the Honey app the most. This is because it offers an automatic coupon searcher, which solves a huge pain point, and is something we’d use quite often!

Do you use price trackers? Have you used any of the ones here? Let us know your experience in the comments below!