UPDATED: December 28, 2022

Free will does not come without its price, and we all experienced this at one point or the other. We all know that our thinking usually leads to some odd conclusions and answers that we fear. Our freedom may serve to set us loose and cross new barriers, but what barriers should we cross and which ones should we not? That is a big question that a lot of us still do not understand until we truly test the limits of our free will.

But, how free are we truly, how much of it is our will, and where do our bodies and the environment fit? Can we truly call ourselves free if we are always against the odds of other situations and the limits of our bodies? These are some tough questions that are not just imaginary, they represent real life and a lot of people experienced them during addiction. One of the things that we lose during those times is money, and here is how you can understand it.

1. Your mind 

Everyone with an addiction fails to see the financial consequences because their brain fools their vision. Thus, it is very important to try different rehab techniques in order to see past the fog produced by your brain. Luckily, the best rehab in Scottsdale focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul. It is very important to try these different approaches in order to truly understand not only the financial consequences but also other consequences.

2. Your costs

Once your mind starts healing, it is easier to grasp the numbers wasted on substances or any other kind of abuse. Just think about the money you could have saved up for something else, that is the usual tactic. Not just from one bottle of alcohol or other amounts of substance, but think about the long-term financial losses. That money is gone now, but it should still serve a purpose to remember what you lost and how you should not allow it to happen again.

3. Family costs

Addiction usually leads to borrowing money from someone else, most likely, a family member or a friend. If the money does not come from them, it usually comes from people who are much shadier and remember every dime. These costs become much more than just monetary costs, they accumulate into real danger. This danger and monetary loss may not mean a lot to you, but they do mean a lot to people close to you, and they worry about you.

4. Aftermath

Once you are free from the substance, you will probably feel a lot of regret for the things you did and the money you spent. As it was mentioned earlier, you should turn this regret into motivation not to go through this again.

You should calculate the money you lost and have that number written somewhere, along with other stats. These stats and numbers will not serve just you, but you can use them to help someone else out. By doing this reality check, you may save someone else from not making the same mistakes as you did.

By understanding these 4 things, you will truly be able to grasp the financial consequences of addiction. Everyone knows that addictions are bad, yet we can’t know how the other person feels at all. The monetary costs may seem absurd to you right now, but if you were never blinded by addiction, you will never understand it.

It is very important to start rehabilitation as soon as possible in order to understand what is going on and what you are missing out on. It is easy to say all of this, but everyone who went through an addiction or saw an addiction knows it is different.