7 Super Fun Jobs That Pay Well That You Can Apply For!

Looking for inspiration for your career move? Check out these 7 super fun jobs that pay surprisingly well!

Toy creators get to enjoy conceptualising and building fun toys every day. Did you know toy creators also earn an average of $67,284 every year? Talk about fun at work at its finest.

Toy Creator


Have you ever been told you've got a great voice? Consider pursuing a job in voice acting! Voice actors get paid $76, 927 per year and get to have fun while doing it!

Voice Actor


Enjoy the gram, making reels, and posting on TikTok? Becoming a social media manager could just be your dream job. With an average salary of $50, 000 per year, I'd rather be making reels at work too.

Social Media Manager


If binging books is your idea of fun, check out a career in proofreading books. Book proofreaders make sure there aren't any mistakes in books before publications. The average salary is $59, 431. 

Book Proofreader


Those diving skills you've got can get you serious cash if you put it to good use. Golf ball retrievers earn a whopping $50K - $100K per year. And you'll definitely be having fun while doing it!

Golf Ball Retriever


 Food testers work for companies that produce and sell food, and you'll definitely be having fun while doing it! As a food tester, you could be paid well over $54,294 per year.

Food Tester


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