6 Best Places To Sell Your Sports Cards Online

Wondering where you can sell your sports cards? Here are the best sites to sell your sports cards online today!

Whether you’re looking to sell baseball cards, basketball cards or trading cards, you’ll be able to make a profit from your collection with either of these sites.

For a full list of all our recommended platforms to sell your sports cards online, check out our full article.

eBay is the most widely recognized online platform among sports cards traders.

It lets you post both auction-style and fixed-price listings, so you’ll have total control over your pricing strategy.

It's one of the best ways to sell your sports cards if you don't mind the sellers fee as thousands of people visit eBay to buy cards.

Blowout Forums serves as an online platform wherein sports fans can talk about under the sun, including sports cards.

It’s not really a formal marketplace. However, the community allows ethical sellers and traders to connect with buyers on the site.

Selling sports cards through Facebook marketplaces and groups allow you to connect to buyers who buy sports cards near you.

It's easy to list your products on Facebook marketplace and even easier to get your cards seen through groups

Dave & Adam's have been around for over 30 years and are a heavy weight in the industry of buying and selling sports cards. 

They accept a variety of cards including baseball cards, football cards, wrestling cards, hockey cards, and more.

If you have sealed boxes & cases of sports cards they have a buy list which shows users what sports cards they're looking to pay people for.

Otia Sports has been in the game for over 20 years and is the place to go if you're looking to sell vintage sports cards.

Your collection needs to include vintage (pre-1975) sports cards to qualify for a sale.

With COMC, instead of photographing, listing, and shipping your cards out to buyers directly, you'll be sending your cards to COMC to handle all the evaluation, advertising and shipping.

The convenience COMC brings makes it one of the best ways to sell sports cards online.

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