How To Get A Car For Free If You're A Single Mom

If you are a single mom who cannot afford to buy your own car, there are various organizations that can help you get a free car or buy an affordable vehicle.

Here are 5 transportation assistance programs for single mothers needing a car. 

Single moms can apply for TANF grants to help pay for basic needs like food, clothing, housing, utilities, and transportation.

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families


While the TANF does not directly provide free cars to single mothers, the regulations allow states to use funds to provide employed families with transportation needs -

- including granting funds to purchase a car.

CarsForMoms is a non-profit organization that aims to help single-parent families become more self-reliant by gifting them free cars.


Also known as Free Charity Cars, this is a non-profit organization that provides free charity cars for single moms and other low-income people.

1-800-Charity Cars


This car ownership program enables low wage workers to get a used or new car and helps single mothers get a car.

Working Cars For Working Families


This program is available to families in Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan. They have awarded more than 6,500 cars to needy families.

Vehicles For Change


Some of the requirements to qualify include having a job or job offer, being insurable, drug-free, must not have another vehicle in the household, etc.

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Being a single parent can be overwhelming and having reliable transportation could help you become more independent and capable to provide for your family.

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