7 Of The Coolest Jobs In The World That Pay Well!

Have you ever wondered what some of the coolest jobs in the world are? From the lowest to the highest average salaries, here are some amazing jobs you might even consider.

You don’t have to be an Elf to bring the joy of toys to the world. Toy creators conceive and design cool toys. It’s a really fun and creative space to be in!

Toy Creator


~$67, 000 Per Year

There is no cooler job than being a stunt performer. Stunt performers get to work on action films and films with a lot of stunts. 


~$70, 000 Per Year

Stunt Performer

One of the biggest benefits is that you get to travel and work with different types of people, which can be a lot of fun.

Food scientists create, develop, and improve foods. To do this, they must test out recipes 


~$74, 000 Per Year

Food Scientist

and make sure that the food will be appealing to consumers. It's a lot of work but it's also very rewarding and allows you to make a huge difference!

Color consultants have one of the best jobs. They help people choose colors for their home, clothes, and furniture. 


~$99, 800 Per Year

Color Consultants

There is an extensive amount of knowledge that goes into being a color consultant and it's definitely not an easy task. 

Being a marine biologist is a fun occupation because it allows you to study and learn about the world's marine life. 


~$112, 000 Per Year

Marine Biologist

Marine biologists are also involved in the conservation of marine life, marine resources, and environmental protection.

Being an astronomer is an amazing job, but it can also be a lot of work. It requires a lot of dedication to go through the training


~$117, 000 Per Year


to be a professional astronomer. Astronomers have to be able to read the sky, detect planets, and know how to interpret data.

Being a video game designer is a unique and exciting career.


~$130, 000 Per Year

Video Game Designer

As a video game designer, you have the opportunity to create games that people all over the world play. You also get to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

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