6 Free Christmas Activities To Do With Your Family!

One family tradition you can do this Christmas is to make a fun family video. 

1. Create A Family Holiday Video

You’ll be able to watch and send your holiday video to your long distance friends and family to keep in touch together for free as well.

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable. You can have fun during the holidays by watching Christmas movies together.

2. Enjoy Christmas Movies Together

It’s a classic activity that gives your family a chance to spend some quality time and bond with one another. 

You can turn a lot of classic games into Christmas games and make them more exciting by giving out free home made prizes.

3. Christmas Game Night

You can set this one apart from a regular game night by only playing Christmas-themed games such as Christmas Movie Bingo. 

Making Christmas cookies is a simple but fun activity that everybody in the family can participate in. 

4. Make Christmas Cookies

Each of you can have individual roles, and it’s a good (and cheap) way to celebrate Christmas with your family. 

Doing creative projects with family is also a fun way to celebrate this holiday. 

5. Make Your Christmas Ornaments

You can find several DIY ideas on Pinterest when it comes to Christmas ornaments that you and your kids can easily do.

Several parks and malls showcase Christmas lights during this time, which are often free for viewing for everybody. 

6. Visit Christmas Light Showcases

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