How Does Just Play Coins Work? JustPlay App Review

If you play ALOT of games, you may have wondered if you can earn money from it through JustPlay. If you don’t know how Just Play coins work, we’re here to help.

The JustPlay app pays you for playing on your Android device. To get started, you have to install the JustPlay app.

To earn money, you need to accumulate JustPlay coins by playing games. According to the app, you can earn more by playing a variety of games.

Take note that you need to download the games, so the JustPlay app is only for people who don’t mind installing a bunch of apps on their mobile gadgets.

However, the main problem with app is that you won’t know how much the JustPlay coins you’ve accumulated  are worth until it’s time to check out.

The JustPlay coin value differs for each user since some of them get $4 from 10,000 coins, and others received only $1 from 100,000 coins.

We searched for a JustPlay payout calculator to find out how JustPlay coins work, but there isn’t one due to the inconsistent coin-to-cash conversion.

Sometimes 350k JustPlay coins are worth $0.90, whereas 900k coins could be worth $0.20.

From our research, each JustPlay coin corresponds to $0.0004, but it can go as low as $0.00001 per coin for some users.

With this in mind, we recommend tips and tricks such as trying different games, completing more levels and not skipping ads to make more JustPlay coins.

While there isn’t a definitive number on how JustPlay Coins work, our guide provides tips to help you maximize your coins.

For our full JustPlay review and guide, be sure to check out our full article.