JustPlay App Coin Value & Payout: How To Cash Out

JustPlay is a legit way to earn money when you play games. But what’s the coin value and how do you cash out your earnings?

The value of your JustPlay coins can only be found when it’s time to cash out, which is after every 3-hours.

JustPlay Coin Value

According to users, some of them got $4 from 10,000 coins, and others received only $1 from 100,000 coins.

JustPlay Coin Value

However, a rough gauge we found is that sometimes, each coin corresponds to $0.0004. Other times, it can go as low as $0.00001 per coin for some users.

JustPlay Coin Value

There isn’t a JustPlay payout calculator to find out how much the coins are worth on JustPlay just yet due to the inconsistent coin-to-cash conversion ratio. BUT -

JustPlay Coin Value

Cashing out your earnings every 3 hours will let you know how much your coins are worth in every session.

JustPlay Coin Value

To cash out, you’ll need to have a minimum of $2 in your account.

JustPlay Payout Conditions

You’ll have a list of payout options such as PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and Google Play vouchers.

How JustPlay Pays You

To get to JustPlay app’s cash out page, all you have to do is click “Cashout” on the homepage and choose how you want to redeem your coins.

How To Cash Out JustPlay Coins

Overall, you’ll never really know how much you're earning with JustPlay. Coin values are inconsistent. Sometimes 350k coins are worth $0.90, whereas 900k coins could be worth $0.20.

Just be sure to cash out every 3 hours so you don’t miss out on a good coin value when it happens.