Prepaid Debit Cards That Can & Can Not Be Garnished

There’s some common confusion about prepaid debit cards and bankruptcy judgments.

 If the Court decides in favor of the creditor, can a prepaid card be garnished? 

If you're unsure of which type prepaid cards can be garnished, collectors may trick you into submission so pay attention.

Debt collectors can garnish prepaid cards issued by banks and open-looped prepaid cards connected to your SSN.

If your prepaid card can be found in your credit report, then it can be garnished. If they can't, it isn't able to be garnished.

Some examples to differentiate the different types of prepaid cards include the following:

Prepaid Cards That Can Be Garnished:

- Cards linked to savings account - Visa or Mastercard Prepaid cards linked to your Social Security Number

Prepaid Cards That Can't Be Garnished:

- Gift cards from stores - Prepaid Visa or Mastercards not linked to a bank or SSN - Reloadable Prepaid cards such as Starbucks Cards

Visit our full article for more details to know which of your prepaid cards can and can not be garnished.