How To Transfer Money From Your Visa Gift Card To Your Bank Account

Looking to transfer your Visa gift card balance directly to your bank account?

Here are our top methods to try to send your gift card money to your bank account.



To transfer your visa gift card to your Bank Account with PayPal, you’ve got to create a second Paypal account. This step will take you just a minute.

Take note to factor in transfer fees when entering the amount you want to send. If your gift card has $100 & PayPal charges a fee of $3, adjust the amount you send to $97.



You can also use Venmo to transfer money from your Visa gift card to your bank account.

This method is free and lets you transfer your vanilla gift card to your bank directly!

In Venmo, select "Payment Methods" under the Preferences tab. Click "Add Bank or Card" to input the details of your gift card. Then, deposit the money into your bank account!

When you select the Standard method, you can receive the money within three business days.


You can also deposit Visa gift cards to a bank account is using Prepaid2Cash.

While convenient, note that Prepaid2Cash has a pretty high transaction fee for visa gift cards.

To do this, create an account on Prepaid2Cash. Select Transaction and choose the Prepaid Card option.  Key in your card details & the amount you want to transfer out of the gift card.


You can also use MoneyGram to transfer the gift card balance to your bank account.

This process is completely online, so you don’t need to commute to any MoneyGram branch.

Sign up for an account on MoneyGram and wait for them to verify your account.  Once verified, select Send Money and input the payment details. From here, follow their prompts.

Note that MoneyGram collects a $1.99 fee if your transfer is under $200.

If you send more than $200, you’ll be charged 1% of the amount on top of the $1.99 fee.

Overall, we recommend transferring your gift card through our first method via PayPal. But the other methods we listed here work just as well.