UPDATED: June 03, 2022

You want to boost your monthly income, and you can’t keep waiting for your employer to give you a raise. So, you started looking into money-making opportunities online.

While researching your options, you come across Website ATM, otherwise known as atmjobs.org. It claims to help you make at least $1,000 every day.

The offer sounds appealing, plus you like the idea of working as an eCommerce or affiliate marketing professional. You continue reading more Website ATM reviews.

Although the platform features dozens of positive testimonials, you also found negative ones on social media sites and online forums. Now you can’t tell which reviews to believe.

Don’t sign up for Website ATM yet. You don’t have to go out on a limb to verify whether the site’s legit or a scam—we can help you!

Website ATM caught our attention. And the alarming number of fake testimonials and negative reviews made us question the site’s legitimacy. 

We decided to investigate the site ourselves. Our team read feedback from widely trusted independent review sites, looked for legit testimonials, and reviewed the site’s offer. All our findings are in this guide. 

Stick with us until the end for first-hand insights about Website ATM, which will help you reach an objective, informed decision about signing up for an account. Otherwise, you might waste your time and money on a scam.

Let’s start our Website ATM review!

What is Website ATM?

Before we assess the legitimacy of Website ATM, let’s check what it offers first. Website ATM is an online money-making scheme that claims you can make $1,000+ per day by simply joining the platform.

If you go to atmjobs.org, you’ll only see a video tutorial and countdown timer at the bottom. The timer indicates that the offer available will expire soon, but don’t mind it.

Once you click the video, you’ll see a businesswoman named Mary Wilson explaining how she has helped several people make thousands per day over the past month. It also features several testimonials.

The video doesn’t have a progress bar, so you can’t tell how long it will keep playing. Fortunately, you don’t have to watch it because we’ll summarize the key points.

We sat through the whole guide—which lasted 15 minutes. We immediately noticed that it doesn’t give a clear, definitive outline of its offer. Instead, Mary only talks about potential earnings. 

After finishing the 15-minute video, a popup flashed at the bottom of the progress bar prompting us to input our name, email, and contact number. For the purpose of this review, we filled out the form.

Next, the site prompted us to a Thank You video. It had a similar introduction featuring the same testimonials, and we saw Mary Wilson again.

She thanked us for signing up for an account and shed more light on her program called Mary’s MEGA Marketing Method. We watched the entire pitch for 10 minutes.

Admittedly, the video did give some insight into the site’s affiliate marketing program. However, it only glossed over it, so marketing newbies might not understand much of what they hear.

Overall, the Thank You video was very redundant. Although it was 10 minutes long, Mary spent more than 80% talking about potential earnings again.

However, she did “create” a demo account from scratch. She highlighted that it only took her a few minutes to generate $500+ on a new account, so new users should likely experience the same success.

Toward the end of the video, she stated that the program only accommodates one new user per state. It was a tactic to create urgency. 

She quickly shifted to program fees and benefits before closing with a call-to-action prompting us to sign up for a paid account.

We clicked the Add to Cart button. However, the site only showed us its payments page, and we can’t access any further information unless we coughed up $47 ($197 regular price).

Our team didn’t choose to sign up for a paid account. We already got substantial information from the introductory videos, plus we’ve also gathered enough legit and verified Website ATM reviews. 

Who is Mary Wilson?

One of the first things you’ll notice about Website ATM is it has no company history. No matter how hard you search the keywords “Website ATM” or “atmjobs.org” on Google, you won’t come across anything about its founders.

The site only states it was founded by Mary Wilson. After all, it heavily promotes Mary’s Mega Marketing Method, which supposedly gives you a money-making affiliate website.

However, we don’t think Mary Wilson is the true founder of Website ATM. After scouring the net for Website ATM and atmjobs.org reviews, we found that the site has operated under different names for several years now.

Our research shows at least two websites, Money Sucking Website and Website Profits Pro, utilizing the exact money-making scheme. They’ll also create an affiliate website for you.

Although these sites feature different founders, we found that they all had something in common—leading us to believe they’re all connected. To help you better understand, we made a brief outline below:

Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson serves as the current “founder” of Website ATM. She claims to sell a turnkey affiliate marketing solution, which she founded and developed using modern case studies and resources.

Sadly, searching Mary Wilson on Google doesn’t show results relevant to Website ATM. We can’t find much information on her. 

Her lack of online presence is a red flag, especially for someone who claims to have made millions through marketing.

Nick Harvey

Atmjobs.org recently updated its content. Before Mary Wilson, the supposed founder of Website ATM was Nick Harvey, an accountant-turned-affiliate marketer.

Unfortunately, the old version of Website ATM no longer exists. If you go to atmjobs.org, you’ll automatically go to the new site featuring Mary Wilson.

Also, if you Google Nick Harvey and Website ATM, you’ll only find reviews. So we can safely assume that he doesn’t exist.

Willy Handcock

Willy Handcock stood as the founder of Money Sucking Website (MSW). Apart from the fact that MSW and Website ATM promoted the exact affiliate marketing system, they used the same stock image for their supposed “founders.”

We found that MSW no longer exists. However, we confirmed their scams and claims through reputable online reviews of past victims.

Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow

Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow are the founders of Website Profits Pro. Although the site doesn’t use the exact “founder” images or operate under the same name, it has the exact money-making system.

Also, its founders don’t exist. You’ll come across several reviews about them, but you won’t find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform. 

The concept behind Mary’s Mega Marketing Method

Mary’s Mega Marketing Method revolves around the following concepts:

Affiliate Marketing

Website ATM has several red flags, but Mary’s Mega Marketing Method—its product—utilizes a legit money-making opportunity: affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing typically consists of product referrals which either:

  • Brands pay their affiliate marketers a commission for every successful sale
  • Referral— which often ranges from 5% to 30%.

You’ll make money as an affiliate marketer. However, you won’t achieve the results that Mary’s Mega Marketing Method promises.

It claims you can make thousands after one day of running your website. As internet marketing specialists and experienced SEO strategists, we guarantee that this is an overhyped claim.

Mastering affiliate marketing requires more than just a course subscription. Although some marketers make $10,000 to $20,000 per month, it takes years of practice and ongoing education to achieve this income level.

Affiliate Website Building

Another promise of Website ATM is that users will get their websites at the push of a button. 

The “push of a button” seems exaggerated. However, modern website builders can help you launch your site in less than a day.

Based on Website ATM reviews, the site holds its end of the deal and gives you a fully functioning website. Just manage your expectations regarding conversion rates.

We found that the site throttles website traffic with inorganic visitors, so you won’t make too many sales no matter how many people see your sales pages.

Overall legitimacy of Website ATM

Despite all the red flags, we can’t confidently call Website ATM a scam technically. It doesn’t steal your money, and we found that some users learned at least the basics of affiliate marketing.

However, it’s not legit either. Again, Website ATM relies on a legitimate money-making opportunity, but it promises impossible goals and oversimplifies affiliate marketing. 

It’s a get-rich-quick scheme. And like every other similar scheme, you can’t expect to yield results—no matter what your supposed online coach tells you.

You’re free to try the platform if you don’t mind losing $47 to $197. The money won’t make you go bankrupt, but you’ll likely be disappointed if you hope to learn a high-income skill or acquire a passive income stream.

Making money on Website ATM

Website ATM promotes Mary’s Mega Marketing Method. It utilizes an affiliate marketing system wherein you get commissions from referring customers to the site’s partner brands.

However, the site never mentions affiliate marketing. Mary Wilson, the supposed founder, spends two videos spanning 10 and 15 minutes hyping up the system without discussing the actual job.

She even states you don’t have to learn the system. Her tactic appeals to unsuspecting newbies who have zero background knowledge about online marketing and want to make a quick buck.

Now, you might be wondering whether Website ATM actually pays its users. We never tried the platform ourselves, but we found several reviews stating they never even got a return on their investment.

You’ll probably make a couple of bucks if you’re lucky. But, again, affiliate marketing is a proven high-income skill that doesn’t require the support of shady sites like Website ATM.

Alarming Website ATM red flags

Do you still feel hopeful about Website ATM? Honestly, we can’t blame you. We watched the videos on atmjobs.org, and we can see why some users might want to sign up for the program.

However, we discourage blindly trusting the site’s sales pitch. After watching all the introductory videos, reading dozens of unbiased review, and extensively researching the company’s background, we found the following red flags:

Nonexistent founders

Perhaps the most alarming red flag is Website ATM doesn’t disclose its founder. As we mentioned above, the site has gone through several changes over the years, and it has also claimed different founders.

However, it has never mentioned a legit founder. Neither Mary Wilson nor Nick Harvey exists, and you won’t find anything about them aside from online reviews.

Lack of company history

Website ATM doesn’t share anything about its founding. Although Mary talks about her supposed market research extensively, she never says anything about the company.

However, it’s likely a subsidiary of a larger money-making scheme. Considering the nonexistent founders and shady company history, we can only assume that a group of sleazy marketers control Website ATM from behind the scenes.

Fake urgency

Website ATM creates a fake urgency with made-up deadlines and restrictions, such as:

  • Promos: The site constantly claims it has a promo ending in two to three minutes. We logged into the site at different times, but it never took down its $47 sale.
  • Geo-restrictions: Mary emphasizes that the program only accepts one new user per state. If Website ATM is really a money-making cash cow, we find it hard to believe that no one from our team’s states has already signed up for an account.
  • Bandwidth limits: Atmjobs.org takes a while to load. Based on what Mary said about the site limiting daily site traffic to maintain confidentiality, we can assume that Website ATM purposely slows down its web pages at first.

Honestly, we can’t see many people falling for these overused, cheesy tactics.

Overhyped promises

We don’t appreciate Website ATM overhyping the earning potential of affiliate marketing. Yes, it can help you achieve a six-digit income. However, we find it nearly impossible for total newbies to consistently rake in $1,000 per day during their first month.

Curated testimonials

Website ATM actually shares a disclaimer that it uses fake testimonials. The team likely added this to absolve the company of liabilities since it supposedly guarantees a 10-day money-back policy.

Manipulated results

Mary shares several testimonials stating they make thousands every day on Website ATM. Unfortunately, all of them are fake.

She even creates a “new” account in one of her videos and claims it made $500+ in less than 10 minutes. Sorry, but these claims sound too unrealistic.

Oversimplified process

Website ATM grossly underestimates the effort needed to succeed in affiliate marketing. Please don’t enter the industry thinking you’ll rake in thousands without doing anything but withdrawing from PayPal.

The legit way to make a money-making affiliate marketing website

You don’t need Website ATM to become an affiliate marketer. Instead of wasting your money on a fake course that only touches affiliate marketing, research the following:

Affiliate marketing platforms

Explore affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank, Rakuten Marketing, and ShareASale. They connect affiliates with brands willing to pay a fair commission for successful customer referrals.

Note that your success heavily depends on your niche. We encourage aspiring marketers to specialize in product categories that resonate with them.

For instance, let’s say you love going to the gym. Look into products and services under health and wellness that you can market to like-minded fitness buffs.


Blogging and vlogging serve as the two most widely used ways to promote affiliate links. Of course, you can promote your links anywhere, but having a personal brand or platform that you can monetize gives you the upper hand.

Scale your channel or blog gradually. Focus on uploading a new article or vlog at least two to three times every week so that you can build a solid library of traffic-generating online assets.

Next, grow your following base. Attract more readers and subscribers, engage with them frequently, then create more content suited to their tastes.

Once you have loyal fans, you can start promoting your affiliate links.

Social media marketing

Don’t fret if you don’t want to create a blog or vlog. Another way to attract prospects is to promote your links on online ads, sponsored posts, and social media posts. 

Explore both paid and free traffic. Paid traffic gets your products the audience you want, but you’ll have to invest at least a few hundred bucks every month.

On the other hand, growing organic traffic costs almost nothing. However, it takes much longer to attract site visitors through organic SEO tactics.

Website building

Look into website builders like Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy. They have straightforward editors that require zero background knowledge in web design and coding.

Even beginners can use these builders. You might have to pay a fee to use most site builders, but you’ll also get your own hosting and domain.

Final verdict: Is Website ATM legit?

Is Website ATM a scam? Although the site promotes a proven way to make money online, affiliate marketing, the so-called Mary’s MEGA Marketing Method won’t deliver the results it promises. Don’t waste your money on it.

Also, we don’t appreciate Website ATM operating under different names. It’s an alarming red flag, and they only do this to trick users who have already read about their previous brands.

Unfortunately, no one can predict what company Website ATM will disguise as next. So you’ll have to stay vigilant and beware of similar scams.

As a general rule, avoid money-making schemes that promise overnight results, use fake testimonials, or charge membership fees.
Trust us—you can make a living online. However, you need to discern between legit opportunities and scams from sleazy crooks who just want your money.